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Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tint in Oyster and Manic Panic Flash Lightning Super Strength Bleach Kit Review

By Kimberly

Welcome to my Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tint in Oyster and Manic Panic Flash Lightning Super Strength Bleach Kit Review. I want to start by saying my son (who has brown hair) and I have also sampled the Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color Full Coverage. Valentine added a nice red to his hair, and Pony added a nice purple to mine. Surprisingly, the red lasted a lot longer in his brown hair than the purple lasted in my dark blonde hair. When I tried to color his hair with blue smoke, it only died his scalp. Thankfully, his scalp lost its Smurf-like presence after a few washes. In other words, we’ve had some success with Lime Crime products, which leads me to believe results really will vary. You may get a different result than I did. 

This is what my hair looked like before I used the Lime Crime Tint. You can see the dark blonde in the roots with some orange tint left throughout the hair from the dreaded Clairol n’ easy mishap.

Does the Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tint in Oyster Work?

I selected Oyster, because lavender and gray are two colors I love that complement each other really well. As this was a tint and not a full-on color, I also figured it would be less of a commitment and easier to remove if I did not like it.

I was also swayed by the youtuber pictured above. She reviewed this color, and it looks so beautiful on her.

I knew it would look darker on me, because my starting color was a lot darker than hers. According to the back of the box, this should even work on brown hair. So, I decided to go for it.

I purchased two, because I have long, fine hair. That was the amount recommended online. Even when sectioning off my hair, I found one was more than enough.

Once I was done sectioning off my hair, I still had some left over. I applied the excess all throughout my hair to make sure every strand was coated as much as possible. There is no after picture, because there was no difference in my hair’s color at all. My hair smelled a lot better than it did, and it was a lot softer. As I already purchased another jar and do not return things, I decided I would also buy some bleach. Maybe if my hair started at a lighter color like the Youtuber above, it would work.

Does the Manic Panic Flash Lightning Super Strength Bleach Kit Work?

I had never bleached my hair at home before, and I’ve heard horror stories from those who have. That scared me, so I did a lot of reading before I settled on Manic Panic Flash Lightning Super Strength Bleach Kit.

This brand has a bleach kit with a different name at Ulta, but I could not find as much information on that one. As it was my first time, I decided to shop elsewhere for now. I did buy the Ulta one and will review it in the near future.

It comes with everything you need inside, including the ingredients you need to mix together. There is also a cap and a brush. After purchasing two of the colors and only needing one, I decided to only get one of these.

Turns out, I could have used two. This has a more whipped consistency, so it does not penetrate the hair as easily resulting in the need for more than the thicker hair color.

It took a while to paint this on, so sections of my hair were turning white while other sections were more orange. In the future, I would just work this in without painting it on to evenly coat the hair faster.

Between not having enough product and how long it was processing on certain parts versus other parts, I got a somewhat uneven color. It definitely works and probably would have worked better if I left it on a little longer.

Trying the Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tint in Oyster on Bleached Hair

I applied the second bottle of Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tint in Oyster and left it on for the full two hours. Once again, it did not color a stitch of purple or gray in my hair. It did however tone some of the orange, brassiness from the bleach. Even though my ending color was far from what I wanted, it was a lot better than my beginning color. So, purchasing two bottles of color and one bleach kit was not a complete waste. Since the Manic Panic bleach worked so well, I’ve purchased some Manic Panic hair color to try next. Maybe I will get the color I crave after all or maybe it will fail again.


The Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tint in Oyster only tones the brassiness out of my hair. Whether I start with a light or dark color, it does not tint it at all. We’ve had better luck with the full coverage hair color products from this brand, so I would not rule out a future purchase. It is unlikely I would buy another tint though. While it clearly works for some, it does not work for me. I did like the Manic Panic Flash Lightning Super Strength Bleach Kit. With some tinkering and fixing my user errors, I could love it.

What are your thoughts on the Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color Tints or the Manic Panic Flash Lightning Super Strength Bleach Kit? Have you tried either of them? Did the tints work for you? Thanks for reading along. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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