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Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Subscription Review and a 20% Off Coupon Code

Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Subscription Review

By Kimberly

My Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Subscription Review is ready. The magazine that accompanied the box says Good news Winter 2020. Causebox also lists the current season on its dashboard as winter 2020. Between those two things and receiving this in 2020, I am pretty certain this is the Causebox Winter 2020 Box. That said, I am pretty sure this was meant to be the Causebox Winter 2019 Box. There was a Winter 2018 Box. This would have been the Winter 2019 Box. To Get around that, I am labeling this as box the Causebox 2019 and 2020 Winter Box.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Causebox

Does Causebox Have Discounts, Sales, Coupon Codes, Promotions, Etc?

Yes, Causebox is always running a promotion for $10 off. If an active one is not listed, my referral link will work.

Use code WELCOME10 for 20% off a Spring 2020 Subscription Box.

Use code MKT10 at checkout to claim your $10 credit on any purchase of $20 or more during the Spring 2020 Add-On Market.

What is Causebox?

Causebox is a quarterly subscription program. It includes a mix of: exclusive, ethically made products from a wide range of items. They are always full-sized, and the value of the box will always be over $200. Each item is cruelty free, vegan whenever possible, and always socially conscious.

How Much is Causebox?

Annual Causebox subscriptions (4 boxes pre-paid up front with a $20 discount) are $199.80. The cost for the Seasonal Causebox subscription is $54.95 per box.

How Often Do You Receive a Causebox?

You receive one Causebox per season, so four boxes per year.

How Many Items Do You Get in Causebox?

There are 6-8 full size items in every Causebox.

Can You Pick the Items in Your Causebox?

Annual subscribers will get to select some items. This is known as Causebox Custom. Seasonal subscribers will receive a random box.

When Does Causebox Customization Open?

It usually opens about one week before the payment date, so about a week before the first going into March, June, September, and December. I go over Customization Options and Schedules.

What Is the Causebox Add-On Market?

It is a pop-up sale where you can add-on to your Seasonal Causebox. Items are deeply discounted. I go over the items available in the Causebox Market.

When Do Members Get Charged For Causebox?

Causebox Membership is charged on the day the account is activated and on the 1st of the month (when due) in March, June, September, and December for subsequent seasons.

What is the Difference Between a Causebox and a Welcome Causebox?

The Welcome Causebox is what new members who sign up in between seasons are given. It has products from past boxes. Current members can get a welcome Causebox by creating a new subscription or contacting customer service and requesting it be added to their current one. A benefit of this for annual members is customization. Creating a new seasonal account just to get the Welcome Causebox would not let you customize it, but contacting customer service and having them deduct one box credit from your annual total would.

Which is Better Causebox or FabFitFun?

I personally love and subscribe to both. A lot of people compare them, but I feel they bring different things to the table. Causebox brings ethically made products, which are usually hand-made and household or clothing items. FabFitFun has more mass market items with more overall variety. View my Causebox reviews and my FabFitFun reviews if you are trying to choose one over the other, but I really think you cannot go wrong either way.

Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Subscription Box Overview

There are 7 full-size items, including the art print. That makes the cost of each item $7.85 (if you paid $54.95 for the box). Of course, the cost goes down for those who paid less. The blanket, moisturizer, and gloves really help the winter theme of this box.

The box I received is really cute. It looks like a bunch of ladies dancing with champagne. In my mind, they are ringing in the New Year.

Everything comes on top of white crinkle cut paper wrapped in white tissue, sealed with a sticker.

Causebox Magazine

Each box comes with a magazine. It feels more like newspaper, so I am betting it’s recycled. The magazine says this is the Winter 2020 Causebox.

It comes with a note from the editor.

There are features for every product in the box.

It shows the options for all the items in the box and the cost to purchase the full size.

There are some deeper looks into box products, like the blanket.

This is on the hair vitamin.

You can read about the hair clips.

The moisturizer has some cool facts.

I liked reading about the gloves.

There is a recipe for the mugs. Okay, it goes over all the products, but I only spotlighted the articles on mine.

It went some highlights from the new Causebox Add-On Market.

As well as some products featured in it. See all the products here.

My favorite section is where we get the exclusive coupon codes.

Causebox Shipping

Boxes usually ship within two weeks of your order date. After they are shipped, it can take 2-8 businessss days for them to arrive. Shipping confirmations are emailed. Members were charged on December 1st or whenever they signed up. My box shipped on January 2nd and arrived on January 7th. That was 38 days from payment to delivery. There was a vendor delay, which Causebox communicated, so I am not upset.

Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Subscription Review

Only three of the six items are stationary, but all the choice items are really close in value. Most people will come close to my box value, which is $278.50, or $288.50 if you count the $10 for the post card. You know how I feel about that though.

Causebox Customization Options Winter 2019/2020 Box

Annual subscribers can pick one from each category if they make the selection during the customization window. Seasonal subscribers will receive one from each category at random.

Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Customization 1

Foxy Originals Mix & Match Stud Earrings ($30), or Machete Holiday Hair Clip Set ($31).

I selected the Machete Holiday Hair Clip Set in Customization one, because I do not wear jewelry often. Although I must say these are the type of earrings I like when I do wear jewelry. Very simple pieces that do not draw attention to or tug on my ears are what I look for. The reason I selected the hair piece is I really like the circle clip. It looks like one I had and lost a while back. Hopefully, I can hold onto this one a while longer.

Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Customization 2

VITIV Daily Hair Vitamin ($30-Amazon price may vary), or PUR 4-in-1 Correcting Primer ($33).

I was really intrigued by the VITIV Daily Hair Vitamin. My hair is dry and frizzy. This promises to help with both while promoting softenss with no build-up. It says it does all of that while infusing life into hair. So far, I have not found that out of this world product that gives my hair everything it needs and I am not saying this will be it, but I want to find out. The primer would have been cool, too.

Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Customization 3

Knit Throw Blanket by Imani Collective ($120) in Cream or Slate.

I selected the Cream blanket, but I really liked the slate as well. Had I shown my husband the choices I am 100% sure he would have picked the slate. We’ve received so many throws in the past few months and all of them have been light. It will be nice to have some continuity for a change instead of a hodge dodge of colors littering the sofas. This throw, while stunning, does not provide a lot of warmth. Our family will probably get more use out of this in the spring and summer months. Yes, it is a blanket and I said above that a blanket is nice for a winter box. I still mean that. Getting this in summer would have been odd, even though it’s thin.

Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Customization 4

Cozy Convertible Mittens by Siizu ($33), Luxe Jewelry Box by Samara ($42), or Gold Serving Spoons by Artisan Direct ($39).

In a box where I seriously wanted all the options, this was the hardest category. Those spoons look amazing, but I’m not fancy and don’t really entertain much. The jewelry box looks cute, but I have one that’s not even full (given how little I wear). So, I selected my who knows what number of mittens. My kids always lose theirs and steal mine, so it never hurts for me to have extras. This type is particularly useful for when I need my fingers to come out in the cold and having the ability to put them away again.

Causebox Stationary Items Winter 2019/2020

Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Item 5 (Selected by Causebox)

Whitney Kerney Mugs Set of Two -$35

These mugs are stunning, and I love the design. I do not drink coffee, and they are a little feminine for my husband’s taste, but I am sure he will use them. When it comes to any hot beverage, I generally pass. Water is my beverage of choice, and I do not like my water from a coffee cup.

Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Item 6 (Selected by Causebox)

DERMA E Hydrating Night Cream -$29.50

This is a night cream I love, so I am overjoyed to see it in the box. It is very hydrating for my dry skin, even during colder weather. A little goes a long way, so it takes a long time to get through a 2oz jar of this product.

Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Item 7 (Art Print)

The Maggie Stephenson 5″ X 7″ ART PRINT has a retail value of $10.

This is a mass-produced post card, so it is not worth more than $1.99 unless you choose to frame it.

Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Subscription Box Value

This box has a $288.50 value, if you count the post card. I paid $49.95 plus tax (annual member). While I would never pay $10 for the post card and think it is hilarious that there is a value assigned at all, I think all the other items are wonderful. There was not an item in here that I will not keep, so my personal value is also $288.50. If I was not married, I probably would have gifted the coffee cups. Knowing that he will use them makes keeping them here worth it. If I could have traded the coffee cups for one of the other items I would have though. That brings the average box value for the year to $288.50. Depending on whether one counts this as the first or last box, they may have a different average.

Was the Winter 2019/2020 Causebox Subscription Box Worth It?

This box is definitely worth more than the $44.95 to $54.95 people would pay for it. It gave me a moisturizer I already know I love, a chance to try a hair product that might work on my awkward mane, a beautiful hair clip to replace a similar one lost long ago, a gorgeous throw that is unlike any other I own, and another pair of gloves for my kids to lose. Overall, I think this box was a huge success. I do think the summer 2019 welcome box was the best (I’ve received), but this was a really nice one, too.

CAUSEBOX | A Membership That Matters

What are your thoughts on my Causebox Winter 2019/2020 Subscription Box Review?

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