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Target Beauty Box October 2019 Review, Your Autumn It Kit

Every month, we see a Target Beauty Box get released. The Target Beauty Box October 2019 is Your Autumn It Kit. I only cover the ones I like enough to purchase. These are not subscription boxes, so Target shoppers can see the contents before deciding if they want to purchase them. Popular boxes may still sell out quickly, but most of these beauty boxes last longer than they used to. Target Beauty Boxes ship free, but you are subject to the $35 free shipping minimum if you purchase anything else with it. Unless a color gets specified in the description, color cosmetics will vary. Boxes retail for $5, $7, or $10. They include mostly samples, but there is usually at least one full-size item. Value is usually at least triple the cost.

This Month’s Theme

The Target October 2019 Beauty Box, Your Autumn It Kit retails for $7!

Everything comes inside the box with the Target Beauty logo.

Items are loosely placed inside with nothing but teal tissue paper surrounding them. This can lead to destroyed products. Everything in this box arrived intact.

The theme of the October 2019 Target Beauty Box is Your Autumn It Kit! That is a pretty broad theme, so it is hard to say how well the products fit.

A product card comes in each box with a brief explanation on each item. There are 7 items (not counting the foils) inside the October 2019 Target Beauty Box, Your Autumn It Kit. That makes the cost of each item $1.

Beauty Coupon

All Beauty Boxes contain a coupon for $3 off any $15 Beauty purchase. This applies to cosmetics, skincare, and haircare. The coupon is valid for about a month from the order date. By the time the box arrives, you usually only have about 3 weeks to redeem it. This coupon works online and in-store. It expires 10/31/19.

October 2019 Target Beauty Box, Your Autumn It Kit Review

The 2 pairs of Ardell Faux Mink Lashes 811 are worth about $9. I get that amount by guessing what Target would charge for a 2-pack based on the price for the 1 pack and the 4 pack. Even on the low end, the lashes cover the cost of the box by themselves. This is a beautiful lash style that suits my eye shape nicely. Thy are soft, lightweight, and full-of-volume.

The 0.85oz Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste is worth $1.35. I love trying a whitening toothpaste with fluoride that I need for my sensitive teeth. Here’s hoping they remove surface stains in three days as it claims.

The 1oz Vaseline Extremely Dry Skin Rescue retails in this size for $0.99. I can never have too much lotion for my dry skin. This one promises a rich formula that delivers prescription-strength moisturizing to dry patches, leaving skin soft, smooth and supple. If it delivers on those promises, I will love it.

The 0.1oz No7 Laboratories Line Correcting Booster Serum is worth $8.40. This is pretty expensive for a drugstore serum. It says it is a clinically proven targeted booster serum that is specially formulated with powerful anti-wrinkle peptide technology to reduce the appearance of deep, stubborn lines. If it works, it is worth the money.

There are 2 L’Oreal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup in Hot Pink and Raspberry. I do not place value on foils, but I love receiving them for my foil challenge. My son also loves temporary color, so I love that there is one for my light hair and one for his dark hair. It also makes it versatile for those who only have one hair color in their household. These are gentle and temporary. They should come out with a single wash.

The 0.17oz Lumene Intense Hydration 24 Hour Moisturizer is worth $2. This is a lightweight cream with replenishing ingredients and hydra-technology. It claims to promotes a healthy-looking complexion and provides continuous hydration from the very first application. I am always skeptical of lightweight moisturizers providing continuous hydration, but I will try it.

The 3oz Head & Shoulders Royal Oils Moisture Boost Shampoo is worth $1.55. I’m always weary of dandruff shampoos, because they can smell awful. This one smells amazing though. If it provides the long-lasting relief from scalp dryness and itchiness, while giving hair a boost of hydration as it promises, it will easily be my favorite.

The 3oz Head & Shoulders Royal Oils Moisture Renewal Conditioner is worth $1.55. This boasts a rich formula that helps balance essential scalp moisture giving strands long-lasting protection. That sounds great.

Is the Target Beauty Box for October 2019 Worth it?

This box has a $24.84 value. That is also my personal value, because I am keeping everything in it. The lashes alone cover the cost of the box, so anyone who wants the lashes should get it. I wanted the lashes, toothpaste, serum, and lotion. Getting the shampoo, conditioner, hair makeup, and face moisturizer is just an added bonus. It is worth it to me.

What are your thoughts on the Target Beauty Box for October 2019, Your Autumn It Kit? Let me know below. Remember to check all Target offers before placing an online order. You get free shipping when you only order a Beauty Box, but the regular $35 shipping minimum applies if you add anything to the order. Boxes release almost every month and although the exact release dates vary, the first Monday of each month is the most common release. Whenever there are five Mondays in a month, the fifth Monday may see some new Beauty Boxes. They are available while supplies last. While I write articles on the ones I purchase, I do not cover the ones that do not interest me. My interests may vary from yours. Sign up for Target emails, so you can get a notification as soon as the boxes release. See all Target articles. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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