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Causebox Summer 2019 Review and a $10 Off Coupon Code

My Summer 2019 Causebox review is ready. Yes, I am reviewing it after it is no longer available for purchase. That is my bad, because I waited too long to order it. I did also order the Summer 2019 Welcome box. It seems like the Summer 2019 Causebox sold out on the 11th of July and my box arrived the next day. Causebox includes a mix of: exclusive, ethically made products from a wide range of items. They are always full-sized, and the value of the box will always be over $200. There are 6-8 full size items in every box. Each item is cruelty free, vegan whenever possible, and always socially conscious. This is a quarterly subscription program. There is one box per season. Welcome boxes are usually available between seasons. Those who sign up between seasonal boxes will get a welcome box.

Current members will not get a welcome box unless they start a second subscription or contact customer service and request one on their main account. This benefit is particularly helpful for annual members who want to customize. All products are taxed (except for Canadians). Annual subscriptions (4 boxes pre-paid up front with a $20 discount) are $199.80. The cost for the Seasonal subscription is $54.95 per box. Click here to get $10 off your first seasonal box. Membership is charged on the day the account is activated and on the 1st of the month in March, June, September, and December for subsequent seasons. Annual Subscribers get to make choices on some items. This is known as Causebox Custom. They will receive an email one week before the bill date with the options. Seasonal subscribers receive a random box.

Available Offers for Joining Causebox

Use code WELCOME10 or BLOOM for 20% off Winter Welcome 2020 Subscription Box.

Causebox Summer 2019 Subscription Box Overview

There are 8 full-size items, including the art print. That makes the cost of each item $6.87 (if you paid $54.95 for the box). Of course, the cost goes down for those who paid less. This box is themed beautifully for summer.

The box I received is really cute. There are a bunch of people in the ocean. If the box did not get dirty during shipping, I would have repurposed it. I will recycle it though.

Everything comes on top of white crinkle cut paper wrapped in white tissue, sealed with a sticker.

Each box comes with a magazine. It feels more like newspaper, so I am betting it’s recycled.

It comes with a note from the editor.

There are features for every product in the box.

It goes over some of the company initiatives.

My favorite section is where we get the exclusive coupon codes.


Boxes usually ship within two weeks of your order date. After they are shipped, it can take 2-8 businessss days for them to arrive. Shipping confirmations are emailed. Members were charged on June 1st or whenever they signed up. I signed up on July third. My box shipped on July 9th and arrived on July 12th. That was 9 days from order to delivery, which is incredibly impressive for a subscription box. As I will get billed with everyone else next time, I expect it to happen a little slower.

Causebox Summer 2019 Review

The only variation from one box to the next is on product colors or patterns. While there is one product in this box that is different, they both carry the same $35 cost. That means everyone received $276.98 in value for the Summer 2019 Causebox. If you feel the $10 Art Print (post card) is there to overvalue the box, you might look at this like $266.98 in value for seven full-size products.

The 3oz All Good Reef Friendly Sport Sunscreen retails for $15.99 through the direct brand. That is the price Causebox used to value this, so I will as well.

Target sells this for $12.89 though, so I will buy it there if I love it once I try it. I really like that it is reef safe. Now, I just need to plan a beach vacation.

The Tribe Alive Caftan Coverup in Nautical retails for $118. I like that it is open on the sides, because it will fit more body types than other one size fits all garments. This also makes it more flexible to wear as a wrap or a coverup, like the ladies above.

It is made with 100% cotton, and you can tell it is high quality cotton. I really like the one I received. This is the one I would have selected if given a choice, so it really worked out.

The Banded Scrunchie 3-Pack retails for $10. It has been a long time since I purchased a scrunchie, but they are something I like to use on occasion. These really simple ones are not currently available for purchase right now. It’s funny, because I find these a lot more pretty than the fancy ones.

The reduce Everyday Insulated Wine Tumbler retails for $12.99. This one retails for $2 more at Target, so I linked the direct brand. My husband insists this is only for cold beverages, but I cannot find any information online to back up his claim. Nevertheless, it did come in the summer box. A stainless steel drink holder keeping drinks cold in the heat seems like a challenge. I would assume the metal will heat up, but I will experiment and see how it goes.

The Altru Straw Tote retails for $50. If this bag was only a little bit bigger, it would have been my favorite tote. With it barely eclipsing the size of my purse, I would not even call this a tote.

Though small, the bag is very well made. The attention to detail is magnificent. It has really study handles and solid construction. Even though it would be too small to use as intended, a beach bag to hold towels and stuff, I could use this for quick everyday outings. My 13″ laptop does have about an inch or more of cover.

The 3.3oz hanalei Island Aloe Gel retails for $35. I love using aloe after a day in the sun, so it was awesome to see it. This is the item I would have selected if given a choice, although I would have liked the other product as well. Bonus points that I’ve wanted to try something from this brand. Now, I can.

The Quagga Green Wet Swim Pouch in Seashells retails for $25. This is the main reason I purchased the box. I love these bags to carry home wet products. You can even store wet clothes in them all day without getting a mildew smell. They keep water from getting out, but somehow keep the smell from getting trapped inside (as long as you do not forget to remove the items for several days).

Once again, I received the design I would have selected. I just like this bag better, and I think my boys will as well. It is a pretty good size length wise, but I wish it would have been an inch or two bigger width wise. This is taller than the tote, but not as wide, so it does fit inside with some overlap.

Antra Svarcs Art Print 2.jpeg

Antra Svarcs Art Print retails for $10. I am not sure who would pay that and I mean no offense to the artist. The piece is nice, but it is not an original.

This is a mass printed post card. It should be advertised no higher than $1.99. For those who choose to frame it as a 5×7 piece of art, they might feel more inclined to deem this worthy of the quoted price.

Causebox Summer 2019 Subscription Box Overview

This box has a $276.98 value. I paid $44.95 plus tax (used a promo code to join). While I would never pay $10 for the post card and think it is hilarious that there is a value assigned at all, I think all the other items are wonderful. There was not an item in here that I will not keep, so my personal value is also $276.98. That brings the average box value for the year to $276.98, because it is my first box. Those who ordered the spring box (or even the winter depending on the date they ordered and received it) will have a different value.

Was the Summer 2019 Causebox Subscription Box Worth It?

This box is definitely worth more than the $44.95 to $54.95 people would pay for it. It is my first, so it holds the record for best Causebox. We’ll have to see if future boxes can dethrone this. I would say it was easily worth it. While I wish the tote was bigger, it is still really cute. The bag is seriously so small that most adults will look silly holding it. Everything else (other than the art print) is perfect and a great addition to the box.

CAUSEBOX | A Membership That Matters

What are your thoughts on my Summer 2019 Causebox? Let me know below. Ready to subscribe? Use code WELCOME10, and you will get you $10 off whichever box Causebox is selling when you happen upon this post. If that code has expired, you can use my referral link. That alway comes with $10 off for you and a $15 credit from Causebox for me. Visit my Causebox Page for more information about this subscription. All available offers get posted there as well as everything I know about the retailer and links to helpful sections of the site. See all Causebox articles. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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