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Sephora Sales Calendar 2020 With Promotions, GWP Offers, Deals, Promo Codes, Events, and More

The Ulta Birthday Gift March 2020 is up!

By Kimberly

Welcome to my official Sephora Sales Calendar 2020. You will learn much more than the Sephora Sale dates 2020 here. It is the master Sephora Schedule 2020 for all major Sales, Promotions, GWP offers, Deals, Promo Codes, Events, and More. As the events pop up, I will add them to this master calendar. At times, I learn about promotions in advance. Whenever that happens, I will share them below. By the end of the year, this calendar will be complete. To keep this as concise as possible, this timeline serves more as a guide map. Whenever I write a separate article to delve into more detail on the event or promotion, I will link it below. If a separate article does not exist, I will list the pertinent information in this one. This timeline shows that you do not always have to wait for a traditional sale to get a good deal. See Tips For Getting The Best Deal At Ulta for a deeper dive into Beauty Insider Rewards and how to maximize your deals.

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Sephora Very Merry Minis Holiday Customer Appreciation 8-Piece Sample Bags Have Arrived

See 2018 Sample Bag Offers.

The Holiday Sample Bags for customer appreciation launched on November 1st last year, so people got nervous when the Mystery Sample Bag launched on November 1st this year. That promotion is usually tied to Cyber Weekend. As predicted, the bags traded places for the promotion line up this year. Sephora officially released the holiday sample bags today, which is right in the heart of Cyber Weekend. I passed on the Mystery Sample Bags, which I probably would not have if it came on its usual schedule. This sample bag promotion is a must for me, and I especially like that it still has a $25 buy-in. All other sample bags this year had a $35 buy-in, so I was beginning to think that was the new minimum. All Beauty Insiders are eligible for this promotion, so it is not the same as the VIB Appreciation Bag (typically offered in August but launched in September this year).

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Free Sephora Gift Cards with Every Beauty Insider Account

Every year Sephora awards Beauty Insiders with gift cards. It almost always starts at the beginning of December. These are similar to actual gift cards, but they do have a purchase minimum of $50. Beauty Insiders get $15, VIB clients get $20, and Rouge Clients get $25. If you keep your purchase right at $50, the discounts come in at 30%, 40%, and 50% respectively. The best part is you enter the number into gift card field, so you can redeem the promo code of your choice. That makes this offer better than straight discount codes that you fill into the promo code box. It is the single best deal of the year at Sephora.

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Sephora Party Favors 8 Sample Filled Clutch

It’s that time of year at Sephora again. Time for sample filled bags. There are four bags to choose from containing seven samples in Canada or eight in the US. All Beauty Insiders can redeem a bag of samples. If you’re a VIB or higher, you can redeem two. On my main account (Rouge), I received the code VIBFAVORS to redeem a bag. My secondary account (Beauty Insider) received the code PARTYPICKS to redeem a bag.

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