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FabFitFun For Him II Edition Review- Summer 2019 FabFitFun Men’s Box

See the new FabFitFun For Him III Edition -Winter 2019 Men’s Gift Box or keep reading to see the second edition below. 

I am here to bring you the Summer 2019 FabFitFun Men’s Box review. This box popped up again in the Fall 2019 Edit sale. It is the Summer 2019 FabFitFun for Him II Edition. When the Summer 2019 add-ons opened up, this was a purchase option for $49.99. That gave me the opportunity to get my husband another FabFitFun box of his own. His first was the Winter 2018/2019 Men’s Gift Box. I decided to show the contents to him before purchasing it instead of surprising him, because there were a couple of things I was unsure of. After looking, he assured me that he would probably try everything but the wallet. He already loves the wallet he owns. With 8 items inside, I figured it was still worth the purchase if he tried seven. Besides, my 12-year-old wanted a new wallet. Everything inside this set would stay in the family making it a great purchase decision. This is the second FabFitFun for Men Box, so I assume that means the first one went well. Hopefully, more follow.

Available Offers for Joining FabFitFun

Use code FAB10 to get 20% off ($10) a FabFitFun Winter 2020 Editor’s Box subscription.

FabFitFun For Him II Edition Overview (Summer 2019 Men’s Gift Box)

You cannot order the Men’s Box as a subscription (yet). From an account that is already subscribed, you can select it from the add-on shop (when it is available). I have yet to see this in the regular shop, because it likely sells out in add-ons.

There are 8 items inside the FabFitFun For Him II Box making the cost of each item $6.25.

Everything comes on top of white crinkle cut paper wrapped in white tissue and sealed with a sticker. Unlike the regular boxes, there is no magazine.

A product card goes over all the items and options. It lists the cost for each item.

The back of the card has a note stating this is a limited-edition FabFitFun for Him box. All items are hand-picked by the Editors.

FabFitFun For Him II Edition Review (Summer 2019 Men’s Gift Box)

All 8 items in the FabFitFun Summer 2019 Men’s Box are static and known in advance, so there are no box variations. Everyone who ordered gets the same products.

The 0.53oz Salt & Stone Premium Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 50 retails for $18. I am always trying to get my husband to use more sunscreen. He dislikes the was sunscreen smells, thinks it as a hassle to apply, and complains that he never burns anyway. Hopefully, this will smell better and apply more easily to reduce some of his dissatisfaction with other sunscreen. Sticks are usually a quick and easy way to apply or even reapply when you are on the go.

The 2.19oz Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream Camellia & Geranium Blossom retails for $49. I’ve heard great things about this moisturizer and like that my husband has his own and can stop stealing mine now. This is a product I received in a Fall 2018 FabFitFun Box, so I should get to my own version of this soon. He will get to try his first as I have others to work through.

The PX Clothing Evan Vegan Leather Bi-Fold Wallet retails for $40. My son likes the way it smells. It surprised me that it does not have a typical pleather scent. I wish the ID holder was see through, but he is a few years away from getting an ID anyway. This is a nice wallet for him or any man who does not have too much to carry. Hopefully, it holds up.

The 2.6oz fatboy Sea Salt Pomade retails for $21. My husband never sticks to one hair product for very long, so he will definitely give this one a try.

The 1oz Rebels Refinery Moisturizing Beard and Pre-Shave Oil retails for $13.99. He’s already tried this and says he likes it. This helps soften the hair and skin to make shaving more pleasant.

The 12oz Sempli Monti-IPA Beer Glass retails for $27.50. They are sold in a set of two for $55. This is a really thin glass, so the price surprised me. It is made of lead-free crystal. I think the shape is very artistic, but it serves a practical purpose. Carbonated beverages have their effervescence enhanced since the glass prevents stirring or swirling. That’s cool if it truly works. You could use this for a lot more than beer, although a crystal container worth nearly $30 would not get used too often here.

The 8oz Pilot Men’s Grooming & Skin Care Complete Castile Soap retails for $17.95. This All-in-one 100% natural liquid Castile soap has peppermint essential oil in it, and my husband really wanted to try it. He really enjoys multi-use products, which is so opposite from me. Hopefully, this works out.

The Brouk & Co The Lighter Fix-it-Set retails for $39.99. This is a flashlight tool set combo. It came with 3 AAA batteries, and the flashlight does work. I could see this coming in handy if something needs to get fixed during a power outage. These tools are decent, but not heavy duty, so I would not recommend using them on a regular basis. Fix it tools include: Scissors, Hook remove, Fish scaler, Phillips screwdriver (cross), Saw, Blade, Bottle and can opener, Metal file, Flat screw driver, Bicycle hexagon wrench.

Was the FabFitFun For Him II Edition (Summer 2019 FabFitFun Men’s Gift Box) Worth It?

The FabFitFun for Him Summer 2019 Men’s Box has a $227.43 value. That is a 72% savings for anyone who uses all the items. As this is the only men’s box so far this year, it makes the average box for 2019 $227.43. That is a lot lower than the average for the regular boxes, but women’s beauty products are more expensive. Some call it the pink tax. My husband’s personal value is $187.43, because he did not keep the wallet. Since he did give it to our son in the same household, one could easily argue his personal value is higher. He has to pay for our son’s items anyway. Even though this has a lower value than the winter box, which had one less item, I think this is a more well-rounded box. With grooming products and accessories, it meets the fab aspect. It meets the fun aspect with the flashlight and glass. Hopefully, there is something fit in the third box, if we get a third box. I like that this box has a moisturizer, which is what I felt the last box could have used. Overall, I think this one is better and more worth it than the first one, even though that one was also great.

Summer 2019 FabFitFun Box

I just received my second summer box yesterday, but I am still waiting for my first summer box to ship. Once I receive my other summer box, I will come back and link the article for all the items I received with the Summer 2019 FabFitFun Box.

What do you think of the FabFitFun For Him II Edition Review (Summer 2019 Men’s Gift Box)? Let me know below. Ready to subscribe? Use code FAB10 to get 20% off ($10) the next box. Visit my FFF Page for more information about this subscription and shop purchases for subscribers. All available offers get posted there as well as everything I know about the retailer and links to helpful sections of the site. See all FabFitFun articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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