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Deal or No Deal Urban Decay Naked Honey Review

By Kimberly

This is my Urban Decay Naked Honey review. My Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette is complete. It’s important to mention that. Because I own all of them, I know each palettes strengths and weakness and could probably rank them, if I took the time to think about it. Of course, ranking is subjective based off what I like and what looks best on me, so I will avoid that, for now. Every time a new Naked palette comes out, I tell myself I do not need it. After all, how many neutral palettes from one brand can someone have!

For a deal shopper, paying full price for any product is never ideal. We do not always have a choice. There is always a chance that items will get discounted after their launch. You can always wait for the price to drop if you think it is not justified. That means you will get it after everyone else, but that’s never bothered me much. Waiting allows real reviews to filter in to see if the product is living up to the hype. It also lets you dedicate full-price purchases to the items you really want and cannot wait for. What happens if you’ve waited, but the price never drops?

You either have to make your peace with never trying it, hope you will get the item as a sample, or pony up the full-price. The bright side is most retailers offer free samples, or a gift with purchase to slightly soften the blow. Waiting until a GWP you really want pops up is an excellent way to finally get the item you want to try. If you pay full-price for a $40 palette that is sub par, you cannot call the product you paid for a deal because the GWP was worth over $40. You can say your overall purchase was a deal if you feel that way. These reviews will only take the product itself at the full retail price into account. A low price is not always a good deal and a high price is not always a deal breaker.

I purchased this for full-price. The Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette retails for $49. There are 12 0.033oz shades for a total of 0.396oz. That makes the price per ounce $123.74, which is significantly higher than the $90 per ounce the old Naked palettes came with. People who never hit pan probably do not mind getting less since they are paying less. This palette comes in $5 under its $54 predecessors.

I really like the look of this palette. The indentions look like viewing honey from the top of a pot. It has a large mirror, which makes this great for travel.

It comes with a double ended brush, which I immediately donated to one of my nieces. Even though these are neutral shades, they are quite stunning. This is the most visually appealing lineup in the Naked line. I hoped the quality would translate on my eyes.

The shades inside from left to right are:

  • Flyby (ivory satin)
  • Sweet (neutral beige matte)
  • Swarm (soft mustard matte)
  • Amber (metallic copper shimmer)
  • Keeper (mustard brown matte)
  • Golden (rich gold shimmer)
  • Honey (intense gold metallic)
  • Queen (golden brown shimmer)
  • Hive (warm brown matte)
  • Drip (warm reddish-brown matte)
  • HBIC (rosy bronze shimmer)
  • Sting (deep warm brown matte)

From the swatches (no primer used), I found Flyby a little powdery, and Hive a little patchy. All the others were smooth and easy to swatch. Most of them swatched with a single pass. Only Sweet and Queen required a second pass. These shades are very pigmented.

One of the things I like about Naked eyeshadows is they do not make a lot of bold claims. Urban Decay just shuts up and puts out a quality product. The only ad verbiage for this palette is, “A buzzed-about eyeshadow palette with 12 golden neutrals for creating a swarm of looks, from bright and sunny to dangerously seductive after dark.” There are no trendy words to make this seem like more than it is.

For the most part the shadows transferred onto the eyes the way they swatched. Flyby is powdery with a lot of fallout. Sweet is smooth and applies like a dream, but there is a lot of fallout. Swarm is smooth and applies like a dream, but there is a lot of fallout. Amber applies evenly and has little fallout. Keeper is smooth and applies like a dream, and there is a lot of fallout. Golden applies evenly and has moderate fallout. Honey applies evenly and has very little fallout. Queen is hard pressed and needs to be built, but it has no fallout. Hive is somewhat patchy, and there is a lot of fallout. Drip applies evenly, but there is a lot of fallout. HBIC applies evenly and has moderate fallout. Sting applies evenly, but there is a lot of fallout.

For all three looks, I used a different eyeshadow primer. I did not get any creasing with any of them. Considering I have hooded, oily lids, that is a major accomplishment. There was no fading either. The looks were as vibrant at the end of the night as they were when I applied them. Overall, it was very easy to work with. While I could have blended a little more for a more seamless look, that is on me, not Urban Decay. Though I used MAC Fix+ on the metallic shades, I did not use a glitter glue. This is a rare palette where the mattes have more fallout than the metallics. It seems like the metallics all have a firmer press.

For my first look (white shirt above), I used Honey in the center of my lid, Golden on the inner corner, Hive and Queen mixed together on the outer lid, Sweet as my transition shade, and Swarm in the crease.

For this look (fall colored shirt), I used Swarm as my transition, Keeper in the crease, FlyBy on the brow bone and inner corner, and Amber on the outer corner. My lid shade is Artist Couture Diamond Lights Finisher in Spotlight Glitz. I will review that separately, but I can say they paired really well together and looked great at the end of the night.

I should have used glitter glue with this one, but that is on me and Artist Couture, not Urban Decay.

I also wore the darker shades for a night out, but I did not photograph it. You know how I feel about the flash messing up the colors. Once I recreate it during the daytime, I will upload it here.

Verdict: Deal

I own all the Naked Palettes, and this is now my favorite. The colors are exactly what I love on my warm toned skin. Though it works on light skin tones like mine, I think this shines on deeper skin tones. While it is possible this might eventually go on sale, like a lot of the Urban Decay Palettes, I think this one is strong enough to always retail at full price. Your best shot of getting this with a discount will likely be a general sale. Eight of the twelve shades are perfect, two are okay (Hive and Sweet), and two could be improved (Flyby and Queen).

This palette is 33% more expensive per ounce than past Naked Palettes. I would have preferred if the price point was a little lower or it included more product. Ninety dollars an ounce was the staple I gauged other palettes on, but all good things have to come to an end. While the mattes and metallics are both lovely and I really appreciate that Urban Decay is using more mattes (which I use more of). These metallics are slightly better than the mattes and are very pigmented with or without MAC FIX+.

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