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Birchbox Limited Edition Box Travel-Ready Treasures Review

It was back in stock on 08-16-18 but gone again on 08-20-18.

When I started writing this article yesterday, the Travel-Ready Treasures box was still in stock. The article was mostly written, so I decided to publish it anyway. It seems like the boxes are running out of inventory faster than usual. That or the last two boxes I received were in high demand. This is another one I originally was not going to purchase. There are a lot of deluxe items in this, and I have more samples than I can use in a lifetime. I ultimately decided to grab it, because I think the bag is cute and saw enough value in some of the pieces I did not already own. Over a week after the box allegedly shipped, it was still saying USPS Currently Awaiting Package. Thankfully, I contacted Birchbox to see what happened, because almost three weeks later USPS is still “awaiting” the original package. Birchbox did send me a replacement, and that is the one I am reviewing now. Who knows, if USPS ever finds my lost package, Birchbox may have one more brand new kit to sell.

Continue reading and Officially Close 09/30/16- Shop Last Minute Deals and Spend your Final Rewards Dollars and officially close on 09/30/16. While it is certainly possible the last-minute deals will be better, there are some great offers combining and plenty of items already in clearance. As I’ve laid out in How to get the Best Deal at and, it is possible to combine offers. When combining certain offers, they sometimes fall off in checkout. Most offers that combine are sticking through checkout, probably because the site wants to clear as much inventory as possible before officially closing. I’ve checked the site everyday, because I still needed to spend the rewards dollars I ordered in the third quarter. Rewards dollars earned through 08/13/16 are only valid through 09/30/16 when the site closes. Purchases made after 08/13/16 did not earn any rewards.

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Birchbox $10 off a $35 Purchase Plus a Free Holiday Box

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Birchbox sent unique promo codes for $10 off a $35 purchase in the December box. Even though that is a tick shy of 29%, which is a little over 1% less than the amazing Black Friday special, I was very happy with this deal. For one, I received 70 points for reviewing my December box and sharing it on Facebook. Those points pushed me over 200 giving me $20 to spend in the shop. Without those points, I could have saved an extra 1.43%, but I would have needed to spend an extra $10 to do so. I also would have missed out on the beautiful gift box. Waiting served me well.

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