Birchbox Subscription Deals Free shipping on subscription boxes. Free shipping on shop purchases with a $50 purchase. ACES get free shipping on everything. Other select items have free shipping, including any items offered as a sample choice within the month of the purchase.

Birchbox Women

-If you’re already subscribed or want to shop without subscribing, store information and deals are on a separate page.

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Beauty Profile

-Complete your beauty profile to have samples customized to your needs. When you sign up for a subscription, your profile is taken into account starting with your second box. You will either get a welcome box or a randomly selected box from the month you joined on your first. You can use a specific start-up code released for a custom box (codes vary based on boxes released). Unless you love the box, I do not suggest this, because those codes cannot be combined with codes for points or discounts. Gift recipients almost always get a welcome box. Read about welcome boxes I’ve sent and received: Volume One, Volume TwoVolume Three, Current Month WelcomeVolume Four, Volume Five, Volume Six, General WelcomeVolume Seven, Volume Eight, Volume Nine, Volume Ten, Volume Eleven, Volume Twelve, Volume Thirteen, Volume Fourteen, and The Year of Gifts Wrap-Up.

Tier Pricing Structure for Subscriptions

Starting June 1st, members will get charged monthly no matter which plan they’re on. This is a positive change, because you can get a discounted plan for committing without a large up front charge. Payments get pulled the day you sign up and the first day of each month (when a payment is due). I go over pricing in great detail in its article. A quick recap is below.


$10 a month all plans. Effective the first renewal after you reach ACES status.

Grandfathered Plans

Month-to-month members and members with a 3-moth plan will pay $13. (Never pay in advance without a discount or promotion, so I do not recommend a 3-month plan).

Those who purchase a 6 month plan pay $12.50 a month.

A grandfathered member with an annual plan pays $12 a month.

New Subscribers (People Who sign up after 03/24/19)

Month-to-month members and members with a 3-moth plan will pay $15. (Never pay in advance without a discount or promotion, so I do not recommend a 3-month plan).

Those who purchase a 6 month plan pay $14 a month.

All members without an ACES account or grandfathered membership with an annual plan pay $13 a month.

About the Subscription

You will always get 6-8 samples. The first 6 will always be deluxe samples beauty samples. The extra 1-2 samples will usually be foils or lifestyle items. *You get reward points on plans where you pay up front (not month-to-month plans) unless you sign up with a discount code, then no reward points are given. 

Reward Points

You will get 10 points for the first 5 reviews on your account and points for your subscription purchase whenever you purchase a full-price plan in advance. This does not apply on month-to-month plans or longer plans when they get offered at a discount. You get 1 point per dollar on every shop purchase unless you have ACES status. ACES get 1.3 points per dollar. See the Birchbox Deals Page for tips before making a shop purchase. You also get 100 points for referring a friend to a subscription.

Sample Choice

Members will get an email toward the end of the month (ACES get it one day earlier than everyone else) to select a sample in their box, select the curated box (where you know all box contents in advance, or get completely surprised and know none of the items in the box. If you ever have a really tough time deciding between the curated box and one of the items in sample choice, get both. Use the sample choice inside your subscription and purchase the curated box from the shop once it posts to the discovery kits section after the new month starts. They retail for $20, but subscribers get an automatic $5 discount. You do not need a promo code for that discount so you can still use one if you purchase enough on other things to qualify.

Birchbox Plus

Birchbox Plus items can be added to your subscription. They offer items that are new to the shop and sometimes offer discounted items that are already in the shop. When full-priced items already available in the store are offered, I suggest ordering separately. Not only will you get the item faster, but you can use a promo code and get a free 2-piece sampler if it is over $35. Of course, adding items to your box and getting free shipping if you would be charged shipping through the regular shop is a good idea. Your Plus items will be charged on the second of the month, but your subscription charge will stay on the first. It will bill the last card you used to pay for the subscription. Make sure it is the card you want the payment pulled from. See the Birchbox Deals Page for tips before making a shop purchase.

Box Comparisons

My annual recap where I go over all boxes from 2018 of my Birchbox subscription and compare them to my Sephora Play! Boxes is up.

Sign-Up Offers

There is always a welcome gift for joining. Click here to see what the gift is.

See Welcome Offers (past and present).

Subscriber Exclusives

See Subscriber Only Offers.

All Shoppers

See Birchbox offers available to any shopper.

View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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