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FabFitFun Summer 2019 Editor’s Box Review Plus The Coupon Code to Start With This Box

My FabFitFun Summer 2019 Editor’s Box review is ready. I ordered my first box today, and I ordered my second box on July 18th. The shop reopened on the 16th as planned, but the Editor’s Box was not available for purchase until late in the day on the 17th. Members can now select all five options when they purchase from the shop, so we get more choices than the two category options we received in the Edit Sale. After making the calculated decision to pass on paying $49.99 for two options in the Edit Sale, I paid $39.99 for three options today when I got $10 off using the promo code COOL. That is a code designated for the Summer Editor’s Box. Please note that the Summer 2019 Box is still in stock. If you use a code not designated to an Editor’s Boxyou will start with a summer box. Well, I also paid $10 for an extra customization in category one, so it was like I got a free item and an extra pick for the same $49.99. I did pay the full $49.99 on the 18th for a second box, so I could make all five choices without opening a second annual subscription.

Available Offers for Joining FabFitFun

Use code FAB10 to get 20% off ($10) a FabFitFun Winter 2020 Editor’s Box subscription.

When does the FabFitFun Editor’s Box get released?

The Summer Editor’s 2019 Box got released in the Edit Sale, as most of them do. Because the shop was closed during the Edit Sale, this box had the unique experience of not entering the shop until over 24 hours after it reopened. It almost always gets released in the Edit Sale. There were only two options in the Edit Sale, which is the same as the last box. To customize more options, current subscribers must purchase it from the shop or open another subscription.

New Subscribers

Anyone who signs up for a new membership between seasonal boxes starts with an Editor’s Box as the first box of their subscription. As of the publication date, there are still Summer boxes left, so you will start with the FabFitFun Summer 2019 Box unless you use the code designated for this Editor’s Box. The regular codes, fffa2p6 or FAB10, will get you $10 off whichever box FabFitFun is selling when you happen upon this post. You can use code COOL to get $10 off (20%) and start your subscription with this box or SUMMER40 to get $20 off (40%) and start your subscription with the FabFitFun Summer 2019 Box. New annual subscribers ($179.99 for 4 boxes) can select all five customizations I go over below. Seasonal subscribers ($49.99 per box) who are new can only select three.

FabFitFun Summer 2019 Editor’s Box Overview

The Summer 2019 Editor’s Box retails for $49.99. There are 8 items in the box making the cost for each item $6.25.

FabFitFun Summer 2019 Editor’s Box Customization

Of the eight items, up to five are customizable. New seasonal subscribers can select three. All current subscribers and new annual subscribers can make a selection in each of the five categories.

All Subscribers Can Customize

Choice 1 : White House Black Market Striped Tote Bag ($50), amika Polished Perfection Mini Straightening Brush ($35), or Isaac Mizrahi Blue & White Kimono ($59).

I wanted all of the items in this category, so I decided to pay the $10 fee to add an extra item to my first box. As I always select the items in the order I want them, my main choice was the amika Polished Perfection Mini Straightening Brush.

Whenever I add an item, FabFitFun tends to switch the order. Usually, that is not a big deal, because all items arrive together. While FabFitFun did once again switch the order making it look like the kimono was my main item, and the brush was my extra customization, they did not ship together.

The box arrived without the brush, but I did get an email that the order was getting separated. It was no big deal until people on the community forum mentioned this was out-of-stock and mine had not shipped. It did not get here until almost September (which is why it took me so long for this update), but I am glad it is here. This is adorable and such a great size for travel or small hands, like my little guy has.

My main box item ended up being the Isaac Mizrahi Blue & White Kimono. Since the brush ended up arriving, I do not mind that they were switched. This is adorable. I am always losing these, but I hope I can hang onto this one for a while. It is so light and airy.

The item I selected in my second box (which is the box I ordered from the shop, so I got to select all 5 categories) was the White House Black Market Striped Tote Bag. Yes, I have a million bags, so I did not need this at all. Technically, I also have a large heat brush and other kimonos, so I did not need those items either. This is a sleek, beautiful bag. Not only is it unique, but it is the only White House Black Market item I own. I’ve always wanted something from the brand. It seems like a nice bag, so I hope it meets my expectations.

Choice 2: Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Precision Tip Liquid Liner ($19), Céla Crème de la Crème ($30), Thrive Causemetics Lash Upgrade Lash Curler™ ($20).

My first box choice was easy. I can never have too much lotion, because my skin is really dry. This Céla Crème de la Crème is one I have not tried yet. It is extremely expensive, so there is no way I would purchase it even if I love it. At least I get to try it thanks to this box.

On the second box, I selected the item I wanted to gift. My niece was plagued with stick straight eyelashes that point downward. I feel her pain, because I suffer from the same affliction. She did not have an eyelash curler. As I was already planning on sanitizing one of mine to give it to her, seeing an eyelash curler as a box option was perfect timing. Since I got this to her shortly after the box arrived, she’s already had some time to play with it. Her thoughts are that it does not pinch, but it does not help her lashes hold he curl. Again, I feel her pain, because I have the same problem. Next time I see her, I will give her some Benefit Roller Lash Mascara to pair with the curler. I also told her to heat the eyelash curler for a few seconds using a blow dryer. Hopefully, she reports back on everything once she makes the adjustments.

Choice 3: Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Invisible+ ($17.99), Kopari Beauty Coconut Deodorant ($14), or Soothe by Apana Full Body Massager for Muscle and Joint Relief ($20).

I selected the Kopari Beauty Coconut Deodorant on my first box. Finding a natural deodorant that works for me has been a challenge. Getting to try one at a discount (the cost of each box item instead of the product cost) softens the blow and makes exploration more financially feasible.

I selected the Soothe by Apana Full Body Massager for Muscle and Joint Relief for my second box. A similar product I owned did not quite do what I hoped it would. As I’ve already played with this, it is closer to what I had in mind.

Current Subscribers and New Annual FabFitFun Subscribers Can Customize

New Seasonal subscribers, those who purchase from the Edit Sale, anyone who purchases after customization closes, and those who ask for a surprise box will receive one item at random.

Choice 4: 111Skin Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster ($160), Architec™ Wooden Spoons ($32), or Speaqua Cruiser Bluetooth Wireless Speaker ($24.99).

I had a seasonal subscription on my first box, so I did not get to choose the item. FabFitFun sent me the Speaqua Cruiser Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

I had just ordered my younger son a speaker in the Edit Sale, and I promised from older son that I would get him a speaker in an upcoming sale if I did not get this. At that point, I knew it was an option, and this looked so similar to the one FabFitFun was selling for $17. Not only did I get it, which makes me happy, but my son loves it. That makes him happy, too. Plus, I saved money.

The main reason I ordered a second box from the shop was to make sure I got a choice in this category. Ordering from the shop prevented me from using any discount codes meaning I paid the full $49.99 for this box. It was worth it though for the chance to try the 111Skin Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster. My skin is so dry, and I love hyaluronic acid. While there is no way I would pay $160 for this, I will gladly try it out and use it while the one from the box lasts.

Choice 5: VictoriaLand Beauty® Skin-Loving Treatment For Eyes & Lips ($55), or Grown Alchemist Deep Cleansing Facial Masque: Wheatgerm, Ginkgo & Cranberry ($39).

I wanted both of these, so I had a plan. Order the Grown Alchemist on my second box (did not get a choice on my first box). Everyone at FabFitFun loves Grown Alchemist, so I would have to get the VictoriaLand Beauty on my second box. The plan worked. It does not always work, like in Summer 2019 where I got the COOLA on ALL three boxes I ordered. Both of these products are new to me and seem interesting, so I am glad my plan worked this time.

All Subscribers Receive These

I have two boxes, so I got two of each.

The APTO Skincare Mist Set in Turmeric & Pomegranate retails for $20. I’ve already tried these and they seem refreshing. While the Turmeric could smell nicer, that spice is not known for its scent. As I have so many mists, I’ve already placed my second set in my upcoming giveaway.

The Marrakesh X Leave-In Treatment & Detangler retails for $15.99. I have not tried this yet, but it is only a matter of time before I do. My hair tangles easily. It requires tons of detangler just to brush. Getting a new one to try is always cool.

The Green Goo Hibiscus Plant-Based Body Scrub retails for $35. I do not scrub my body nearly as often as I should. Hopefully, I step it up, so I can make it through these and others already in my collection. If I feel I cannot make it, I will gift the second.

The FabFitFun Summer 2019 Editor’s Box Theme

There are box variations. The ones I received have a $288.98 (first choices, which includes the extra customization) and $359.99 (second choices) value. There was no option to select add-ons so they shipped in their regular boxes (the reason the box looks so beat up). Every box teams with a philanthropic cause. Like the regular Summer 2019 Box, this box supports City of Hope.

Everything in the Editor Box comes on top of white crinkle cut paper wrapped in white tissue and sealed with a sticker. This was my first box.

This was my second box.

A product card goes over all the items and options. It lists the cost for each item.

The back of the card has a note from FabFitFun stating the items in this box are hand-picked for us. Technically, the items in every box are hand-picked for us so that is not exclusive to the Editor’s Boxes.

Each box comes with a magazine. It does not have specific dates tied to it, so they do at times get reused for different seasons.

There is a letter from the Editor.

A helpful article for newer members is the perks of the box.

It spans two pages to make sure it promotes the upgrade.

It goes over some top-rated products. I’ve enjoyed every item pictured (that I’ve received), so I concur.

Positive words are always nice to read.

There is an article on how the box gets curated.

It has expanded onto a second page.

I also got coupons for Bright Cellars.

I do not drink, so I gave one to someone who does. Here is the other if someone wants it.

Summer 2019 FabFitFun Editor’s Box Reviews

The Editor’s Boxes are usually not as themed as the seasonal ones, but the kimono and skincare mists do fit the summer. It is more about selling leftover products and giving us a chance to grab more of the ones we loved from the past. This box has more products I have not seen in other boxes or past sales than any other box I’ve seen. That is probably why I grabbed two.

Summer 2019 FabFitFun Editor’s Box 1 Review

I already covered the items above, so I will just say I really wanted all eight items plus the 9th item I added on. At $288.98 in value of which $288.98 I really wanted, it was a great use of my $49.99. Even though my son took the speaker, he lives with me. Everything he owns, I buy. It does not really take away from my personal value. If I had to choose between the boxes, I would have chosen the one below over this one. The serum in the box makes all the difference.

Summer 2019 FabFitFun Editor’s Box 2 Review

I already covered the items above, so I will just say I really wanted seven of the eight items. Granted, by ordering the first box I knew I was getting three duplicates. At $359.99 in value of which $339.99 I really wanted, it was a great use of my $49.99. Giving my niece that $20 eyelash curler was important to me, so I like that I got a gift out of this. The second set of mists also went into my giveaway bringing my personal value down to $319.99. If I gift the duplicate detangler or body scrub, it could dip more. It will always be at least $269, because I will keep all the new items.

Is The Summer 2019 FabFitFun Editor’s Box Worth It?

I paid $99.98 for $648.97 in product. Even though I had some reservations about specific products, letting my stockpiles grow, and getting some duplicates by ordering two boxes, I am really happy with this purchase. The summer 2019 box was better, but not by a lot. Yes, the box is skincare heavy. While it would have been nice to see one or two more home or lifestyle items, I love skincare. Both boxes are worth the $49.99 I paid. If you have not already grabbed one, you should. They are only in the shop now, so you can only purchase this from there.

What do you think about this FabFitFun Summer 2019 Editor’s Box review? Let me know below. Ready to subscribe? Use code fffa2p6 or FAB10, and you will get you $10 off whichever box FabFitFun is selling when you happen upon this post. You can also use my referral link to get $10 off your purchase and have FabFitFun give me a $15 credit. Visit my FFF Page for more information about this subscription and shop purchases for subscribers. All available offers get posted there as well as everything I know about the retailer and links to helpful sections of the site. See all FabFitFun articles. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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