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Empties: Finished Product Reviews Spring 2019

It’s time to review my empty products from Spring 2019. By the time I’ve finished something, I know exactly how I feel about it, so I prefer reviews of empties to first impressions. These are the items I finished during the spring of 2019. For items I neither love nor hate, I am always willing to try them again, but I will not seek them out. This generally means I will only try them again if they are: free, on sale, or in a set (sets are a great way to get a deal as long as the value of the items you want to try exceed the cost you are paying). Empties from my April and June Foil Challenge are not here, because I wanted to avoid redundancy. The pH of products I’ve tested this season are below. Visit the pH article for info on how I test and a list of everything I’ve tested.

Anything in my Love category are items I consider a deal (even if purchased at the full retail price). That does not mean I will not seek out deals if I can find them. It does not necessarily mean I would buy them, especially if they are really expensive. Most are items I will typically buy again, although I will take a break from purchasing when I have too many similar items waiting to get tested. For items I really love, I spotlight ones I’ve finished (FabuFinds) and others I have yet to finish (Core Collection: Favorites) so I can discuss them in even more detail. Items in the Not for Me category are items I say no deal to (even on sale). Occasionally, I will just toss them before they’re empty, but I try to finish items unless I can’t (allergic reactions or extreme loathing). If they are really bad, I will not even use them again if I get them for free. Thankfully, I can usually find someone to take them from me, because we all have different wants and needs in our products.


everyone for every body hand soap meyer melon + mandarin – This smelled amazing, rinsed clean, and lathered well. My husband, who does not apply hand cream after every wash like I do says it provided lasting moisture as well. pH 4.0.

everyone hand soap tangerine + vanilla – This smelled amazing, rinsed clean, and lathered well. My husband, who does not apply hand cream after every wash like I do says it provided lasting moisture as well. pH 3.5.

HEMPZ Original Herbal Body Moisturizer – This moisturizes nicely for a formula that is only moderately thick. The moisture holds on until the next wash. It passes the scatch test where I purposefully scratch my skin. If it turns white, my skin is dry. When it turns red, my skin is moisturized. With this, it turned red. I really like the scent on this, because it as sweet without an overpowering aroma. pH 5.0.

KORRES Body Butter Japanese Rose – This is a rich moisturizer. It has a light rose scent, but it is not too strong. The only drawback is it takes a little effort to work it in, but I bet it would hold in hydration even in the winter. pH 4.0.

AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream – This is still a FabuFind. It penetrates deeply to moisturize from within. The scent is even growing on me, but it fades quickly anyway. This is a moderately thick cream does not leave behind a greasy feeling, and it makes my hands soft (which is not their usual state). pH 4.5.

h2o+ Sea Lavender Body Wash – This has a really fresh lavender scent, which I find really relaxing. It rinses really clean, but it does take a lot of product to get a nice lather. pH 3.0.

dpHUE ACV Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub – This does smell better than the Apple Cider Vinegar rinse from the brand, but not by a lot. Thankfully, I use this before I shampoo, so my hair takes on the scent of whatever shampoo I pair it with. I have a hard time really massaging it into my scalp, because the pieces cling to my hair. Occasionally, a few pieces cling past shampooing and conditioning afterward. Other than that, I think it works nicely. It helps keep my scalp from feeling dry and seems to remove product build up. pH 3.5.

NIVEA Foaming Silk Mousse Body Wash – I really enjoyed this. It had a fresh scent with the luxurious foaming texture I enjoy. This lathers extremely well and rinses clean. pH 3.0.

Rituals The Ritual of Sakura zensational foaming shower gel – Until very recently, this was $15 a bottle. That is the main reason I only used it when I wanted to pamper myself. Now that it is more affordable, I will also promote it to FabuFind status. It lathers unbelievably well, feels like a treat when I use it, and rinses really clean. The cost was the only thing holding me back. This particular one smells like cherry blossoms, so it is my new favorite scent. Because this keeps expanding after you dispense it, you could use a lot less than I do and get it to stretch further. pH 2.5

Ulta Beauty Sweet Pecan Cupcake 3-in-1 Smoothie Body Wash, Bubble Bath & Shampoo – This really smells like a sweet pecan cupcake but not in an overwhelming way. My husband and I both loved it so much that I went back to Ulta to get some more, but it sold-out. I’m hoping it makes a return this holiday season. It lathers beautifully and rinses clean. pH 4.5.

Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strip – This strip tingles a lot more than the regular version from this brand. I’m not sure if that is good or bad, but it seems like this removes stuff from my pores a little better. My skin is sensitive, so I need to wash my face before and after using this strip.

Supergoop! SuperPower Sunscreen Mousse Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – I really liked the foam. It was so moisturizing. My son, who never puts on body moisturizer, essentially drank this up with his skin. Even though I had moisturizer on, it still felt great on me. Any added moisture is a good thing. This foam was really easy to work into the skin. None of us got burned, so it did its job.

amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – I think this did a nice job of soaking up oil and certainly added volume. The smell is okay, and the texture it adds to my hair is fine. It does not leave a white cast. pH 4.5

Living proof.® STYLE|LAB® Prime Style Extender – I am still as in love with this now as I was when I named it a Winter Favorite. It is one of my favorite discoveries of 2019. It has transformed my hair. My hair used to get oily by the evening when I washed it that morning. With low porosity hair, I have trouble getting products to absorb. This results in dry hair with an oily scalp that tries to overcompensate for it. Even when I forget to apply this (adding a new step to our routine is not always easy to remember each time), my hair can go multiple days without looking oily. It just looks and feels more clean even on second or third day hair. Before this, I never dreamt of going three days between washes. Though I typically opt for two, I can push it to three. pH 4.5.

Lancome Absolue Premium Bx Advanced Cream Foam Cleanser – I would never pay this much for a face cleanser, but I do really love it. It lathers well, but still stays somewhat creamy to prevent from drying out my skin. My skin feels clean (not squeaky clean), but it does not feel stripped at all. pH 5.8.

Supergoop!® Everyday SPF 50 with Cellular Response Technology – This is a nice sunscreen. It is not super shiny so I can apply it to my face or my body. When I remember to reapply it on time, my skin does not burn. pH 3.0.

COOLA® Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer – This sunscreen keeps me protected, because I have never burned with it. I like that it looks natural on my skin without looking too matte or too greasy. It also has a really fresh scent. pH 5.8.

hello sensitivity relief fluoride toothpaste soothing mint with coconut oil – I still feel more sensitivity relief from Sensodyne or Pronamel, but this did a really good job. The taste was not even bad, considering I dislike coconut. pH 5.5.

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream Sandalwood Essential Oil – I thoroughly enjoyed this and would purchase a less manly scent. It definitely felt like it softened and lifted the hair for a closer shave. My skin felt so comfortable whilst shaving! pH 8.0.

Sephora Quick-Fix Hair Tie – These never leave much indent in my hair (although it has happened). I like that they fit my wrist nicely (other than the ones with prints that are a little tight and never really loosen). They look as nice on my wrist as they do in my hair. It does appear I am losing more hair than usual. If I find out this hair tie is the reason, I will demote it.

Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave – While I preferred The Art of Shaving Shave Cream, I thought this one was really nice as well. It definitely felt like it softened and lifted the hair for a closer shave. I also wish this smelled less manly. pH 5.5.

COTZ Face SPF 40 Tinted Natural Skin Tone – This adds the slightest hint of color, but it mostly assists in making my face look matte. Even though I have dry skin, I dislike sunscreens that make my face look greasy. It feels like a primer and really smooths everything out. I think this would make a great under makeup primer/sunscreen, but it is also nice for a makeup free day. My skin did not burn so it did its job. pH 5.0.

Schick Hydro Silk Hydra Boost Serum Razor – I really love that I get a close shave with this razor and rarely cut myself. The serum helps with the smoothness.

Dr.Jart+ Firming Solution Body heat Thermosensitive Cellulose Gel Mask – I cannot say that this firmed, but how many firming masks really do what they promise. It was a really wet mask that felt very relaxing. That cooling sensation was pretty neat. It added a lot of hydration and moisture. pH 5.0

Real Chemistry Environmental Rescue Mask – I really enjoyed this mask. Read my full review. pH 4.5.

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mask – I really enjoyed this mask. Read my full review. pH 5.0.

miss spa hydrate facial sheet mask – I really enjoyed this mask. Read my full review. pH 5.0.

miss spa coconut facial sheet mask – I really enjoyed this mask. Read my full review. pH 3.5.

GLAMGLOW® BUBBLESHEET™ Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask – This is still a FabuFind. It bubbles up while it deeply cleanses the skin. After a few minutes, I get to work the remnants into my skin to really cleanse it. When I rinse it off, my skin feels really clean without feeling stripped at all. It really is a great moisturizing and cleansing mask. Most two in one masks fall short in one area, but I think this is strong on both counts. pH 4.0.

Patchology PoshPeel Pedi Cure Intensive Foot Peel Treatment – This peels my feet completely. Read my review if you want to see it in action.

HERBIVORE Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish – This made my skin feel really soft, and I loved the way it smelled. The rose was more prominent than the coconut though. It was not too gentle or too rough and it was suspended in oil. Of all body scrubs, this is my favorite type. pH 5.0

Oral B Glide Pro Health Comfort Plus Floss Mint – This is still a FabuFind. Nothing glides through my teeth without getting stuck better than this. It is also thick so it rarely breaks.

DRUNK ELEPHANT Protini™ Polypeptide Cream – I go deeper into my reasons in the article I wrote on this, but I do think $68 is a little too much for this. It is a nice, hydrating cream that works into the skin beautifully. It is not too heavy, so my skin breathes. That is nice in the spring. pH 4.0.

Willing To Try Again

Mizani 25 Miracle Milk – I do like this, but I am not sure I like it enough to purchase it again. If I did, it would be when it gets discounted to $10. The main of the 25 benefits I want is detangling. While it does detangle, it does not detangle as well as some of the other products I’ve tried. This is lightweight though so it does weigh hair down less than some other detanglers. It is hard to say how well it moisturizes, because my hair does not feel any softer when I use this than when I use another one. Then again, I ALWAYS use a detangler so it has been a long time since I’ve felt my hair without one. pH 4.0

Manna Kadar Sea Minerals Renewing Hand Soap – I had mixed emotions on this. It is very fragranced. At times, I enjoyed that. Because it is overpowering and smells like a perfume, there were times I did not. There were also times it lathered well and other times when it did not. pH 3.0.

Garnier Clean + Blackhead Eliminating Scrub – This is gentle enough to use everyday, but I do not like to use a physical exfoliator daily no matter how gentle it is. I also only like to use this around my pores and the more oily parts of my skin, because I find it a little drying. Because of how big it is, how rarely I use it, and the limited areas I use it on, I cannot work through it as intended. It was my second tube (first expired before I could finish it), and I had to use it on my body just to finish it this time. On my body, I find it a little drying as well. For the oily parts of my face, I like it. My pores did look cleared out. When I did use this daily (the original tube from a long time ago), I found it helped keep breakouts at bay. pH 3.5.

L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Nutri-Gloss High shine shampoo – It did add some shine and helped reduce some frizz, but my hair just feels more dry than usual with this. pH 5.8.

Greenbrier International Red Apple Body Wash – I got this at the Dollar Tree, so my expectations were not high. It has a jelly like consistency with a very artificial apple smell. While it does lather well, I feel like it does not rinse really clean. This is something I would use (given the price), but I would pick most other products over this. pH 5.0

HASK Charcoal Purifying Shampoo – It does an excellent job of removing product build up, has an incredible lather, and surprisingly smells nice (not expected with a charcoal shampoo). The only thing that keeps this from being perfect is it strips some of the moisture from my hair. I can combat that a little if I only use this with a deep conditioning mask, but I prefer to find a shampoo that does not dry out my hair. pH 4.5.

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner – My skin is dry. I read that my skin might pair better with an AHA chemical exfoliant. While I did like this one, it did not control my breakouts or leave my skin as soft as the BHA toner I switched back to. If you have dry skin that is not prone to breakouts, this will probably work wonders for you. Unfortunately, my dry skin does get breakouts. pH 3.0

Marlowe Men’s Shave Gel – This was just okay. It did not give me a close shave like I am used to with other male products. The consistency was also a little watery, so I did not find it giving a nice layer of protection between the blade and my legs either. pH 4.5.

ogx detoxifying pomegranate & ginger Scalp Toner – It does help my scalp feel less dry and tight, but I do still get occasional flakes with this one. I notice a difference when I use nothing at all though, so it definitely works. pH 4.5

R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo – It does absorb some oil, but it also leaves a white cast that is really hard to shake off. My hair just looks and feels a little ashy. The best thing is the way it smells. pH 4.0

Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture Masque – I still feel like the Nourishing Moisture Masque is the star of this brand. This one was not bad though. It did add some moisture, tame some frizz, and leave my hair feeling softer. pH 4.5.

Coola SPF 50 Sport Fresh Mango – This sunscreen keeps me protected, because I have never burned with it. I like that it looks natural on my skin without looking too matte or too greasy. It has a less than pleasant scent, so I would select a different fragrance or opt for the fragrance free one. pH 3.5.

dr. brandt pores no more vacuum cleaner blackhead extractor mask – I cannot offer a fair review, because I never had blackheads when I used this. It did make my skin look cleaner, but I am unsure how it would remove blackheads. pH 4.0.

Yves Saint Laurent Natural Action Exfoliator Granule-free – I was really conflicted on how to rank this one. It really is a granule-free exfoliant. You do not feel anything but softenss as you work it into your skin. Unlike a traditional chemical exfoliant, you rinse it off. This makes me wonder how it works. Nevertheless, my skin feels really soft after I use it. The only reason I listed it here instead of love is the cost. My skin needs more than softness for that price. pH 3.5.

Blaq Hydrogel Eye Mask – I had some dark circles from lack of sleep and wanted to see how these would work. They did not do much for the dark circles, but they did add some much needed moisture to my under eyes. pH .5.0

Kalahari Spa and Salon Lotion – This is an okay lotion. There is nothing overly special or terrible about it. pH 6.0.

Soap & Glory heel Genius Foot Cream – I generally prefer a thicker foot cream. This one is only moderately thick, but it does work in the spring. When I opened it initially (in the winter), it was falling a little short. pH 4.5.

Colgate Optic White Platinum Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste Express White – My teeth do look a little more white when I use this. They also feel more sensitive when I use it, so I feel the whitening agent is counteracting some of the protective fluoride. I could not use this long term. pH 5.5.

Lollia Relax Shea Butter Handcreme Lavender & Honey – The scent was nice. I prefer a thicker, more hydrating hand cream. This one almost completely absorbs, but I like to feel the product on my skin. When I am about to eat finger foods, this is a good hand cream. Otherwise, I want something that stays on the surface of my skin from one hand wash to the next. pH 5.8.

Not For Me

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue Nourishing Oil-in-Cream Camellia Oil – I could not get this to work no matter how hard I tried. If I used a little, it made no difference at all. When I used a lot, my hair looked greasy. Even when I used a moderate amount my hair would look greasy in some parts and untouched in others. Applying this evenly to get it to look nice is not something I accomplished even one time through the duration of the sample. Assuming there is a happy medium or perfect way to apply it, I could not find the balance. pH 4.0.

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes with Coconut Milk & Essential Oils – This really did not do anything for me. No matter how I used them, I smelled very bad. Read my full review.

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