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How To Earn Kicks With Shopkick

How do you earn kicks with Shopkick? Kicks are what Shopkick calls its rewards. The more kicks you earn the more rewards you get. Shopkick is a Pay-to-shop program that lets you earn rewards in-store and online. There are a lot of ways to earn kicks. Redeem your kicks for gift cards. Ulta invited me to join, and it is something I had been meaning to do anyway. I feel like I am late to the party, because I am already enjoying Shopkick. 

Ulta offered a $5 gift card if I signed up before September 14th and scanned a product within 7 days.

Ulta delivered on that gift card promise. If it runs a similar promotion (or I see one for another retailer), I will edit this and let you know.

On top of the free gift card for joining, I also earned 110 kicks toward a gift card just for scanning a few products.

I’ve earned another 55 kicks since then just for scanning two items at the grocery store. Now, I only need 1085 more kicks for another $5 Ulta gift card.

How Do I Earn Kicks Through Shopkick?

There are six official ways to earn kicks.

  • walk-in to stores
  • scan barcodes of select barcodes
  • purchase and submit a receipt
  • purchase with a linked card
  • make online purchases
  • watch videos

There are times when opening the app in a store gets you kicks (as long as you’ve enabled location services). You can also scan select items for kicks. The store will let you know which items you can get kicks for scanning. After making a purchase, you can submit the receipt for covered items. Link your cards to your account and you will automatically get kicks for covered purchases made using the card. Use the app or your account to shop online. Watch select ad videos for kicks.

What do you think about earning kicks on Shopkick? Let me know below. This is one of the more complex pay to shop programs, so there are more ways to earn. That makes it a great one to join. You can use my referral code, BEST581168, if you want each of us to get 250 kicks when you sign up. Once you sign up, you can refer friends as well. I recommend having multiple pay-to-shop programs, because it is another element of Getting the Best DealRemember to check competitors before shopping to ensure you are getting the best rate back: Rakuten, MyPoints, Swagbucks, Mrrebates, and TopCashBack. Read my ShopKick Page for more information on the program. See all Shopkick articlesView my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (13 and 8) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 13-year-old to apply it.

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  1. I tried using your referral code, bc I was too lazy to use my ULTA code before it expired🙄, I had totally forgotten about it until you posted this. Anyway tried using your referral code and it said it was invalid, double check for typos. But I definitely put the right code. I didn’t go any farther yet if you wanna check it out.


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