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TopCashBack Spring Treats Cash Back Giveaway Game

The latest TopCashBack giveaway, Spring Treats, starts today, and it is the first time I knew about the game before it started. TopCashBack is finally getting better at advertising these games, but I still think sending an email the day it starts would help those not lucky enough to see a social media post. This 2019 version is just the latest in its series. It runs from April 8th, 2019 through April 26, 2019. I’ve never won more than $0.50 on any of these games, but I always enjoy playing. Instant winners can make anywhere from $0.25 to $100 by collecting the respective game pieces for that prize. One grand prize winner will get drawn from all entries received by vote. That winner will get $500.

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TopCashBack Xmas Treats Cash Back Giveaway Game

The latest TopCashBack giveaway, Xmas Treats, started on November 28th, and I think it is the first one I’ve ever arrived on time for. TopCashBack really needs to do a better job of advertising these games, because I only find them if I happen to see a social media post or make a purchase and notice the banner at the bottom of the screen. This 2018 version is just the latest in its series. It runs from 11/28/18-12/21/18. I’ve never won more than $0.50 on any of these games, but I always enjoy playing. Instant winners can make anywhere from $0.25 to $100 by collecting the respective game pieces for that prize. One grand prize winner will get drawn from all entries received by 12/21/18. That winner will get $500.

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TopCashback Student Treats Giveaway

TopCashBack is the only Pay-to-Shop Program I use that runs games. I adore games, because they are so much fun. Playing games whilst getting a great deal is perfect for me. The games are not constant, but the last game was less than two months ago and there were plenty of other giveaways along the way. Following TopCashback on social media will help you keep track of the games and clues. This game got off to a rocky start with programming issues, so TopCashback only started advertising it yesterday despite its 08/08/16 start. After finishing the Summer Treats Giveaway by only winning a quarter, I am off to a great start with this Student Treats Giveaway. With a quarter already banked and more time to spare, I have faith I will win something more this time. Here I come to $0.50! A grand prize winner will get $1500 when the contest wraps and everyone else will share $5,ooo from instant wins. AT&T Wireless is the sponsor of this game.
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Ebates Flash Cash Back Day and TopCashback Bonus Cash Back Event

Apparently, July 12th is a really special day for deal lovers. I’ve already reminded you that today is Amazon Prime Day. Well, ebates and TopCashBack want in on today’s action. Both have increased cash back offers that are available today only. When the click strikes midnight, these cash back percentages will return to their regular rates. Yes, they both have offers for Amazon!

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TopCashBack Summer Treats Cash Back Giveaway

Another Pay-to-Shop Program I was using got acquired by its bigger sister company, ebates. That left an opening for me to join a new one. There are many reasons to join multiple Pay-to-Shop Programs, but Getting the Best Deal is the main one. A reader referred me to TopCashBack. After looking at it, I decided that was the one I would add to my lineup. It joins ebates, Mrrebates, MyPoints, ShopatHome, and Swagbucks. Two of those are untraditional, so I really only have four I use for shopping. I look forward to learning the ins and outs and will add more tips to its page as I learn more about the program.

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Ulta NYX Beauty Break and Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette

A list of all recent Ulta Beauty Breaks.

Ulta typically releases a Beauty Break every Wednesday morning from 10am-2pm PST. A Beauty Break is a GWP that is only available for a very short period. There will be select Wednesdays where they do not release one and other times when they pop up at a different day or time, like Monday evening, Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and more. While Ulta does email (those who receive emails), these offers and others usually appear in the Gift With Purchase Section before emails go out. Emails stagger, so better Beauty Breaks may run out of inventory before some people receive their emails. People on the east cost have a better chance of scoring a Beauty Break thanks to the time difference. If you wake up and notice an incredible Beauty Break, do not sit on it. These Beauty Breaks never make it to the end of the timeline and weaker ones at times get extended past the deadline. This order was 3x points.

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Get Paid to Shop Online with ebates, Mrrebates, ShopatHome, Swagbucks, Mypoints, TopCashBack, and More

Pay-to-Shop programs allow us to get paid to shop online. We are already spending our money, so we might as well get some of it back, right? Online shopping makes finding the best deal very easy. No driving all over town to compare prices. The cost of gas will eat into or completely erase your savings anyway. If you’re not getting paid to shop online, you are not getting the best deal. Many pay-to-shop programs exist. They affiliate with the retailers and get paid a percentage your subtotal for the “referral.” They are easy to use and completely legit. Getting paid to shop online is not a scam. Ready to get the best deal in every way possible?

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Getting the Best Deal

How do I get the best deal? This is a question I see often. Sometimes it is directed toward specific retailers. Other times it is more of a general probing. Let’s face it. Getting the best deal can be a lot of work. Have you ever been so proud of yourself for doing your research and locking down an incredible deal only to find out you did not get the best deal available? You are not alone. This has happened to me, too. We live and we learn from overpaying. Then, we get more savvy in the future. There are the tricks everyone knows. Subscribe to the retailer’s updates. Do Google searches for promo codes. Use ebates, ShopatHome, Mrrebates, or TopCashBack to get a percentage back on what you order. Of course, you can always visit sites like this one that try to list all known deals in one place. What are you missing though? Can you do anything else?

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