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FabFitFun Surprise Secret Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Sale 2019 Haul and Review

Does FabFitFun have Black Friday sales? Yes, there is a 2019 FabFitFun Surprise, Secret Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale. This FabFitFun Surprise Secret Black Friday Sale article has screenshots of all the available items plus my haul review (which was added later). The FabFitFun Surprise Secret Black Friday Sale 2019 runs from Wednesday, November 27th through Wednesday, December 4th at 11:59pm. Any items in your cart when the sale closes will get charged on December 5th. Items should ship within two weeks of the sale closing. Mainland subscribers who spend over $25 get free shipping. Get up to 65% off exclusive Black Friday sale bundles and up to 50% off items from Summer and Rose, Chic & Tonic, and more.

Available Offers for Joining FabFitFun

Use code FAB10 for $10 off the FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box subscription.

Other FabFitFun Black Friday Promotions

You can reactivate an old account to get the Winter Box and the mini box for $49.99.

You can upgrade a seasonal account to a select account to get $20 in Winter Edit Sale credit.

New members can use code BFDEAL for a free mini box with the purchase of a Winter 2019 box.

FabFitFun Secret Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale Promotions

While supplies last, buy a randomized Winter box in the sale and get a free Mini box worth $150. Anyone who qualifies will get an email on December 4th, before the sale closes.

While supplies last, members who spend $75 will get a free Whish Blue Matcha Restoring Mask ($58). Keep your cart above $75 to get this. If the cart dips at any point, others who are above $75 will get bumped up. Anyone who qualifies will get an email on December 4th, before the sale closes.

2019 FabFitFun Secret Black Friday -Cyber Monday Sale Deals

I arrived a few hours after the sale started, and a lot of items were already gone. Of course, I will stalk the site for the items I want to see if they open up.

2019 FabFitFun Secret Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale Haul Review

I was able to get everything I wanted except a $1 Sports Bra. Seriously, that thing is so adorable I would have paid more than $1. My card was charged on the 5th, and my items arrived on the 14th. A nine-day turnaround at this time of year is very impressive.

I did get the free Whish Blue Matcha Restoring Mask for spending over $75. This retails for $58, and FabFitFun sells it for $14. It actually surprised me when I got the email the day before the sale closed confirming I would get it. Because I did not start shopping until hours after the sale began, I thought they would be gone. FabFitFun either had a lot to give out, a relatively small number of people shopped the sale, or they were not given out in order. Either way, it was nice to get the gift. My cart would have remained where it was whether I got it or not though. This is a product I received in the Fall 2019 Editor’s Box, but I have not tried it yet. One can never have too many masks, so I will keep this if I like the first one.

The item I was most excited to get was the Summer & Rose Lace Waffle Knit Top in Cream for $19.50. It retails for $36. I got this in pink from FabFitFun in the Fall 2019 Edit Sale and fell in love.

I think I will love the cream one even more, because it is so versatile. The only drawback is you cannot dry the shirt. So far, I have not. If I end up drying it and it destroys the shirt, I will report back.

As if I do not have enough hats and gloves, I could not pass on the Summer & Rose Mia Duo in Denim Blue for $9. It retails for $45. Yes, I also grabbed the dark gray Rebecca Minkoff set in the Winter 2019 box.

What I love about this set is it does not look overly feminine. My older son already borrows the gray one I got from the Fall 2018 add-ons. I already know I love the hat, and I am sure the arm warmers will work just fine.

The Summer & Rose Chai Latte Soy Wax Candle was $9. It retails for $21. I wanted this candle when it was in a previous sale, but I did not feel the discount was high enough.

I’m glad I waited, because I feel the price is fair for a 7.5oz candle. It smells great in the jar, but I am unsure what the throw and burn time is like.

If I do not review this, I will add my mini review into an Empties article once I finish it. We are burning Christmas candles now, so it will be a while before I burn this.

The Summer & Rose Pumpkin Spice Soy Wax Candle was $9. It retails for $21. Everything I said about the candle above applies to this one as well.

The only difference is pumpkin is one of my favorite scents. I only took it out of my cart before, because I had to cut my budget. Otherwise, I would have purchased this at the higher price.

There were a number of $1 items in the sale, including some added (a wine tote bag and an ISH palette) after I took the screenshots above. Though I was not lucky enough to snag a sports bra, I did get the Summer & Rose Celine Crossbody in Steel.

It retails for $58, so that is an incredible savings. I can say right off the bat this is not worth $58. Had I purchased it for $58, I would have been extremely disappointed. This is worth a lot more than $1 though. The material is not the thickest, but it is not the thinnest either. There are lower quality bags that would cost me a lot more than $1. Hopefully, it holds up, but I will not be mad if it does not.

I love that the strap is removable. You can wear this as a crossbody or use it as a clutch. Most of the time I opt for a gray or silver bag, it is for a more formal look. Thus, I use a clutch.

I did not own a gray or silver bag with a strap before this one, so only time will tell if I ever use this one. This is not the biggest purse, so it would not work for my everyday life. It is perfect for a night on the town though.

There were 4 Mystery Bundle Options in the sale. They started at $39 for Bronze and went up by $15 for each tier. That made Silver $54, Gold $69, and Platinum $84. Bronze customers got 2 regular mystery bundles (see the mystery bundles I’ve received). They usually retail for $29 each, so it was a savings of $19. Silver customers got 3 bundles for a savings of $33. Gold customers got 4 bundles for a savings of $47. Platinum customers got 5 bundles for a savings of $61.

Of course, I am not much of a gambler, so I went with the cheapest option, the Bronze. I received two bundles, 1804-MYS-001 (which was the one with all the variety this round) and 1901-MYS-002. We entered the 1804 mystery bundles in the Winter 2018/2019 Edit Sale, so these bundles are likely from then. The 1901 bundles first appeared in Spring 2019 and lasted through the Spring 2019 Edit Sale bundles. That means nothing is too old, which is reassuring.

Again, I selected the bronze. For the $39 I paid, I received two bundles with 7 products in it. The products are worth $391.95. Considering I was only promised $150 in value, I made out like a bandit. It is hard to believe that one of the items in the bundle was over $150 in value by itself. I have not had the best luck with mystery bundles lately. This makes up for it.

I am going to start with Bundle 1901-MYS-002. Everyone who has this bundle has these three items, although there are a few people who have 4 items in this variation of their bundle. The Bronze Bundle only guaranteed 6 items and a $150 value, so I am not complaining. My items were: the whish Rose Hip + Lotus Firming Sleep Mask ($54), the Baublerella Bling Brush The Original Natural On-The-Go Jewelry Cleaner ($19), and the Jules Kae Kari Card Holder in Gold ($32).

FabFitFun sells the $54 whish Rose Hip + Lotus Firming Sleep Mask for $14. I’m always down to try a new sleeping mask, because my dry skin needs a really rich cream at night. This one promises to firm as well. While I am highly skeptical of any topical firming product, all I want is moisture.

FabFitFun sells the $19 Baublerella Bling Brush The Original Natural On-The-Go Jewelry Cleaner for $9. I’ve placed this in my cart a few different times across different sales, but I never made it to the finish line. As someone who does not wear jewelry often, I talked myself out of it every time. Some of my pieces can use some cleaning before I wear them again, so I hope this works.

FabFitFun sells the $32 Jules Kae Kari Card Holder in Gold for $5. I love the oversized lobster claw keychain on thus. The color and pattern are really up my alley, too. Coin purses/card holders are not things I use often, but I like that I have a new stylish option for when I do.

Now, let’s look at 1804-MYS-001. This has a lot of variety, so even those with the same number might have a different bundle. I am in love with this bundle. It is my new favorite of all time. My items were: the FRESHeBUDS ULTRA Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds in Carbon Fiber ($159.95), the Richer Poorer Modal Crew Sock Birds ($14), the Mer-Sea & Co Cozy Wrap in Teal ($98), and the Jenna Hipp Essential Hand Cream ($15).

FabFitFun sells the $159.95 FRESHeBUDS ULTRA Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds in Carbon Fiber for $59. My son stole these, because his wireless earbuds from the FabFitFun Fall 2018 Box I gave him did not survive a trip through the washer and the dryer. He already loves these more than the ones that got damaged, so I was really happy to see these in the mystery bundle.

FabFitFun sells the $14 Richer Poorer Modal Crew Sock in Birds for $7. I could not find a link for this exact pair, because neither Richer Poorer nor FabFitFun carry them anymore. The name for the design was not on the packaging either, so I just titled it Birds. Yes, that is generic, but I have no idea what type of bird it is. Richer Poorer socks are well made and I’ve had great experiences with them before. Though this design is not my favorite, I do like a navy, crew sock.

FabFitFun has never sold the $98 Mer-Sea & Co Cozy Wrap in Teal that I can find a record of. As the blanket which retails for $125 recently sold for $39 before dropping to $24, I am guessing this would have had a $29 or $34 price tag had FabFitFun sold it. To be more conservative with my pricing, I will use $29 for valuation. It has only come in the Fall 2017 Box, the Winter 2017/2018 Editor’s Box, and Mystery Bundles. I joined FabFitFun after the Fall 2017 box and did not know I could purchase the 2017/2018 Winter Editor’s Box separately at the time. This wrap/scarf was the thing I wanted most when I looked at photos of old boxes. Now that it is finally here, I can confirm that it feels as wonderful as it looks. It is really soft and dreamy. Getting it in teal is perfect, because I do not already own a scarf in this color. There is also nothing in my collection that looked quite like this. While it is already shedding and I predict that will be an issue moving forward, it is beautiful enough to tolerate the hassle.

FabFitFun sells the $15 Jenna Hipp Essential Hand Cream for $5. My hands are really dry, so I love trying new hand creams. It looks like Costco is the only retailer left that carries this, and I do not have a membership. For that reason alone, I hope I do not love this. A 4oz hand cream for $15 is a pretty good deal, especially one in a nicer tube like this. When you buy multipacks, the price drops to $12 a tube.

Were the Items in the 2019 FabFitFun Secret Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale Worth It?

With so many deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, some people probably dropped their FabFitFun carts. That is the only logical explanation I can come up with on why I got the free GWP. I paid $86.50 for $630.95 in products. It comes to over 86% off. None of these items were gifts and there is a good chance I will keep everything in the mystery bundle minus the headphones my son already stole. That makes my personal value $471. Considering the item I am giving up is staying in my home, one could argue my personal value is really the full amount. After all, I have to buy the things my son uses. My haul makes me extremely happy, and it is 100% worth what I paid and more.

What do you think about my 2019 FabFitFun Secret Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale items? Did you shop the event? Let me know below. Ready to subscribe? Use code fffa2p6 or FAB10, and you will get you $10 off whichever box FabFitFun is selling when you happen upon this post. You can also use my referral link to get $10 off your purchase and have FabFitFun give me a $15 credit. Add-ons open in May and Customization opens in May for the Summer FabFitFun 2019 Box. Visit my FFF Page for more information about this subscription and shop purchases for subscribers. All available offers get posted there as well as everything I know about the retailer and links to helpful sections of the site. See all FabFitFun articles. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (12 and 7) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 12-year-old to apply it.

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  1. i wasnt as lucky as you. I bought the platinum bundle and i only got 4 packs…not 5. and everything in my bundles were cremes and potions except a curling iron and a straightener. while these were nice items i would like to have had more items such as a scarf, headphones, umbrella, etc rather than all beauty products.

  2. Hopefully, you contacted customer service about your missing bag. You should have 18 products if you are in the US or 15 if you ae in Canada. If you were shorted a bag, you were likely shorted quite a few products. Fingers crossed you get some items more suited to your wishes in the replacements.

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