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Core Collection: My Winter 2019 Favorites

Spring is officially here, so it is time to go over my favorites from the 2019 winter season. I like to call these my core collection items, because I find myself reaching for them over similar products in my stockpiles. These are items I am still working on, so they will not make the Empties article for this season. Each is still worthy of discussion, so this is the place I like to do that. Items I am still in love with once I empty them become FabuFinds. While I cannot promise I will ever finish these (some products expire before I can empty them) and I cannot promise I will still love them enough to label them as FabuFinds upon completion, I loved them throughout this season. Many of these items are serious contenders for my Best of the Year article. There were seven items I really enjoyed this winter.

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Rose Petal Blush Review: Les Merveilleuses Laduree Paris Face Color Rose Laduree 02 with Pot Versus My DIY Dollar Tree Creation

I’ve wanted the Les Merveilleuses Laduree Paris Face Color Rose Laduree 02 since the first time I saw a picture of it. The rose petal blush was one of the most beautiful beauty products I’d ever seen. With the delicate looking flower petals and ornate container, I knew I would purchase it some day. My hold up was the cost. Spending over $100 on a single beauty product was something I had not done before 2017 (when I purchased this). Although, I had spent $95, $98, and $99 on products, so I was close enough. The second problem was availability. This is not sold in the US outside of Amazon, and the risk of receiving a fake on Amazon was too great.

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Do You Need a Color Switch or Will a Dupe Work as a Dry Brush Cleaner? My Test and Review of Four, including a DIY Dollar Tree Project

By Kimberly

If you are trying to decide whether you want to invest in a dry brush cleaner, Color Switch, or purchase a hair donut instead, I am here to help. Whether your brush collection is small or you have some brushes you love that you use for multiple colors, a dry brush cleaner can help. It is mostly commonly called a color switch, because the most popular one from Sephora and Vera Mona includes that in the title. Just like some will ask for a Kleenex when they want a tissue, some will ask for a color switch when they want a dry brush cleaner. They are also really helpful for people who swatch products using brushes. Let me know below if you want my reasoning for why brush swatching is usually wasteful and unnecessary. A color switch removes powder products from your brushes without any liquid. Yes, you can use a dry brush cleaner on cream products, but it will not remove as much product and will have you washing your dry brush cleaner more often.

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