Beautylish 2020 Lucky Bag XL Review

Beautylish 2020 Lucky bags went on sale at 9am today. My Beautylish 2020 Lucky Bag XL review will go up as soon as I receive my bag. Until then, I will use this as a reminder to get your bag. *The Lucky Bags have sold out, but the sign up link for next year is already up. 

What is a Lucky Bag?

The day after Christmas every year Beautylish sells Lucky Bags. Inspired by Fukubukuro, a grab bag of surprises for Japanese New Year, these bags usually have double the value of their cost. As someone who loves subscription boxes and trying new things, I love the idea of mystery bags. It is a gamble that you could win or lose. Anyone can get an “unlucky bag,” but people who are very particular with products should not purchase mystery bags or subscriptions. It is only a good deal if your personal value exceeds the cost of the bag. People who admit they are hard to please will almost surely find the cost exceeds their personal value. Very few bags could actually make them happy, which makes it a poor investment.

How Do I get a Lucky Bag?

Putting your name on the sign-up list yields your best chance. Those who sign up get an email with the link for early access. I got the email with the link to the bags at 9:01am. Bags usually sell out quickly, but the fair to medium bags (the 2019 bag I got) were available for a while last year. No reminder email arrived this year, but I did get one on the 25th last year. Since I did not get a reminder email and my early access email had not arrived by 9am, I used Google to find the link to get in. Thankfully, it worked. The only year I did not get my early access email on time is the first year I scored the Lucky XL bag. Go figure.

I placed the order as quickly as I can and was almost in disbelief when I made it out with an XL bag. That has never happened for me before. Had I waited for the email, I would have missed it, because I went back for the screenshots I took below when the early access email finally came through. The XL bag was gone.

How Much does the Lucky Bag Cost?

The XL bags are $150 and have a guaranteed value over $300 while the Lucky Bags are $75 and have a guaranteed value over $150.

You could order a Lucky Bag for yourself and donate one to a foster teen at Alternative Family Services. Each bag has the same $75 cost, but you get free shipping on both bags with this option. A Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lucky Bag has the same price as the regular bag. His products may still appear in the main bags but ordering his bag will result in only receiving his products. No matter which option you choose, Beautylish claims each customer may only order one of one type. That increases the chances more customers can at least score one bag.

What is the Sales Tax and Shipping Cost

Lucky Bags have a $10 shipping fee, and XL bags have a $15 shipping fee. Beautylish claims it can offer more items in each bag by charging shipping.

My Beautylish Lucky Bag 2020 Review

I will add this in once it arrives.

What are your thoughts on the 2020 Beautylish Lucky Bag? Let me know below. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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