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Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set, A 2019 Spring Bonus Sale Recommendation

I want to offer my 2019 Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set review, because the Sephora 2019 Spring Bonus Sale opens to VIB Rouge members today. This is something worthy of adding to your shopping list. It took me a while after its release to purchase it. Then, it took me a while to start testing the products. Now that I have tested all of them, I will have more entries for my lip balm article (which keeps getting pushed back as I acquire new products). Many of the Sephora Favorites sets have been misses lately, but this is a definite hit. If you are lucky enough to get one during the sale, grab it. Even if this somehow lasts through the sale and you are reading this, grab it.

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Sephora Sun Safety Kit 2018 Review

See the 2019 Sephora Sun Safety Kit, and all 2019 Sephora Promotions, Sales, GWP, Deals, Promo Codes, and Events.

I’m here to bring you my Sephora Sun Safety Kit 2018 review. Sephora usually tempts me when it puts out a new Favorites Set. These sets retail for a lot less than the value of the items inside. As long as the items you plan on keeping exceed the value of the price you pay for the set, it is a good deal. This is one of my favorite ways to sample new items, and I like the sets even more when they have some full-sized items inside. While paying for samples is something I do often with subscription boxes, I limit how often I pay for samples in sets. The mystery of subscription boxes and desire to get things I would never purchase prevails in that case. When a set only has samples and costs over $20, I am less likely to purchase it. Paying for samples is not always a bad thing, especially when sets have items you really want to try, and you have not been able to get them for free or as a GWP.

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Core Collection September 2016 Deal Discoveries

There are so many products I fall in love with but will take a while to finish. Instead of waiting until I can mention them in a FabuFinds article or waiting to see if they make the Top 10 of the Year, I want to go over items from my Core Collection. These are items I consider great deals (even at full-price, although I will still try to get them with a deal). If I ever finish them, I will probably name them FabuFinds and replace ones that do not already have back-ups. Sometimes, they are items I’ve had for a while and just tried or items I tried in the past but love more upon rediscovery. Occasionally, I purchase items I love that do not fit into an article other than this one. When I try something from a recent acquisition where I wrote an article, I will always edit a mini review into the original article (love, hate, or anything in between) or mention it in an Empties article (if I finish it quickly). A single product review in the original article will not always depict how much I love it compared with other items I tried that month. This lists my Deal Discoveries from September 2016 that I am not even close to finishing.

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Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Review Fall 2016

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Two of my favorite things to collect are lip products and eyeshadows. I have a hard time passing on the latest and greatest eyeshadow palette and lipstick kit. Sephora puts favorites kits together like no one else. It is so hard to pass on them, even though I have more lippies than I can use. Earlier this year, Sephora launched Give Me Some Nude Lip for $28. Even though I am not a huge fan of nude lip colors, I loved the set. The colors in this new Give Me Some Lip are more my speed, so I knew I had to get this. If you’re looking for Give Me Some More Lip that launches every year, that should probably launch around the end of September if it follows 2015 or mid September if it follows 2014. After seeing previews around social media, it is safe to say I will purchase that one as well. These lip sets never stay in stock long, so it will probably sell out before the bigger one launches.

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Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit 2016 Review

The Sun Safety Kit for 2016 is available now. No one puts Favorites Kits together the way Sephora does. This review goes over the 2016 Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit I purchased at the VIB Rouge Event on 06/05/16. It is my favorite set of the year, because I love sunscreen. I love that Sephora donates $20 of the $32 price tag to the Skin Cancer Foundation. My Dad has skin cancer, so I appreciate a cause that furthers cancer research and helps protect me from the sun at the same time. There are 15 deluxe sun protection items in the set making each item a bargain at $2.13.  Continue reading

Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip 2015

See the 2018 Give Me More Lip Review

When it comes to favorite sets, no one puts them together like Sephora. The Give Me More Lip Kit usually releases every year in mid September, but it released a little later this year. I have a really hard time passing on favorites that are makeup and skin care related causing me to buy more than I should. My favorite kit each year has is the Sun Safety or the Give Me More Lip. The smaller Give Me Some Lip Kit looked nice as well, but I sat on buying it for too long and missed out. It was cuter than the one I got in 2013 and 2014, so I regret my decision to wait until I had more used than unused lipsticks to buy it.

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Sephora Sun Safety Kit 2015

2016 Sun Safety Kit

Every year in mid to late May, Sephora releases the Sun Safety Kit. It retails for $32, and $20 of that is donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation. My Dad has skin cancer, so I like the idea of buying something I want while supporting the cause at the same time. My insane stockpile told me I was pretty stocked on sunscreen, so I was ready to pass. I still have a few stragglers from the 2013 kit and half or more from 2014. Luckily, most sunscreens print the expiration date, so I use sunscreen in the order it expires and not when it arrives.

Everyone was waiting impatiently for this release, which was a bit later than 2014. It usually sells out in a few days, but it lasted about a week on and off online. It released and my inner hoarder/deal seeker told me to buy it. And, here we are.

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Finding My Beauty Unicorn: MAC Ocean City Blush

We all have those beauty items we missed for one reason or another. Cosmetic companies put out limited edition items, discontinue items, reformulate them for the worst, or at times make them hard to get in certain markets. Limited edition items are probably my least favorite group. Why put so much money and time into making something fabulous only to immediately stop selling it once demand goes through the roof! I know they probably have precise reasons of their own, but my opinion is three-fold.

Cosmetic companies want to stay relevant. As much as I love the established brands, they get talked about as lacking innovation when they continue to release the same products everyone knows and loves. When they do release a new item, many are not even willing to try it, because they’re beauty dinosaurs. Never mind that the quality is usually there. The perception is not, and that is all that matters. My grandmother wore that is the first thing they say when they refuse to try new releases from an established line. The answer is to keep releasing limited edition items. No way granny wore these, because the item was only out a day. Granny was asleep when it launched at midnight and not yet awake when it sold out at 3am. It feels so awesome to purchase this new item that will certainly be a trendsetter for the three days it takes until the next limited edition release.

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