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Core Collection: My Fall 2019 Favorites

By Kimberly

Winter is officially here, so it is time to go over my favorites from the 2019 fall season. I like to call these my core collection items, because I find myself reaching for them over similar products in my stockpiles. These are items I am still working on, so they will not make the Empties article for this season. Each is still worthy of discussion, so this is the place I like to do that. Items I am still in love with once I empty them become FabuFinds. While I cannot promise I will ever finish these (some products expire before I can empty them) and I cannot promise I will still love them enough to label them as FabuFinds upon completion, I loved them throughout this season. Many of these items are serious contenders for my Best of the Year article. There were six items I really enjoyed this summer.

Like my FabuFinds, these are items I consider great deals. The deal discoveries do not need a discount to earn their value (although I will always try to find one if I can). Most of the time they are new to my collection. That is mostly due to the large amount of new products I try each year. Sometimes, they are items I’ve tried in the past but love more upon rediscovery. While I try to edit mini reviews into any article I mentioned these items in, I like to dedicate more time and attention to items I feel are worth the extra effort.

The Human + Kind Body Souffle brings me flashbacks of high school and college when I was obsessed with Bath and Body Works Cucumber Melon. This takes that scent and amplifieds it. You get the fresh cucumber scent without the sweet melon scent, so it is not as strong. Even though this is not as thick as the Bath and Body Works Formula, it seems to moisture more deeply. It penetrates the skin without leaving it greasy. I generally like a cream that leaves my skin tacky to the touch, but this one does not make me feel dry even once it fully absorbs. It is special. Even though this is advertised as a body product, I did test it on my hands. I can confirm it is not strong enough for my really dry hands.

The Summer & Rose Lilac Lisa Sock Set is not necessarily the sock set I suggest, although they are great. I just suggest any fuzzy socks in general. I usually bust the fuzzy socks out in the winter, but the weather turned cold a lot earlier than usual this year. All the fuzzy socks I’ve purchased in the past couple of months have already been added into the rotation and we are only 8 days into winter. It seems like I use my fuzzy socks in cold weather more than regular socks (thanks Toms).

When I first opened this AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream last winter, I thought it was not as rich as I wanted and put it away intending on taking it out in the summer. In warmer weather, it is a great foot cream. It is not heavy, so it absorbs quickly. My skin feels moisturized. It feels refreshing. Now that Winter is upon us, I will put this away until spring or summer.

The FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby is a stunning highlighter. Whether I am using sheen or the shimmer, I am in love. I seriously get the hype with this highlighter. If I had to point out one flaw, it does emphasize texture, and I have found some that don’t, particularly Becca highlighters. Those without texture, people using a light hand, or those willing to blend it out will see it is not too big of a deal. The way these shades look when it hits the light from any angle is just striking. Both the sheen and the shimmer pull of the wet look incredibly well to give skin a glowing, lit from within look.

The Beauty Bakerie Proof is in the Puddin’ Palette is a palette full of pigment. You have to tap your brush a few times, because there is a lot moderate amount of fallout. Colors blend together smoothly and last all day. With an eyeshadow primer, you should not have fading or creasing. Mango Pudding is a beautiful orange that I recommend using in every look, I do. If I could do one thing to perfect this palette I would put in one deeper shade. Warm Cocoa and Almond Jelly do not translate as deep as they look in the pan, so one of them can go. Otherwise, I absolutely love it.

The Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan is something I’ve had for a while and I’ve used many times. It was pretty much the only bronzer I reached for this fall, so I could not leave it out of my favorites. I use the shade Tan-Tastic!, and it is perfect for my skin tone. This works well as a bronzer, but I can use this for some light contouring. It is one of the few bronzers I own that can double as a contour. Most are too bronze. Since Too Face discontinued Endless Summer (which I have some of and use sparingly), this is my favorite bronzer). Thankfully, I rediscovered how much I love it this fall.

What do you think about my Fall 2019 favorites? Do you like any of these? Are there any you hate? Let me know below. See all favorites articles. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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