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Walmart Beauty Box Summer 2019 Review – Trendsetter Subscription Box

It’s almost Fall 2019, which means my Summer 2019 Walmart Beauty Box review is ready. I’m not sure why they get mailed so late in the season, but it is still technically summer. This is a subscription box that gives you the items for free as long as you pay $5 for the shipping. Your first $5 charges when you subscribe, and a box from the current season will ship to you within a few weeks. Future boxes will incur the $5 charge as the box ships. While this box gets released each season, the release date always varies. Walmart will email you before it releases to remind you to update your account information. Sometimes, it sends boxes right after you update. Other times, it will tell email you to update your account, then still wait weeks to ship your box.

How Many Box Variations Are There?

There are only two types of boxes, Trendsetter and Classic. Items placed inside the boxes are random, so your Trendsetter box could vary from mine. Classic boxes can vary from one another as well.

Can I Opt in to a Certain Type of Box?

Most younger subscribers get a Trendsetter box and older subscribers get a Classic Box. That is not always the case though. Some will use a fake birthdate one way or the other to trigger the box they want. Walmart started me on a Classic Box, but it switched me to a Trendsetter Box in the Spring of 2016. I’ve always used my real birthday, so I am unsure why it switched me from one to the other. A reader mentioned that you can switch but short of playing with your profile or contacting Walmart, I am unaware of how to switch it.

Which Box is Better, Classic or Trendsetter?

I’ve seen times when the Classic boxes look better and other times when the Trendsetter boxes look better, but the Trendsetter boxes seem better overall.

Do the Samples Repeat?

The samples repeat, because there is no beauty profile. Boxes get sent at random. No one keeps track of what you received in the past, so there is no way to know you already received something. Because Walmart eventually runs out of samples and gets new ones in, you should not continue to get the same products over and over. Samples should repeat in no more than 3-4 boxes. Even when they do, the odds that you will get the same sample in three boxes in a row are small.

Why is the Value Inconsistent?

It is not uncommon for some members to receive low value boxes (worth $10 or less) and others to receive high value boxes (worth $20 or more). There are times when one member might get 4 items, and another member will get the same four items plus four more. This always makes me wonder why not just stick 6 in each box instead of leaving one member thrilled and the next disappointed. I call it the luck of the draw, and it tends to balance out on average unless you are always lucky or always unlucky. Some of my boxes are unlucky, and others are lucky. Most of them fall somewhere between the two. For $20 a year, I am willing to gamble.

Walmart Summer 2019 Beauty Box Trendsetter Overview

The box design does change at times. This one for Summer 2019 is a plain white cardboard.

Everything comes loose inside the box. It was wrapped in tissue, but that adds to presentation more than it protects the items. This can lead to product damage, but everything in this box arrived intact.

Some boxes have coupons, but this box did not.

Walmart Summer 2019 Beauty Box Trendsetter Review

Walmart did not assign a theme to the 2019 Summer Beauty Box or it did not include the insert in my box if it did. The insert I received has the standard, Hello Sunshine, greeting. There are 6 items in the box, including the foil. Five are items I place value on, so each item costs $1.

The 0.02oz Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner is worth $4.63. Even though this looks like a mini, it is 2/3 of the full-size. It is an eyeliner I have not tried yet, but I received this in the Fall 2018 box. My hands shake, so I have a terribly hard time applying liquid eyeliner. A super precise tip is necessary for me to avoid raccoon eyes. Hopefully, this works nicely. If it does, I might keep this duplicate.

The Biore Witch Hazel ULTRA Deep Cleansing Pore Strip is worth $0.98. I do not really get clogged pores, but my husband and son do. One of them will use this and report back on how it goes. Biore strips usually work extremely well, so I am sure this will as well.

The 3.33oz Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Cleansing Water and Makeup Remover Solution for Face and Eyes is worth $2.98. I enjoy this cleansing water. It works well and has a really reasonable price. If the samples I keep receiving were not so big, I would probably even buy it.

The BIC Soleil Sensitive 3 Blade Women’s Disposable Razor is worth $1.99. This is a razor I’ve considered trying. Now, I can. I’ll let you know if it lives up to the hype in my Empties.

The 1.15oz Dove Refresh + Care Fresh Coconut Dry Shampoo is worth $1.12. Walmart stores carry the sample size received here, and I am sure it retails for more. I used the smallest size with an online price to calculate (as I usually do). Even though I do not need dry shampoo as much anymore, I like getting them in sample form. Now, I never really have to buy any (until/unless I find the one for me).

The 0.14oz foil of NIVEA Aloe Body Lotion is a small sample for a body moisturizer. I actually placed a similar size of a NIVEA lotion in my October Foil challenge. It was only enough for my back and arms. When I am given a sample of anything, I expect enough for a single application at the bare minimum. If it falls short, that is disappointing. This is a different product, but the foil looks and feels the same as the one I recently tried. Assuming this is similar, I can say it does moisturize well for a thin lotion. That also makes it easy to work into the skin. As I mentioned above, I do not place value on foils (even if they had actually given me enough to cover my whole body).

Is the Summer 2019 Walmart Beauty Box Worth It?

The box value is $11.70. That brings the average box value for the year to $12.26. My personal value is at least $4.97, because I may not keep the eyeliner, dry shampoo, to Biore Strip. If I do give away the pore strip it will be to someone in my immediate family meaning my value really is at least $5.95. It is far from the best box I’ve received, and it seems like the great boxes rarely make it to me. At $5 a quarter, I still feel it is worth the gamble on these less than stellar boxes. Had I seen this ahead of time like you can with the Target Beauty Box, I probably would have passed. Have you subscribed yet? The summer boxes are still available.

What do you think of my Summer 2019 Walmart Beauty Box review? Let me know below. Remember to check all Walmart offers before shopping online. See all Walmart Subscription Box articles. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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  1. I wanted everyone know you can change they style box you get because I did. I’m over 35 but let me switch and I received my Summer box today and it’s fabulous. I got the Schlick intuition fab razor that retails for 9 dollars more than the cost of the box. I received an oil of Olay make up cleanser towel biote blackhead strips and a small can of tresse dry shampoo. It’s really good I buy it all the time. So it’s definitely worth the cost

  2. Your welcome! I forgot to add I also received the curel and I’m sure it’s really good but I use the cereve cream and will never switch. Good for someone though.

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