ebates Is Changing Its Name to Rakuten! What Changes are In Store For The Leader in Cash Back?

Rakuten acquired ebates back in 2014. Everything happened behind the scenes, so account holders did not really notice a shift in service. The transition has been pretty seamless, so a lot of users are still unaware. In 2018, Rakuten began making subtle changes. While the actual date where the official name change will take place has not been announced yet, I am switching everything on this site over to Rakuten now. I thought I’d get ahead of the curve, so I’m ahead of the game when the big day comes.

Rakuten is an online marketplace that launched in Japan in 1997. I’ve had experience with Rakuten for almost as long as I’ve had ebates, so I already know the future of ebates (now Rakuten) is still bright. The good news for my fellow ebates lovers is you do not really need to change much to keep getting cash back. One day, you will have to start typing in Rakuten in place of ebates. It will still forward you to the proper URL indefinitely, so you could even resist that until you have more time to get used to the name change.

If You Are a Current ebates Member, You Are Ready to Go

Whether you login to your account from ebates or Rakuten, you will get the same information. You will not need to register again and your referral link still works. Feel free to use mine if you do not already have an account. I believe everyone who does online shopping should have a cash back program and ebates (now Rakuten) is one I recommend.

-Remember to check competitors first to ensure you are getting the best rate back: Mrrebates, MyPoints, Swagbucks, and TopCashBack.

View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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