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The Best 2018 Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday Beauty Sales and Deals

My favorite shopping event of the year is finally here. This weekend, which kicks before Thanksgiving with some retailers, provides some of the best deals we will see. Traditionally, this is the weekend where most retailers cross over from red to black, and they will do whatever it takes to earn your shopping dollars. Offers are competitive, because almost every retailer will have one. I will update this every time I see an incredible offer through Cyber Monday, so this list will grow over the week. My tastes might vary from yours, so make sure you sign up for emails from all of your favorite retailers. It is also a good idea to check multiple blogs and sites to see what each of them feel is worth mentioning this season. Most of these offers go out to all customers. Of course, there might be some affiliate exclusives or offers targeted to select customers. I am not listing any small offers, because this is the time of year when we can stretch our budget further by scoring just the right deal. Some big offers will not make the cut either, because I cannot list them all.

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Birchbox Limited Edition Box Ready, Set, Summer Review

As some of you may have noticed, I have not been writing many articles lately. Taking too long to write articles caused me to get this review up after the box has already sold out. There are times when Birchbox limited edition boxes disappear and reappear, so I am going ahead with this review. If it never comes back in stock and you were not even interested before reading this, I apologize in advance. Admittedly, I did not initially think I would grab this one. I do not own a pool for the float, and I have a ton of sunscreen. Those were the two main draws of this box. Ultimately, I decided I had to get it, because I have not been able to pass on a single limited edition box in a long time. Thanks to Birchbox for putting things I want in every single box for the past two years. That’s right, if you search for any of the current boxes, you will find my review. Well, a new box just came in stock, and I have not grabbed that one yet. Hopefully, I get that one up a little faster after receiving it if I do.

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Sephora Sun Safety Kit 2018 Review

See the 2019 Sephora Sun Safety Kit, and all 2019 Sephora Promotions, Sales, GWP, Deals, Promo Codes, and Events.

I’m here to bring you my Sephora Sun Safety Kit 2018 review. Sephora usually tempts me when it puts out a new Favorites Set. These sets retail for a lot less than the value of the items inside. As long as the items you plan on keeping exceed the value of the price you pay for the set, it is a good deal. This is one of my favorite ways to sample new items, and I like the sets even more when they have some full-sized items inside. While paying for samples is something I do often with subscription boxes, I limit how often I pay for samples in sets. The mystery of subscription boxes and desire to get things I would never purchase prevails in that case. When a set only has samples and costs over $20, I am less likely to purchase it. Paying for samples is not always a bad thing, especially when sets have items you really want to try, and you have not been able to get them for free or as a GWP.

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Sephora Employee Appreciation 20% Off Sale October 23rd Through October 30th 2016 and a Private Shopping Event

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The employee appreciation sale took place from October 14th-21st in 2017. I did not write an article, but I did partake.

Sephora Employee Appreciation, also known as the Friends and Family Sale, has returned for 2016. It will run from Sunday, October 23rd through Sunday, October 30th. Employees give unique 20% off discount codes to friends and family. These discount codes are on a postcard, which can get gifted in person or mailed. Emails were available again this year, but the emails were not sent out until the first morning of the sale. A lot of companies include all customers in friends and family sales. These codes from Sephora are for legitimate friends and family. A good sales associate can make a customer feel like a friend. If you never hang out away from Sephora, odds are you’re not friends. They only get a limited amount of post cards, so please do not be offended if they do not offer one to you.

There is a private event for anyone who receives a postcard from 7pm-9pm on the 23rd. This is usually a two-week sale, but it’s only eight days this year. That explains why Sephora abandoned the mid-October start it usually does. The VIB Rouge and VIB 20% off sale dates have been officially announced. Like last year, each tier has four days to shop the 20% off sale.

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Fourth of July Deals Featuring the Ole Henriksen $100 Gift Bag With a $50 Purchase And Peter Thomas Roth Travel Mania Sale

Independence Day is one of the biggest sale days of the year. For some retailers, it can even rival Black Friday. American companies are proud to offer discounts and large Gift With Purchases that rival the best deals you’ll find all year. It makes perfect sense to me, because this time of year makes me proud to buy American brands. They capitalize on our pride, big time. Other countries have their own special days, like Boxing Day in Canada. Speaking of our friendly neighbors, many American deals cross the border. I would like to make a speech that rivals Bill Paxton’s in Independence Day, but I will skip ahead to the deals.

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Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit 2016 Review

The Sun Safety Kit for 2016 is available now. No one puts Favorites Kits together the way Sephora does. This review goes over the 2016 Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit I purchased at the VIB Rouge Event on 06/05/16. It is my favorite set of the year, because I love sunscreen. I love that Sephora donates $20 of the $32 price tag to the Skin Cancer Foundation. My Dad has skin cancer, so I appreciate a cause that furthers cancer research and helps protect me from the sun at the same time. There are 15 deluxe sun protection items in the set making each item a bargain at $2.13.  Continue reading

Happy Birthday from Sephora

My older son informed me about two months ago that he no longer wants to use baby products. It was really overdue. We opened a Sephora account for him. I knew we would start with drugstore items, but I wanted him to have access to better skincare as needed. Hopefully, we have a few years before he needs mid range things for his skin. In case we do not, his account is ready. Having his own account not only allows him to spend any of the points he earns on his own, but it also qualifies him for a birthday gift. Ulta also offers free birthday gifts, but they only offer feminine gifts. If they ever offer gender neutral or masculine gifts, I will open him an Ulta account as well. Remember to check all birthday offers if your big bag is coming.

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Sephora Sun Safety Kit 2015

2016 Sun Safety Kit

Every year in mid to late May, Sephora releases the Sun Safety Kit. It retails for $32, and $20 of that is donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation. My Dad has skin cancer, so I like the idea of buying something I want while supporting the cause at the same time. My insane stockpile told me I was pretty stocked on sunscreen, so I was ready to pass. I still have a few stragglers from the 2013 kit and half or more from 2014. Luckily, most sunscreens print the expiration date, so I use sunscreen in the order it expires and not when it arrives.

Everyone was waiting impatiently for this release, which was a bit later than 2014. It usually sells out in a few days, but it lasted about a week on and off online. It released and my inner hoarder/deal seeker told me to buy it. And, here we are.

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