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Ulta Lancome 5x Points and a Laura Geller GWP

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As much as I love Ulta, and I really do love all the deal stacking at Ulta, I never buy my beloved Lancome there. Why? They never get the blockbuster GWP options you see at department stores. From April of 2o13 to May of 2014, I partook in over 30 Lancome gifts from a variety of retailers. Ulta never got any of my Lancome love until now. This was my very first (and possibly last) Lancome purchase at Ulta.

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My First Makeup Love, Lancome, Will Always Be a Gift With Purchase King

I started wearing makeup when I was 13. My Dad never bought it for me, so I only purchased drugstore brands or used whatever items I borrowed from my older sisters. Though I remember liking certain items, I do not remember loving anything. One day at age 17 while strolling through Dillard’s with my boyfriend (now husband), I came across the Lancome counter. It was having one of the infamous GWP sales. We’ve all seen them. They’re the ones that give you 6-8 items worth over $100 for purchases as low as $35. After my first purchase, I fell in love with the brand.

This was 1997, and it was my introduction to mid-range, department store makeup. I found Definicils, which is still my favorite. Poeme and Tresor were scents I could actually wear. Most scents still make me light-headed, but I found both of those rather pleasant. Dual Finish taught me that being shine free in the middle of a Vegas summer is possible. Prior to that, I thought the opposite. At the end of the day BiFacil took everything off like a dream. Everything was magic. Although I took a healthy break from wearing makeup, I returned to investing in my first love once I starting purchasing makeup again in 2013.

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