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Beautylish 2019 Lucky Bag Review

Beautylish 2019 Lucky bags have sold out, but the sign-up list for 2020 Lucky Bags is already up. My 2019 Beautylish Lucky Bag review is below, because my bag arrived on January 22nd. To keep everything regarding this deal in one place, I used this article to let people know the bags were about to go live and review my bag after I received it. I hoped that would serve as a reminder for anyone who forgot or did not already know about the bags. A quick recap is the XL bags were gone in four minutes, and I was not one of the lucky people who scored one. Thankfully, I did get a regular bag in fair to medium, and I look forward to seeing how it compares to the bag I received last year. Once I receive my bag, I will review it here.

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Moon Mousse Magic Makeup Repair Kit Review – Does it Work Better than Rubbing Alcohol?

When it comes to putting broken powders together the traditional way, I’ve had mixed success. For the most part, it works and leaves the formula intact to perform the way it did before the repair. The traditional method is to crush up the powder, mix it with isopropyl alcohol until it resembles wet sand, and press it back together. Using 99% alcohol and very firm press will typically yield the best results. I’ve noticed the powders crack and crumble more when I do not press very firmly, use 70% alcohol, or use too much alcohol (where your product looks more like mud than wet sand). Trial and error will help you learn how to master the right amount of each. At 70%, it takes longer for the liquid to evaporate. From my experience, the longer the product sits wet in the pan, the more likely it will crack and dry out once it finally returns to powder form.

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Birchbox Limited Edition The Luxe Beauty Box Review

A new Limited Edition Box Birchbox, the Luxe Beauty Box is available today. Limited Edition Boxes are my favorite items to purchase from Birchbox. These are a mixture of full and sample sized items that usually fit a specific box theme. All boxes have a value far greater than the cost so they are a great deal when the items you want to keep exceed the value of what you’re paying. Better boxes sell out quickly, but the ones that linger will occasionally pop up in the sale section for 30% off. Aces sometimes get 40% off on sale items. Predicting which ones will sell out is not always easy, so I buy the ones I really want close to the release date. If you’re on the fence because of price, wait it out.

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Birchbox Discovery Kit 2018 The Lip Service

Birchbox puts out a lot of high-quality Discovery Kits. These are smaller versions of the Limited Edition Boxes and typically come in a clear TSA approved travel bag. A discovery kit is a themed bag with multiple brands curated by Birchbox. Some discovery kits, particularly the ones with all samples, are not worth purchasing. Of course, I usually buy them for hard to get items I really want to try or already love. As long as the value of the items I am keeping exceeds the amount I am paying, I will usually purchase the kit. Others are more than worth it.

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Sephora Employee Appreciation 20% Off Sale October 23rd Through October 30th 2016 and a Private Shopping Event

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The employee appreciation sale took place from October 14th-21st in 2017. I did not write an article, but I did partake.

Sephora Employee Appreciation, also known as the Friends and Family Sale, has returned for 2016. It will run from Sunday, October 23rd through Sunday, October 30th. Employees give unique 20% off discount codes to friends and family. These discount codes are on a postcard, which can get gifted in person or mailed. Emails were available again this year, but the emails were not sent out until the first morning of the sale. A lot of companies include all customers in friends and family sales. These codes from Sephora are for legitimate friends and family. A good sales associate can make a customer feel like a friend. If you never hang out away from Sephora, odds are you’re not friends. They only get a limited amount of post cards, so please do not be offended if they do not offer one to you.

There is a private event for anyone who receives a postcard from 7pm-9pm on the 23rd. This is usually a two-week sale, but it’s only eight days this year. That explains why Sephora abandoned the mid-October start it usually does. The VIB Rouge and VIB 20% off sale dates have been officially announced. Like last year, each tier has four days to shop the 20% off sale.

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Core Collection July 2016 Deal Discoveries

There are so many products I fall in love with but will take a while to finish. Instead of waiting until I can mention them in a FabuFinds article or waiting to see if they make the Top 10 of the Year, I want to go over items from my Core Collection. These are items I consider great deals (even at full-price, although I will still try to get them with a deal). If I ever finish them, I will probably replace ones that do not already have back-ups. Sometimes, they are items I’ve had for a while and just tried or items I tried in the past but love more upon rediscovery. Occasionally, I purchase items I love that do not fit into an article other than this one. When I try something from a recent acquisition where I wrote an article, I will always edit a mini review into the original article (love, hate, or anything in between) or mention it in an Empties article (if I finish it quickly). A single product review in the original article will not always depict how much I love it compared with other items I tried that month. This lists my Deal Discoveries from July 2016 that I am not even close to finishing.

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Sephora Sale on Sale

See recent articles on Sephora Sale items.

Every year from Christmas Day through New Year’s Day, Sephora offers 20% off everything in the sales section. Accessing the sale on sale requires a promo code, so you will not get any freebies with the order (other than the standard 3 samples in the checkout section). The promo code usually changes from year to year, but it is multi-use. Shop the sales section as often as you want during the week. This year, the promo code is EXTRA20. Rouge clients were able to get access to the sale early using the code ROUGE20. It opened around 9:30pm PST on 12/22/15 for Rouge clients and 9:15pm PST on 12/24/15 for everyone else. Last year, the sale opened for Rouge very early on the 21st, so we had almost two days less advance access this year. We still got two full days to shop before it opened to everyone.

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