About Me

About Me


Hello, I’d love to tell you a little about me. I am Kimberly (notcreative). Writing has been my passion since I was young. Though I graduated from UNLV with a Business Management degree, I always enjoyed creative writing more than any other subject. While growing up in a house with six siblings and one incredible father, I had to learn to stretch money. Thus, I have almost four decades worth of knowledge on getting the best deal. My Dad was the master. He would go into the store and walk out saying they paid him to take product. Granted, stores no longer pay you to take product off their hands any more, but they still offer incredible deals.

About Me – The Deal Lover

I worked in business for a while until I rediscovered my love for beauty products. After that, my love for deal shopping and beauty products merged. The thrill for getting the best deal is almost as fun as trying new things. Don’t get me wrong. Reviews are awesome, and I offer more detailed reviews than most. My number one goal is to tell you if the item I review is a deal. A low price is not always a good deal and a high price is not always a deal breaker. If you have to buy it, get the best deal. Reading a review that never answers that question is not helpful.

Blog Mission

I started this blog in January 2015 after years of learning how to master rewards programs. People were always asking me questions, and I thought I should write them down. My mission is to answer questions before people even asked them. This is how my detail oriented blog on deals was born, and I still have not seen another like it. Sure, I’ve seen blogs with bullet points that leave more questions than answers, but I hope people walk away with more clarity or feel confident that they can trust me to accurately answer their question(s) if I have not already done so.

About Me – Articles

I have over 1100 articles as of January 2020. Many of these go over the programs I’ve shared, deals I’ve scored, and keeping my readers informed on how to make the most of their hard earned money. My favorite things in life, other than my boys who are now 13 and 8, are beauty products. Trying them, playing with them, exploring them, and finding new things I love just brings me a lot of joy. We all have our guilty pleasure, and that it is mine. Because of my love for all things beauty, I love to attend and write about events more extensively than most beauty blogs.

Getting the Best Deal

As I mentioned above, I also love writing and deal shopping, so a beauty blog was a natural fit. My foremost focus is ensuring my readers get the best deal possible. I’ve learned everything I can about the topics I write about, so I can share my expertise. Whenever I learn new things, I make constant edits to keep content fresh. With Ulta, I am a Diamond Rewards member, so I understand every aspect of the program. At Sephora, I am a VIB Rouge member, so I’ve mastered that program as well. Thanks to my ACES status at Birchbox, I am able to get the lowest subscription cost and get first access to deals.

Causebox and FabFitFun give extra benefits to annual members, so I have annual memberships with both. Holding the top tiers at these retailers in particular give me access to some of the best deals in beauty. When I am not covering events or retailer programs, I focus on product reviews.


If you need to get in contact with me, you can leave a comment from any page. I am also available on a number of different mediums. Find me on Twitter @dealstoogood. Email me at dealstoogoodtopassup@gmail.com. My Instagram handle is @dealstoogood. You can also reach me via my contact page.

What Are Your Thoughts on Deals Too Good to Pass Up?

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