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Ulta Beauty September 2019 Diamond Beauty Bag Review

My September 2019 Diamond Beauty Bag review is ready. I track all Diamond Perks Beauty Bag offers, but I like to review the ones I redeem. Sometimes, I don’t care too much for the bag and other times I do not have the budget for the bag. This is a bag where I had the budget and liked the items based on the preview, so my review will cover whether I think it is worth the $175 buy-in now that it is here. It is no longer available, but it was out-of-stock before I even received it. Ulta claims this has a $356 value. Whenever there are errors in Ulta’s list (as there are here), I will only correct them in review articles (like this one). The tracking article will always have Ulta’s original list.

2019 Ulta Beauty Event Calendar

I have one timeline where I list all major: deals, coupons, GWP, Sales, promotions, and Events. Those who want to see an overall idea of what to expect this year should stop by. See where this September 2019 Ulta Beauty Diamond Perk Beauty Bag GWP offer lines up with others on the calendar. You can also visit my Ulta retailer page to see active and upcoming offers of all types.

Ulta Beauty September 2019 Diamond Beauty Bag Review

The 40-piece Beauty Bag was available with a $175 purchase on 09/30/19. It was still available when I checked on the 1st, but it was gone on the second.

The full-size 5.5oz Tigi Bed Head Lightheaded Flexible Hairspray retails for $19.99. My son usually steals all the hair spray that makes it into the house, but I will try to use this before he finishes it. This is the type of hair spray I enjoy, because I like soft hair that is not weighed down.

The full-size 0.01oz Covergirl Full Spectrum Defining Moment Eyeliner retails for $7.99. I love that it is Electric Green. There is not a color like this that already exists in my collection. This is also an eyeliner type that I have not tried yet.

The 0.5oz CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser is worth $0.62. This is another product that my son loves, so he will probably steal it. I enjoy it, but not enough to fight him for it.

I received a 1oz Mario Badescu Witch Hazel & Lavender Toner in place of the Witch Hazel & Rosewater Toner. They retail for the same amount, so you get $1.75 in value no matter which you received. This is a toner I have not tried yet, and the lavender seems perfect for nighttime toning.

The 0.5oz Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream is worth $48. Did you gasp? I did, too. If this feels half as good as it sounds, we are in for a treat. A very expensive treat that will almost certainly be limited to samples for me.

The 0.25oz Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate Extensive Exfoliating Treatment is worth $12. If you would have ever told me that I would give something like this away, I would have thought you’re joking. Thanks to FabFitFun, I have so many of these. I will probably gift this to someone. This is a FabuFind, so the recipient is getting one of my favorites

The 0.51oz Vichy LiftActive Peptide-C Face Moisturizer is worth $11.77. This is a really heavy sample, so I bet it is really thick and rich. That or it is packaged in a nice jar. Both are possible.

The 0.53oz boscia Cactus Water Moisturizer is worth $12.51. I love the idea of water in a moisturizer title. It makes it sound so appealing. More often than not, it is not rich enough for my dry skin. So, I go into this with low expectations.

The 0.39oz e.l.f. Cosmetics Hello Hydration! Face Cream is worth $2.66. Now this is what I am talking about. Hydration is in the title, the cream looks rich, and the price is super affordable. I hope I love it.

The 1oz Urban Skin Rx Combination Skin Cleansing Bar is worth $7.50. This is half of the full-size. It looks intriguing and smells like black licorice. I am going to try this interesting textured product and see how it goes. My skin does get a lot of acne even though it is dry. Let’s see of this helps.

I received a 1oz Clinique take the day off makeup remover in place of the 0.24oz Clinique Smart Treatment Oil. The sample I received is worth $5.59, which is Ulta does not even carry. Sephora has it, and the sample is worth $10.68. That is a pretty significant drop in value. I do not mind too much, because I can never have too much makeup remover.

The 0.5oz Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer is worth $7. This is half of the full-size. Ulta mistakenly had this listed as a Milani product. It gives me Porefessional vibes. I love that around my pores (only), so I will happily try this everywhere but the really dry areas of my face.

The 0.16oz Milani Highly Rated Mascara is worth $3.90. I think this is a weird name for a new mascara, but I really like the before and after pictures. If it does the 10 things it promises, it could be my new favorite. This promises to: build, lift, give extreme volume, give even saturation, define, protect, and condition while being smudge, flake, and clump free.

The 0.15oz Maybelline Lash Sensational in Very Black is worth $4.68. I still have not tried this mascara. Maybe, it is finally time.

The 0.1oz jane iredale Longest Lash Mascara is worth $8.33. I’m always a little wary of thickening mascaras, because they tend to clump. We’ll see if I decide to try this one.

There is also a 0.09oz jane iredale PureLash Lash Extender and Conditioner worth $6.90 in the mascara packet. It was not advertised on the list of samples, so it is a bonus. It is an eyelash primer. While I would not purchase an eyelash primer, I will try samples of it.

The 0.0018oz it Cosmetics Brow Power™ Universal Brow Pencil is worth $8.64. If you want to buy this pencil, purchase the travel size. While it has less than the full-size, it gives you more than the package size on the smaller one and only what you pay for on the full-size making the sample size a far better deal. I placed this 0.05g sample next to my unused 0.07g (travel size) one and they look the same as well. I think you get about the same amount of product no matter what size it claims it is.

This pencil does build, so you can use it for a natural or a bold look. When you press lightly,  the universal taupe shade is light enough for my color of blonde. It might look dark for someone with really light hair or might not get deep enough for someone with really dark hair. There is also a red tone that you cannot really see in the swatch, but you can see it in photos.

The pencil has broken on me three times (well once for this pencil and twice on a previous one), which is surprising given that it as very hard and waxy. That results in wasted product. When I opened my backup (did not want to use this so I can give it away), there was some wax build-up. It is over a year old, but I had not yet used it. As I was scraping off the wax, the pencil broke. Thankfully, it broke cleanly off, so I was able to push it back in this time. It will still fall out if I forget it is loose and am not careful, but I will keep using it until I no longer can. Once it breaks in half or refuses to go back in, it is over.

The 1.3oz AHAVA Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream retails in this size for $8. I love this hand cream and getting a purse sized one is wonderful. This is a FabuFind.

The 1.7oz Sexy Hair Clean Wave Texturizing Styling Shampoo retails in this size for $7. I’m not sure how I feel about a texturing shampoo. This does claim it offers lived in touchable hair. It also says skip conditioner for added texture. That certainly won’t happen, but I may give this a try with whatever conditioner I have open at the time. Otherwise, I will pass on it.

The 0.5oz Bumble and bumble Bb. Glow Bond-Building Styler is worth $3.20. It promises to smooth, hold (light), heat protection, bond building, healthy glow, to fortify, and to strengthen. If it lives up to the promises, I will love it.

The 0.4oz The One by Frederic Fekkai One and Then Same Dry Texturizing Spray is worth $2.11. Unless I love this when I finally try it, I will not keep this duplicate. I prefer soft hair to textured hair, so I do not have high expectations.

The 1oz Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment is worth $5.38. I already love this mask. It is definitely a FabuFind.

I received a 0.85oz Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Multiplying Volume Mist in place of the 0.85oz Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Priming Leave-In Conditioner. The one I received retails in this size for $12. Had I received the advertised one, I would have only had $5.44 in value. Even though it has a lower value, I would have preferred the advertised one. This one claims it is a multi-tasking treatment styler that nourishes, replenishes and preserves the health of hair strands, while delivering more fullness and volume. If it does this while delivering touchably soft volume as promised, I am okay with the substitution.

The 1oz Madison Reed Color Protecting Shampoo is worth $3.25. I love that there are color protecting shampoos in this kit. As someone who is about to color after years of natural hair, I have some samples to try before I commit to one.

The 1oz Madison Reed Color Protecting Conditioner is worth $3.25. I love that there are color protecting conditioners in this kit. As someone who is about to color after years of natural hair, I have some samples to try before I commit to one.

The 1.7oz Pureology Hydrate Shampoo retails in this size for $7.50. I love that there are color protecting shampoos in this kit. As someone who is about to color after years of natural hair, I have some samples to try before I commit to one.

The 1.7oz Pureology Hydrate Conditioner retails in this size for $7.50. I love that there are color protecting conditioners in this kit. As someone who is about to color after years of natural hair, I have some samples to try before I commit to one.

The 0.85oz MOON Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste in Lunar Peppermint is worth $1.82. I love the idea of a charcoal whitening toothpaste, but my sensitive teeth need fluoride. This is a fluoride free formula that might not make the cut.

The 0.17oz Versace Bright Crystal Fragrance is worth $17. I like this fragrance, so I will probably hold onto this mini.

The 0.33oz Elizabeth Arden White Tea Fragrance is worth $8.15. I already own this, so I will not keep this duplicate.

The 0.14oz Tom Ford Black Orchid Fragrance is worth $22.87. I know keeping this is dumb. It is far from my favorite fragrance, and I already own a mini. This mini is much cuter though. Maybe, I can keep this one and give the other one away.

The 0.16oz COVER FX Water Cloud Primer is worth $6.08. Protection from blue light seems nice. Plus, a primer with the name water in it must be great, right?

The 0.18oz Ulta Beauty Liquid Illuminator in Starlight is worth $3. I’m guessing it will be too dark for my face, but I can try it on my body.

The 0.07oz NUDESTIX Lip Glace in Nude Cherry is worth $5.76. I have not tried this formula yet, so I will probably keep this. If I do, I will come back with a swatch and photo of me wearing it.

The 0.05oz NARS Lipstick in Tolede is worth $10.83. I am definitely keeping this, so I will add a swatch and photo once I wear it. The pink rose shade looks like one I will love. This is a formula I already enjoy.

The 1oz MAC Strobe Cream in Pinklite retails in this size for $16. Ulta mistakenly has this listed as 0.2oz, so we got a 500% bonus. I enjoy this a lot, so I can always use more. It gives a nice, wet glow to my skin. This pink shade is perfect for me, too.

The 0.5oz Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is worth $7.50. This is a staple in my collection. I will always own it, so duplicates are welcome. It really does make my makeup stay on all day. My skin looks hydrated and refreshed, never powdery.

The 0.05oz tarte Shape Tape Pore and Prime Balm is worth $4.03. I will try this on my pores. These balm like primers do not usually pair well with my skin, so my expectations are low.

The 0.1oz my Clarins Re-Boost refreshing hydrating cream is worth $1.47. It seems nice, and I love exploring new hydrating creams.

The 0.3oz Klorane Soothing and Anti-Irritating SOS Serum with Peony is worth $2.86. I am always looking for a nice scalp treatment, so I will happily try this one.

The single pair of Patchology FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels are worth $3. I do not wear eye gels often, but I have purchased these to try when I do. Now, I have an extra one. Hopefully, it goes well, so I can keep them all. Unless I have dark circles and puffy eyes, I usually stick to a sheet mask to relax. These could be really refreshing, so I may try them sans dark circles and puffy eyes.

The Cosmetic Case (8′” H x 5″ L x 5″ W) is worth $16.71 if Ulta is correct on the $356 value. I could see this retailing for around $15 if it was for sale, so I think Ulta’s value is pretty close to what I calculate.

Was the Ulta Beauty September 2019 Diamond Beauty Bag Worth the $175 Buy-in?

Ulta advertises the bag with a $356 value. I calculate the products I received minus the bag at $339.39. If the bag is worth $16.71, which is possible, Ulta is on the money with the bag’s value. My personal value is $291.78 if I keep all the items I am planning to. It can dip if I let others go. This bag has some items I already love, but it also has a lot of items I have not tried yet. Many of these are new to my collection. Trying new things or getting a bunch of things I already love in a GWP are usually what push me over into grabbing it. With winter coming, I love that this is skincare heavy. Our skin needs more care in the winter where the harsh weather really puts it to the test. If it was still available, I would say grab it. Problem is, it’s not.

What are your thoughts on this Ulta Beauty September 2019 Diamond Perk Beauty Bag review? Let me know below. Targeted Offers are exclusive to UltaMate Rewards Members, so I do recommend joining. Whenever there is an exclusive or unique Ulta Beauty offer, I will note that above. An advanced breakdown on Earning and Redeeming Points can help you maximize the UltaMate Rewards Program. Coupons are almost always available. I go over all types of Ulta coupons and track 20% off prestige coupons. Remember to check my Ulta Deals page before placing an online order for possible exclusives and advice. There are always general and brand specific offers I do not list, so check the GWP section of the Ulta site as well. Ulta encourages deal stacking. Most major events run on a schedule, and I track each one. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal at Ulta. See all Ulta articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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