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The Fall 2019 Sephora Holiday Bonus AKA The VIB Sale With Discounts at 20% Off for Rouge and VIB and 15% Off for Beauty Insider Members Event

It is almost time for the 2019 Sephora holiday bonus, AKA the Sephora 2019 VIB Sale. Of course, I will update the dates once they’re released. Until then, I am using this article as a reminder that the event is coming and to link my sale recommendations. We have to wait for the official announcement before we learn the format, because it changes almost every year. The one constant has been 20% off for Rouge and VIB members and 15% off for Beauty Insider members. I expect that to repeat again this year. We are likely to see an end of October start once again, but a November start is possible.

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The 2019 Sephora Spring Bonus Sale – Beauty Insider Members Get 10% Off, VIB Members Get 15% Off, and VIB Rouge Members Get 20% Off – Runs From April Through May 2019

The Sephora 2019 Summer Bonus dates have been announced.

The 2019 Sephora Spring Bonus Sale is here. Beauty Insider members get 10% off, VIB members get 15% off, and Rouge members get 20% off. Scroll down for the dates and important details for the Sephora 2019 Spring VIB sale. It is open to every tier even though most people call it the VIB sale. Once again, Sephora is calling the discount event the 2019 Sephora Spring Bonus. This is the first time since 2013 that Sephora Spring Sale separated all discounts based on Beauty Insider reward level. Since the launch of the Rouge program, the Sephora Spring discount event always offered VIB and Rouge members the same 15% off discount. Rouge members get 20% off for the first time in the 2019 Sephora Spring Sale.

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The Fall Sephora Holiday Bonus 2018 With Discounts at 20% Off for Rouge and VIB and 15% Off for Beauty Insider Members Event Runs October Through November

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A surprise extension on the holiday bonus for VIB and Rouge members was announced on 11/14/18. Read more about it.

It is time once again for the Sephora holiday bonus. The event kicks off for Rouge members today. This is my favorite Sephora event of the year, because I am unsure if the discount Sephora offered in August will return. We can always count on the discount in November though. When Sephora offers its discounts, it comes with very few exclusions, which I discuss below. Every year, the formatting changes slightly, because Sephora likes to keep us on our toes. A new format I have never seen got introduced this year. That format has a discount every weekend from now through the 19th of November. Similar variations (with less weekends) have popped up, but this is the first time where there are four weekends of shopping. I want to stay optimistic, so we will see how things go with all levels shopping separate weekends. The only other time Sephora attempted that people who crossed from VIB to Rouge during the event had problems making more purchases during the event. Hopefully, the bugs got worked out and those members will not have a problem showing their entire weekend.

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Sephora Beauty Insider Event- 10% Spring Bonus With 15% VIB Rouge First Access April 2018

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Sephora changes the name of the Spring discount event almost every year. It has gone by the Beauty Insider Sale, the VIB Sale, Chic Week, A Love Note Sale, the Spring Bonus, Spring’s Hottest Ticket, and more. This year, it is once again going by the Spring Bonus. One thing remains constant. The event always takes place at the beginning of the Spring, usually April. It only started at the tail end of March once in 2014. Only members of Sephora’s Beauty Insider program can take part in this event (and a lot of other offers) so make sure you sign up if you have not already. Beauty Insider members get 10% off (since 2015). VIB and Rouge members always get 15% off. There is fluctuation in the number of shopping days from year to year (scroll down for more information on that). On weekend one, Rouge members shop alone. Weekend two opens to VIB members and Beauty Insider members. Rouge members get four extra 4 days to shop.

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Sephora 20% Off Sale For 2016 November 4th-7th for VIB Rouge and 11th-14th for VIB

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My review of the In-Store Event and GWP Bag.

The official shopping dates for the 20% off sale at Sephora are out. This sale is for VIB and VIB Rouge tiers, but Rouge members can share the discount with anyone in-store on the first day of their sale. VIB Rouge members can shop online with 20% off using code 20ROUGE from November 4th-7th, and VIB members can shop online with 20% off using code 20VIB from November 11th-14th. Redemption cards for in-store purchases went out, but each store should have a card behind the register for those who do not receive one. If you are a Sephora shopper without a rewards account, you should really consider joining. There are a lot of codes and specials that are only available for Beauty Insiders. Sephora separated the tiers again for 2016 just as they did for VIB Rouge and VIB in 2015.

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Sephora Collection Disney Minnie Beauty Minnie’s Aren’t You Gorgeous Handheld Mirror and the Annual 10% VIB Discount

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The Disney Minnie Collection is on sale. See my Disney items to see why I recommend this collection.

When Sephora released the Disney Minnie Beauty By Sephora Collection, there were three pieces I needed. I love all things beauty and all things Disney, so limiting what I collect is difficult. The first was the Minnie World in Color Eyeshadow Palette, which I picked up during the Sephora Love Note Sale. This is still available and definitely worth it. There was a 250 point tote bag (which may still be available in stores but is out of stock online) that I also think is worth it. My last piece was harder to pick up, but I finally got it on 05/03/16.

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Redeeming the Sephora VIB 10% Discount

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When it comes to quality products, Hourglass and NARS are highly regarded. They’re both on the higher end of moderately priced brands. I think both fall a little short from being called high end, although some may disagree with me. The quality for the price spent is usually there. It can at times exceed my expectations (hello Incandescent Electra, Dim Light, Kauai, Orgasm) and other times fall short (hello Radiant Light and Narsissist Palette), so I look forward to doing a full review once I’ve played with the palettes a bit.

To avoid disappointment, I generally prefer to swatch things in store before I buy them online. The online promo codes for Sephora are generally better, so I do not buy in store often. For these two palettes, I did not swatch any shades before buying them. This will be my first experience with Hourglass shadows. As I find NARS shadows hit or miss, buying without swatching is a huge step for me. Some of them are so amazing that I feel they could be classified as high end, whereas some almost feel low end. They’re pretty inconsistent. From the swatches I’ve seen of both palettes all over the Internet, I decided to go for it. When I go it, I really go for it, because I do not believe in returning things unless they arrive damaged. I’ve just never done it.

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