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RawSpiceBar Review

RawSpiceBar Review

By Kimberly

Rebecca reached out to me years ago and asked if I was willing to do a RawSpiceBar Review. The timing was not right, so I put it off until late last year. She sent three spices for free, so I could test the product. Though I did receive free product, I did not get paid anything for this review, or for any other review I’ve ever done. It would have charged me shipping on the three free spices, but I was able to get free shipping by purchasing two $7 spices. My husband is really into cooking, so I let him pick the spices he wanted to purchase. He selected RawSpiceBar Furikake and RawSpiceBar Ancho Chiles. 

RawSpiceBar Review

Rebecca sent me a link for the free trio containing RawSpiceBar Salt Free Blackened Cajun, RawSpiceBar Chaat Masala, and RawSpiceBar Salmon Seasoning. I placed the order on September 23rd. When the order had not shipped by October 5th, I wrote Rebecca and asked her to cancel the order. I did not want to promote the business if the shipping was that slow.

RawSpiceBar Review Free Trio

RawSpiceBar Exceptional Customer Service

Rebecca responded to my email explaining that the trio is an influencer package, and it takes longer to procure. Because my order was taking a while to ship, she insisted on refunding the $14 I paid and still mailing all five spices. That was above and beyond my expectations. She even personally made sure my order got in the mail the same day she processed the refund. I received the order on October 7th. That means we’ve been experimenting with these spices for over 5.5 months.

RawSpiceBar Review Customer Service

RawSpiceBar Ordering Options

Customers can either order individual spices, as I did, or they can order spice subscriptions. It appears the sample spice price went from $7 to $5 since I placed my order, but the option to get free shipping with the order of two spices also went away. That tends to happen when you wait a long time between ordering a product and writing an article, so that is on me. For those looking for a subscription, it looks like you can get 20 spices a year for $24 a month or $120 a year.

RawSpiceBar Review

I am not much of a cook, so I have not really used these spices. My husband is an amazing cook. He really enjoyed these spices for his vegan and salmon dishes. We’ve had these spices for a while, so my husband has used these many more times than mentioned below. However, I am only spotlighting four specific dishes for the purpose of this review.

Salmon Aioli Review

The Salmon Aoili my husband made utilized four of the five spices. For this dish, he used Ancho Chiles, Salmon Seasoning, Furikake, and Blackened Cajun. He said he loved the way this salmon tasted, so he continued to combine all four spices on his salmon every time he made the dish in the future. His initial instinct was to only try it with the salmon flavor, so he is glad he went against that. Though I did not taste any of the one pictured, I did taste a future one made the same way. I can concur that it was delicious. Combining these four spices was brilliant.

Acorn Squash filled with Roasted Pears and Crispy Leeks Review

Acorn Squash filled with Roasted Pears and Crispy Leeks Review RawSpiceBar

The Acorn Squash filled with Roasted Pears and Crispy Leeks only utilized Chaat Masala. There was also maple syrup with this one, and all of the favors paired really nicely together. It gave a bit of savory flavor to balance the sweetness.

Acorn Squash filled with Roasted Pears and Crispy Leeks Review RawSpiceBar

Roasted Cauliflower and Butternut Squash Review

The Roasted Cauliflower and Butternut Squash utilized Ancho Chiles and Blackened Cajun. My husband loved this dish even though he identified the Blackened Cajun Spice as his least favorite.

Chayote Squash filled with Vegan Meat and Leeks topped with an Heirloom Tomato Review

Chayote Squash filled with Vegan Meat and Leeks topped with an Heirloom Tomato Review RawSpiceBar

The Chayote Squash filled with Vegan Meat and Leeks topped with an Heirloom Tomato utilized Furikake. My husbnd loves the texture the Furikake added to this and other dishes he applies this to. It improves the overall taste.

RawSpiceBar Review Final Thoughts

My husband liked all of the spices. Ancho Chile was his favorite. He thought it was the most versatile, and the best tasting. It is the only one that is almost completely gone. Furikake is half gone, but the other three are still over half full. I’m sure he would have used more had he been able to select the spices. His talent for picking the spices he will love is pretty good. That’s part of the reason I would prefer to buy spices he wants instead of a subscription. It just works better for the way he uses them. I can see the subscription working great for people who love to experiment though, or for people who love to save. You get a deal that way.

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