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Finding a Natural Deodorant That Doesn’t Make Me Stink – A Lavanila, Pacifica, and ARROW Review

My search to find a natural deodorant that does not make me stink continued, and I am here to go over my latest natural deodorant reviews. I started my journey last year with Lavanila Sport Luxe Deodorant and schmidt’s Rose + Vanilla Natural Deodorant. Of course, I documented that journey for anyone who wants to read specifics on how it went. The short version is it did not go well, so I was determined to keep testing products until I’ve found the one that works for me. While I hoped I could re-test both of the original products, the schmidt’s product went bad. That meant I was only able to give Lavanila a second try.

The Testing Criterion

For this review, I gave each product over a month to make sure my body had enough time to adjust to it. The only exception is the wipes, because I only had 10. Trust me, 10 was enough to know I had no desire to purchase 20 more to do a more thorough test. I started with the Lavanila product, because I was coming off an aluminum based deodorant and knew my body needed time to detoxify. It can take up to a month to detoxify whenever someone halts using an antiperspirant. That is why I intentionally went over a month. Would it work any better this time around?

Why I Am Trying To Switch from Antiperspirant to Deodorant

Antiperspirant uses aluminum, which plugs pores to block sweat. Sweating is natural and plugging sweat glands with aluminum is not. That much is what everyone can probably agree with. While I am not opposed to using things that stop natural body functions, I think finding an alternative that lets my body act as it should is generally a good idea. Natural deodorants do not use antiperspirant at all. They rely on deodorant to work on the bacteria in sweat instead of an ingredient that blocks sweat. Many antiperspirants also use deodorant, but most of their effectiveness comes from blocking the sweat altogether. I can handle sweat as long as I do not smell bad. If I could find a natural deodorant that blocks the bacteria in my body from emitting a foul odor, I would switch.

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Sport Luxe Review

The 2.2oz Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant Sport Luxe retails for $14. After having such a bad experience with this the first time, I went in with really low expectations. I cannot express how amazing this deodorant smells in the tube. Without a doubt, it is the best deodorant I have ever smelled. There is such a clean and fresh scent and you really smell great upon application. That amazing scent quickly disappears. In no time at all, I no longer smell good. Unlike my first experience, it took a few days of using this before I actually smelled bad. That meant I seemed to have better luck with it the second time.

Yes, my body was still detoxifying from the aluminum, but this is the first one I tried last year, too. Even on day one, I smelled bad. About a week in, there was a day where I sweated a lot. That was the first time this year I have generally smelled bad. I noticed that the pattern repeated for the duration of the experiment. I only smelled bad on days I sweated a lot, but I only smelled good for a few minutes after applying. Thus, it really makes no difference how amazing this deodorant smells. It will not translate into anything amazing for me. If I reapply multiple times a day, I can ward off smelling bad.

There is just no way I can wear this on really hot days without smelling bad. It does not do enough to counteract the bacteria in my body. I’ve given it two chances now. This time, I used it closer to 6 weeks, which was more than enough time for my body to detoxify from the aluminum and adjust to this. While I think I did better the second than I did the first, I just think there is probably something better suited to me out there.

Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes with Coconut Milk & Essential Oils Review

The 30 count package of Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes with Coconut Milk & Essential Oils retails for $9. You can frequently get a special price as well. They are Buy One, Get One 40% off now. I do think $9 for what amounts to one month of deodorant is a little steep, but I can see the convenience making them worth the cost for people who enjoy them. These do not have a strong fragrance one way or the other. Years ago, I used one of these wipes after a workout and thought it did nothing at all to help with odor. My experience with this package was pretty much the same.

Whether I used the wipe on freshly clean skin as my deodorant for the day (3x), used it as my cleanser and deodorant midday after applying a natural deodorant that morning (3x), or used it to cleanse my skin before reapplying a different natural deodorant (4x over 3 days), it made no difference. I still smelled really bad shortly after I put it on. It did not even matter whether I sweated a lot or not. These wipes did not work well with my body chemistry at all. They are also really sticky, so I felt less clean instead of more clean after using one. It is the worst when you take a fresh shower and use this in place of a stick deodorant. Going from clean to sticky that fast is not a good feeling.

I also smelled the worst on days where I only applied this as my deodorant. My Body Odor was off the charts bad on those days. When I used it to freshen up the deodorant I applied that morning, my Body Odor was slightly lessened, but I still smelled really bad. This is just not strong enough to work on its own. Both of those scenarios had it working on its own either all day or half the day. The best results came when I applied a stick deodorant on clean skin, used this to freshen up when I started to smell off from that. Then, I would apply the stick deodorant again. Two of the three days I did this, I still smelled bad, but my Body Odor was not as bad as it was where I relied on this to work alone. On the third day, I had to use a wipe twice and reapply twice, because I smelled really bad that day.

My body had already been detoxifying from the aluminum for almost 2 months by the end of this 9-day period, so I did not see the purpose of purchasing a larger pack to see if this works over a month the way I did with the others. It is clear I would have had the same results I experienced in those 9 days. Whenever it worked alone or it was a really hot day, I smelled so unbelievably bad that I was embarrassed to have anyone near me.

ARROW PROTECT Aluminum-Free Deodorant Review

The 0.9oz ARROW PROTECT Aluminum-Free Deodorant retails for $9. This claims to have a bright citrus scent featuring notes of pink grapefruit, mint leaf, ginger flower, and sea spray. My sense of smell is strong, and I only really smell the mint leaf. It is not bad at all, but it is far from the citruss scent people who order it might expect. It has a particularly wet formula compared to the Lavanila. That means I do not need to warm it up on my skin, but it also means it takes longer for it to dry down. Getting dressed right after applying it is not a good idea.

I used this everyday for about 5 weeks. My body had been aluminum free for almost three months by the time I stopped testing this. There were days that it worked better than others. It seemed the more I sweated the more I smelled, but I did not smell too bad on days where I did not sweat a lot. If I was able to reapply, I could ward off some odor before it started. On days where I was out, the foul odor inevitably came. Short of limiting mobility and not sweating at all, I smelled bad when I used this as well. Because this does not have the amazing scent of the Lavanila, there was never a time when I would say I smelled good. Granted, that magic of the Lavanila never even made it 30 minutes before it started to turn.

The Search for My Perfect Natural Deodorant Continues

Until I find the natural deodorant that works with my body chemistry, I have to switch to aluminum based antiperspirant during the warmer months. The hotter it is the more I sweat. That sweat quickly turns into body odor when I do not have a deodorant that responds well with the bacteria under my arms. No one wants to smell like BO, and I actually smell worse when using some of these products than when I use nothing at all. This means I will try again in late fall as the weather starts to cool down. Hopefully, I can try the ones that still have product left again (as long as they have not gone bad).

What are your thoughts on this natural deodorant review. Let me know below. See all product articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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