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PurMinerals (Pur The Complexion Authority) Mystery Grab Bag $15

PurMinerals (Pur The Complexion Authority) offers Mystery Bags for $15 every year. There was less variety this year from last, but I’ve noticed while three pieces are the same in the every bag I’ve seen, two items do fluctuate. Of the two that vary, I am happy with the ones I received. I sat on the decision to order for a while, so these sets are not even in stock any more. If I order a bag next year (and I probably will based on my satisfaction with this bag), I will order and thus share sooner. Every mystery bag includes five full-size items making each item $3. That is a fantastic value and allows room for disappointment.

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Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip

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I have a really hard time passing on a Sephora favorites. When Give Me Some Nude Lip launched, I thought I would pass. Nudes are not really my thing. When I wear lip color, I generally want them bold. My bolder eye looks do pair better with nudes, so I keep some on hand. Lippies are a serious weakness. This is my third mini set. Although I missed the 2015 set, I did partake in 2013 and 2014. In 2014 and 2015, I also purchased the Give Me More Lip sets (which are a lot larger). You could quickly build your lip collection just by investing in these kits. This set has gone in and out of stock online. If it is out of stock again when you check, call your local stores to see if they have any. They can hold it for 24 hours if they do.

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Sephora VIB Rouge Event Lip Boldly and Color IQ

This was an open-door Rouge Event. Private, closed-door Rouge Events were canceled after the Points Promotion in August 2015, but they returned in June 2016 to launch new items from the Fall. The last VIB Rouge event took place 09/10/16.

Sephora has another VIB Rouge exclusive event. Some have reported that their store opened the event to non-Rouge members, but my store verified membership before I could partake. Like the earlier Face Mask Friday, Lip Boldly is also on Friday (January 29th). Hey, that’s today. I decided to write about the event after attending to see if it is worth your while. No appointments are necessary, so you can just head on over if this appeals to you. Events can vary from store to store, so there is no guarantee yours will be like mine. My store, Sephora Summerlin, usually does the bare minimum when it comes to events, so there is a good chance this event is better at other stores. The Face Mask Friday event launched for the first time a month before the annual November VIB event got canceled, so I hope this event does not mean we are not getting an event to kick off Chic week at the beginning of April (especially since this was not an exclusive event). It did not go over well when Sephora canceled the Fall event, so I look forward to seeing how they handle the spring sale. Continue reading

The Most Anticipated Releases of Early Winter 2016

Beauty Products are constantly reinvented to bring us the latest and greatest. Innovations can miss, but there are times when they advance a product. Of all the ones recently released, these are the ones I anticipate most. Some bring new features or formulations to products we already know and love, others are brand-new takes on products, and most are new colors to welcome the upcoming season. While I do love seeing new colors and find some season appropriate, I do not let the season dictate the colors I wear all the time. That means, I am fine waiting until the next season to purchase an item. It not only gives me a chance to see it on others, but I can sometimes get a better deal on items that are not brand new releases. At some point, I will pick these up (as long as first reviews are favorable) or I can swatch or test them myself.

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Birchbox Women’s Annual Gift Subscriptions 20% off Plus a Deluxe Makeup Sample Bundle

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Today only! Use code 20GIFT at Birchbox for 20% off women’s annual gift subscriptions. You will also get a deluxe makeup sample bundle for yourself. ‘Tis better to give than receive but always the best when you get something when you gift! You can even gift a subscription to yourself if you’re done shopping. It is no surprise I love Birchbox, so I may gift a subscription to myself.

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