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Sephora Favorites 2018 Superstars Kit Review

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This 2018 Sephora Favorites Kit came back in stock temporarily (after I reviewed it), but it returned to its original $80 price tag. I went over the reasons I would not purchase the 2018 Sephora Favorites Superstars Kit at full-price in a grab or pass article. The main reason was the original price of $80 was too high for mostly samples that Sephora has given out many times. Of the $85.50 in full-size products, none of the items really grabbed my attention. I already owned two of them and the other two were things I would not usually purchase, especially at full-price. All of the samples already existed in my collection, and I did not need duplicates of any of them. My decision in that article was I would purchase the kit if it dipped to $40. At that price, I could justify grabbing the two items I did not already own and keeping some duplicates of the products I really love and would actually need. Days after posting that article, Sephora discounted the set to $40 in its Labor Day Sale. To make sure I could not pass this deal up, Sephora allowed me to use my Rouge discount code from the Beauty Insider Appreciation Event for an extra 20% off bringing the final sales price to $32.

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Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip & Liner Review

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No one puts favorites sets together like Sephora. They are one of my favorite things to buy, because I love sampling a lot of items that I get an incredible deal on. This is the first year since I started shopping at Sephora that there is no Give Me More Lip Set. The large set lip lovers get this year is Give Me Some Lip & Liner. It has 14 lip products, so it is right on par with past sets (they usually have 15-16). There are four full-size products in the set and as usual the value of the full-size items exceeds the cost of the set. If you’re interested in the full-size items, this set is definitely a deal.

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Sephora Favorites Chic It Easy Review

No one puts Favorites Kits together the way Sephora does. The Sephora Favorites Chic It Easy set has great items for the bargain price of $49. I have a hard time passing on any of these sets. This is one I almost successfully passed on, not because I wasn’t interested in the set, but because I already owned so many items in the set. It finally hit me that most of the items I have duplicates of are items I will eventually run out of. Getting them in this set will actually save me a bit in the long run. Sephora actually released five new Favorites Kits a few days ago, and I once again find myself trying to resist them. Odds are I will not resist all of them.

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Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Week and the VIB Appreciation Sample Bag

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Beauty Insider Appreciation Week runs from September 10th through September 17th. During the event, Beauty Insiders get 2x points, VIB members get 3x points, and Rouge members get 4x points. This event usually takes place in August, but Sephora pushed it back this year to iron out the details of the Rewards Bazaar. Hopefully, nice items enter the Rewards Bazaar, so the point multipliers for this event get put to great use. It officially kicked off this morning with a private VIB Rouge Event, which I wrote about separately. Sephora always offers a VIB Appreciation Bag for VIB and Rouge clients during the event. There are two options this year, but they share a one time use code. Members can choose the one they prefer (if they arrive before one runs out of stock). These are the same bags handed out at the VIB Rouge event this morning, so it is possible Rouge members who attended the event can get both bags.

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Sephora Favorites Paint It Pink Product Review

Paint In Pink retails for $40 and has a $122 advertised value. I have a hard time resisting a Sephora Favorites. No one puts kits together the way Sephora does. Although it only has eight items (making each one $5 each), three of them are full-size. The cost of the full-sized products alone more than pays for this set. Usually, I would present the entire purchase in one article to go over the entire deal. This set stands alone by itself, and the items I got with this also stand alone. Thus, I will present the second half of the order tomorrow.

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The Most Anticipated Releases of Early Winter 2016

Beauty Products are constantly reinvented to bring us the latest and greatest. Innovations can miss, but there are times when they advance a product. Of all the ones recently released, these are the ones I anticipate most. Some bring new features or formulations to products we already know and love, others are brand-new takes on products, and most are new colors to welcome the upcoming season. While I do love seeing new colors and find some season appropriate, I do not let the season dictate the colors I wear all the time. That means, I am fine waiting until the next season to purchase an item. It not only gives me a chance to see it on others, but I can sometimes get a better deal on items that are not brand new releases. At some point, I will pick these up (as long as first reviews are favorable) or I can swatch or test them myself.

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Sephora Mother’s Day Gift From My Boys Make Up For Ever Artist Palette- Volume 1 Nudes

My boys wanted to get me a gift for Mother’s Day after we went out to lunch. Xander insisted the gift be from Sephora. Nothing in the store inspired me, so I asked him if I could place an online order when I got home. He wanted to see me walk out of there with something, so I asked if they had the 500 point Marc Jacobs in stock. They did. Then, I saw a Dior bag behind the register and inquired if they were having a Dior GWP.

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