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thisworks deep sleep pillow spray vs Earth Therapeutics Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist – Are They Dupes?

By Kimberly

What is a thisworks deep sleep pillow spray dupe? In this experiment, I wanted to see if Earth Therapeutics Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist was a dupe for thisworks deep sleep pillow spray? Earth Therapeutics gives more product for a lot less, so I hoped it was. The idea of a non-habit forming, safe tool to induce sleep is what I first fell in love with when I sampled the thisworks deep sleep pillow spray. Since that sample, I’ve repurchased it a number of times. My younger son uses it almost every night, and I use it when I am having a particularly hard time falling asleep.

Some Warnings For Earth Therapeutics Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist and thisworks deep sleep pillow spray

Both rely heavily on essential oils. Those who are sensitive to essential oils or have a pet or family member who is should avoid these products. Lavender is one essential oil that is in both. It has been shown in many studies to have estrogenic effects, so males, particularly young ones might be adversely affected. My husband and I take an opposite stance on this. I allow my young son to use these products. He would prefer if he did not. While it is possible the adverse effects could take place, those are possibilities with anything. This still seems like a safer method to help him sleep. Without the spray, he does not fall asleep easily most nights.

Earth Therapeutics Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist Ingredients

Infusions of Valerian and Lavender, Purified Water, Orange Oil, Bergamot Essence, Orange Blossom Infusion, Mandarin Oil, Angelic Raciness Essence, Peppermint Oil, Egyptian Geranium, Sleep Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol (derived from Rose Oil).

thisworks deep sleep pillow spray Ingredients

Fragrance mixture (Linalool; Linalyl Acetate; Vetiverols; Ocimene; Caryophyllene; Terpentine-4-ol; beta-Pinene; d-Limonene; 1-Octen-3-yl acetate; Geraniol).

Earth Therapeutics Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist Review

At $12 for the 3.6oz Earth Therapeutics Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist, it costs $3.33 an ounce. Purchasing it when there is a promotion only makes it more afforable. Right now, the brand is having a buy one, get one 50% off deal. Drugstore brands have deals more often only widening the gap in price. That is less than a third of the per ounce price of the thisworks deep sleep pillow spray. Now, you can see why I wanted them to be dupes so badly. Isn’t it great when we can find a cheaper version of something we use often. It would save a ton of money in the long run. As you can assume by the photo showing I already have a backup for when I run out, I do love this product. The main ingredient Valerian (which makes me think of Game of Thrones) helps to calm and comfort. Lavender helps to soothe and relax.

These essential oils work in unison to prepare the mind and body for rest. The fragrance that pushes through the strongest is the orange. This is a scent I really love, so I prefer the fragrance on this one to the fragrance on thisworks. It does recommend 3-4 sprays, but I find it works just fine with two. Whether I spray it 2 or 4 times, it does not evoke sleep as quickly as the thisworks product. That is the one major drawback. Nevertheless, it works better than nothing at all on those nights when you’re really struggling to fall asleep. As such, I like having this on hand and will continue to repurchase it.

thisworks deep sleep pillow spray Review

At $29 for the 2.5 oz thisworks deep sleep pillow spray, it costs $11.60 per ounce. This one relies on lavender, wild camomile, and vetivert to calm the mind and body. These fragrances blend together to create a meadow scent. I really do feel like I am sleeping in a meadow. It is said to reduce sleep associated anxiety and improve your sleep quality. Those are medical claims that the other formula does not promise. Could that be the reason for the extra cost, does it use higher quality essential oils, or does it have a higher profit margin than the cheaper one? While I cannot speak on the profit margin, I can confirm that I fall asleep faster when I use this one than when I use the other one.

I also still smell this one on the pillow when I wake up where the other one no longer has a smell. That can back up the claims that 98% of users felt more refreshed in the morning and that this one uses higher quality essential oils. If these oils put my mind and body in a state of relaxation and they are powerful enough to last all night, I am getting more benefit from this one. So, the other one merely helps me fall asleep faster than nothing at all. This one helps me fall asleep faster and gives more a more peaceful sleep, so I wake up feeling more refreshed.

If this one smelled as good as the other one, I would probably stop buying the other one altogether. This one still smells pretty good, even though the lavender, which I am not a huge fan of, is more prominent in the meadow scent.

Some Warnings For Earth Therapeutics Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist and thisworks deep sleep pillow spray Dupes?

Sorry to let you down. These are not dupes. Yes, they have some similarities, but there are enough differences to really prefer one over the other. Granted, fragrance may be the biggest determine factor for some, and I actually prefer the fragrance on the cheaper product. That is personal preference, because the fragrance on the more expensive product has a much more common scent known to entice relaxation. My preference is the thisworks deep sleep pillow spray. It just has more overall benefits and gets the job done faster. I feel it uses higher quality ingredients and less total ingredients equals less for us to inhale. They are both wonderful products, and I readily recommend both. If your budget does not allow for the more expensive one, I think you will be happy with the cheaper one. Here’s to some quality sleep no matter which one you choose.

Have you tried Earth Therapeutics Elixir of Dreams Pillow Mist or thisworks deep sleep pillow spray? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know below. See all dupe and product articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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