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Birchbox Limited Edition Box Greatest Grooming Hits Review

This is my Birchbox Limited Edition Box Greatest Grooming Hits Review on the box I purchased for my husband. I love that he is finally getting into grooming, because these kits are coming out more than ever. The challenge is waiting for the right promo code to come along while hoping the box does not sell out before it does. Some boxes sit in the shop for months and others sale out quickly. It seems the ones I want the most are the ones that sell out the fastest, so I clearly have great taste. Limited Edition Boxes are my favorite items to purchase from Birchbox. These are a mixture of full and sample sized items that usually fit a specific box theme. All boxes have a value far greater than the cost so they are a great deal when the items you want to keep exceed the value of what you’re paying.

Limited Edition Boxes that linger will occasionally pop up in the sale section for 30% off. Aces sometimes get 40% off on sale items. Predicting which ones will sell out is not always easy, so I buy the ones I really want close to the release date. If you’re on the fence because of price, wait it out. This Limited Edition: Birchbox Grooming Favorites retails for $48, and I predict it will move faster than some of the others still waiting for people to buy them. It has seven full size products, which easily cover the cost of the box. There are also four sample size items. Every product in this box is either something he wanted to explore more or something he has never tried before. He already loves the shave cream, the lip balm, and the socks.

Birchbox September 2019 Mystery Sample Pack

Even though the box was for him, I did not see anything wrong with grabbing something for myself. I selected the free two-piece sample pack from the beauty side (as opposed to grooming). Anyone can select this for free with a $35 purchase. It combines with any promo code. You can purchase it for $10, but it rarely has over $10 in value. Do not purchase it! This is a rare exception. The products I received were: 0.25oz smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Radiance ($9.25), and the 0.33oz Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer ($6.41). That is $15.66 in value. Considering I will keep both products for myself, it technically adds that amount to the overall deal.

Birchbox September 2019 Promo Code

For my promo code, I went with LOTSOFLIPS. It gave me two Love of Color Vibrant Matte Lipsticks in Playful, and Color Me Confident. I also got four Love of Color Ultra-Gloss Lip Pencils in Cherry Bomb, Cupid’s Bow, Punch Line, and Purple Reign. There was also a Love of Color Sharpener. That brings the value of this GWP to $65 or $45 based on current pricing. Only Purple Reign already exists in my collection, so I get an added $40 in value from this promo code. Well technically, I already have two of the sharpeners, but I will probably keep this one as well.

Birchbox Limited Edition Box Greatest Grooming Hits Overview

There are eleven items in the Birchbox Limited Edition Box Greatest Grooming Hits. That makes the cost of each item $5.33.

It disappoints me that the box arrived dirty, because I like to use these for gifts.

Everything comes inside the box on top (and under) white, crinkle cut paper. That helps cushion everything in transit. My items arrived intact, even though one was missing.

A product card going over the items is inside, an important note for those planning to take select items before gifting the box to someone else. You could either omit the card or have no shame in admitting you took things.

The back of the card goes over the box theme, which is Greatest Grooming Hits. These are products that have been well-reviewed on Birchbox.

Birchbox Limited Edition Box Greatest Grooming Hits Review

The full-size 6.7oz Harry’s Shave Cream retails for $12. My husband already loves this product, so getting him another was nice. When it comes to shave creams (and all grooming products really), he is picky. Knowing that he loves this one means it will get used.

The full-size 1.7oz V76 by Vaughn Texture Clay retails for $18.50. My husband is constantly trying new hair products, so I thought he might want to give this a try. Hair product is the item he is the most picky on, but my 12-year-old has really gotten into hair product this year. If my husband dislikes it, I am sure my son will use it.

The 0.5oz Cliff Original All Natural Beard Balm is worth $5. My husband does not have a beard (thank goodness), but he likes beard products anyway. He says they make his face soft. This is one he has not tried yet, so we’ll see what he thinks of a thicker balm texture on his face.

The full-size 7oz Anthony Exfoliating & Cleansing Bar retails for $18. My husband really only likes bar soaps. Since the cheap ones won’t cut it, I love finding deals on expensive bar soaps for him to try. I cannot even remember if he’s tried this specific one yet, but I guess we will see what he thinks soon enough.

The 0.1oz Kiehl’s Age Defender Eye Repair is worth $6. Eye cream is one thing I nag my husband to use, but he still rarely does. That makes it all the more funny that his was missing. He said even Birchbox does not think he should use eye cream. We’ll see about that. I already sent a message that it was missing, and I am sure Birchbox will make it right.

The 1oz Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser is worth $4.60. My husband seemed pretty excited to try this, so I did not have the heart to tell him I already own multiples. He could have tried this whenever he wanted to. Oh, well. At least, he has his own now.

The full-size 0.25oz Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 Natural Mint & Shea Butter retails for $7.50. This is a lip balm he and I both already love. It is nice when he gets his own, because he is less inclined to steal mine. He will enjoy this natural mint flavor, too. It is right up his alley. As are the hydrated lips he is about to have, just in time for fall and winter.

The 0.5oz Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm is worth $7.20. With fall and winter coming, he might enjoy this. He’s been really into hydrating products lately, so it was the perfect time for him to try a product like this all over his face.

The full-size Oars + Alps Cooling + Cleansing Wipes retail for $16. My husband originally asked me what he should do with these. Things that make your life easy are new to him. I told him to use these whenever he does not feel like doing a full wash anywhere on his body. All the sudden, this was his favorite item in the box. We’ll see if it is still his favorite after he tries them.

The Bombas Tri-Block Ankle Socks in Triple Grey retail for $12. My husband already loves these Bombas socks. They are high-quality, comfortable, and long-lasting. His favorite thing about the brand is it donates socks every time someone buys a pair. Well, that and they never get holes, even after many uses.

The Bombas Calf Socks retail for $12. My husband’s came in navy blue, but the color can vary. Unless he is wearing them to the gym or work, he does not typically wear calf socks. These would make a nice pair of gym socks since they’re a little too thick for dress shoes.

Is the Birchbox Limited Edition Box Greatest Grooming Hits Worth It?

The box retails for $48, and advertises a $130 value. My calculations come in at $118.80, so Birchbox is $11.10 off with this one. His box was missing the eye cream. Until Birchbox makes it right (which I am sure it will), I am using $112.80 as his box value. Considering he is at least trying everything, his personal value is also $112.80. That means the box was worth it to him. This is the only grooming box in the Birchbox arsenal at the moment that gets his seal of approval while I think a couple look nice. It proves that he is a tougher critic than I am.

Birchbox Women

What are your thoughts on the Birchbox Limited Edition Box Greatest Grooming Hits Review? Let me know below. If your purchase is over $35 (longer subscriptions or purchasing something from the shop with the subscription), you can pick a free item from the bonus shop if you do not use a subscription start-up offer or discount code, which I cover on my Birchbox Deals Page. Some discount codes on that page will not work on subscriptions, but I will post any that work on my Birchbox Subscription Deals Page. You can always add a free two piece sample pack when spending $35, because it combines with any promo code. Tips For Getting the Best Deal lays out all the ways I know to save money at Birchbox. Product reviews do not always make it into the haul article, but you can always type the product into the search bar to see if I’ve mentioned it or reviewed it elsewhere. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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