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Birchbox Introduced A New Tier Pricing Structure – Members Will Now Pay $10, $12, $12.50, $13, $14, or $15 Based on Their Status and Plan – How Does This Increase Affect You?

Birchbox announced a new tier pricing structure, which effectively means it raised the price on most members. Only select members will get the $10 pricing it launched with. What added benefits are we getting for the price increase? When Birchbox launched in September 2010, and it was a pioneer in the beauty subscription box industry. Members could get a box of 4-5 beauty products to sample for $10 a month. The concept was simple. Let users get samples stress free. There was no need to go into a store to ask for things, because Birchbox tailored the samples to the user’s profile. A subscription box revolution emerged in the years that followed, because many saw the success Birchbox had and wanted to capitalize while the market was still hot. While Birchbox only sold 12 products when it launched, the intent was always to encourage customers to purchase the full-size of the samples they fell in love with. It wanted to build its subscription program, so it could grow its online store.

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Birchbox ACES Week Featuring Ace Exclusive Offers

Birchbox ACES are customers (whether subscription holders or not) who spend at least $300 in a calendar year. There are a number of perks given to ACES, which I discuss on both the retailer page and in this article on getting the best deal. In addition to the advertised perks, Birchbox throws bonus surprises at us throughout the year. This week, Birchbox is giving ACES a chance to redeem a new offer everyday. It is ACES Week, and this is a promotion I’ve never seen before. I’ve been an Ace since the program started so I have seen a lot of other perks. The week only lasted four days! Hopefully, we get a full seven if Birchbox runs this promotion again.

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Birchbox ALL ACES

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When you make it to your one Ace anniversary, Birchbox rewards you with a code, ALLACES. It is good for $15 off a purchase in the Ace category. There is no minimum spend, but there are not a lot of items in this category. I received my code last month, but I waited to earn a few more review points to place the order. On 09/10/15, I reviewed my September Box (thanks to the option saying I have not tried the items yet). My box just shipped, so I will not have it for a while. That brought me a little over 200 points, so I had $20 to spend in addition to my free $15 code.

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