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Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set, A 2019 Spring Bonus Sale Recommendation

I want to offer my 2019 Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set review, because the Sephora 2019 Spring Bonus Sale opens to VIB Rouge members today. This is something worthy of adding to your shopping list. It took me a while after its release to purchase it. Then, it took me a while to start testing the products. Now that I have tested all of them, I will have more entries for my lip balm article (which keeps getting pushed back as I acquire new products). Many of the Sephora Favorites sets have been misses lately, but this is a definite hit. If you are lucky enough to get one during the sale, grab it. Even if this somehow lasts through the sale and you are reading this, grab it.

I decided not to shop in person today, because Sephora is not offering an in person VIB Rouge bonus. If your store did anything special, please let me know below.

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I have one timeline where I list all major: Promotions, Sales, Deals, GWP, Promo Codes, and Events. Those who want to see an overall idea of what to expect this year should stop by. See where this 2019 Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set lines up with others on the calendar. You can also visit my Sephora retailer page to see active and upcoming offers of all types.

2019 Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set Review

There are six products in the $28 Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set. That makes the cost of each item $4.67. Two of the is products are full-size, and four are deluxe.

The full-size items cover all but $2 of this kit. That makes this worth it for anyone who wants both full-size products.

The full-size 0.16oz Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Venus retails for $16. This is a shade I did not own. I’ve enjoyed other shades in this formula. As the most expensive product in the set, it is ultimately the reason I purchased it.

This is a dazzling gold with pink reflective sparkle (according to its description). I see more pink than gold, but the gold does pop in natural light. It looks almost translucent indoors. The formula is not too thick or sticky.

That translates into it feeling comfortable while it is on, but it does not last too long. Expect to reapply every few hours or at least after eating.

The 0.05oz Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Clear retails in this size for $14. I owned this formula in milkshake, but this clear shade was new to me.

The clear serum claims to have long-lasting lip plumping effects thanks to scientifically proven and advanced lip plumping technologies. While I cannot say this has long-term effects, I do notice a difference while it is on. My lips look more plump and full. It tingles for the first 10-15 minutes until my lips acclimate.

This formula travels outside of my lip lines, so it looks a little messy. I could use a lip liner to limit that. Of course, the bigger looking lips could result from just how shiny this formula is. Anything that shines that bright will highlight and bring things forward.

The 0.033oz tarte Rainforest Of The Sea™ H2O Lip Gloss Sundress is worth $4.64. That means it comes in $0.03 under what I paid for it. I can forgive it since it was so close. This is a shade I did not already own.

The peachy nude does look almost transparent indoors, but you can see the color in natural light. It has a thick and sticky formula. While it is far from the stickiest formula I’ve ever tried, it is right up near the top of sticky formulas I am willing to use.

That does translate into it lasting longer than the average lip gloss, but I have to peel my hair out of it constantly when I am outside.

The full-size 0.15oz INC.redible Jelly Shot Ex Revenge retails for $10. I’ve wanted to try something from this brand and already had this specific product in mind. Getting it in this kit was perfect.

This is a luxurious 24 carat gold with a subtle glow (according to its description). I do not see the gold in any light, so it looks like an almost matte glow on the lips. It has a chemical taste, which I do not like. While this is not so awful that I would never use it, I would never purchase any more. Whenever I dislike the way a lip product tastes (there is no way from preventing it that close to your mouth), I do not waste my time no matter how good the formula is. There are too many products that perform well and taste fine to mess with one I hate getting in my mouth.

The formula itself is okay. It does not penetrate the lips, but it does feel hydrating while it is on. This is not sticky at all, so it will rub off relatively fast. My lips feel comfortable when this is on. You can barely feel unless you rub your lips together. I’d say the main appeal to this and products like it is how beautiful the flower is. If you use too much, you’d ruin the flower. Maybe it’s a good thing I dislike the taste and find the lip balm average at best. Until the lip balm goes bad, my beautiful flower should remain intact.

The 0.08oz Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Liquid Color Balm Shade 12 Chase Me Nude is worth $12.80. I did not own any of this formula, and it is another product I’ve wanted to try.

The warm neutral looks like a mauve-berry, but it does give a very warm appearance as it blends in to my lips. This formula is a cross between a gloss (shiny) and a balm (moisturizing). There is not stickiness at all. It feels incredibly hydrating and comfortable while it is on. If you want a long-lasting product, this is it. After many hours and a meal, this held on. I even like the way it tastes. Other than price, the only other con is you might get slight butthole lip (color wears off in the center) as it fades. Most liquid lipsticks do that as well, but this is more comfortable than any liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried.

Even though I love the fresh lip balm, this kit helped me discover how amazing this formula is. Since purchasing one of these lip products would have exceeded the cost of the kit, I think this is the star of the set. Never mind the full-size products, which are inferior.

The 0.07oz fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment Translucent is worth $11.38. I’ve loved this product for a long time and did not own any when I saw it in this set. Since I am working on a lip balm comparison article, I love that I get to include this one now.

This is translucent as it claims, so you will only notice a subtle shine while it is on the lips. The consistency on this is lovely. I call it a hybrid between Chapstick and Carmex, because it glides like Carmex but it feels comfortable like Chapstick. It is not sticky at all yet it lasts for a while. Because it penetrates the lips, they still feel moisturized for hours after it wears off.

Unless you want the shine, you could really apply this only once or twice a day for hydration. There is a pleasant citrus scent and the formula does not taste bad.

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set Overview

Three of the formulas in this set are translucent. Two of them look almost translucent indoors. Even the YSL, which looks dark in the swatch, melds with the lip color to give a warm, nude appearance. This is a very natural set. Yes, it is shiny, but do not get this if you are looking for color.

Is the 2019 Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set Worth It?

The $28 kit has a $68.82 value, which is under the $74 Sephora estimate. My personal value is $68.82, because I kept every product. They were all new to me except the fresh balm, which I was out of when this arrived. Considering I already loved it, I knew I wanted it again. This is a great sampler for people who want hydrated lips without too much color. Every product delivers the shine as promised, and the Too Faced product delivers enough shine for two faces. Each product also delivers hydration while the product is on, and the fresh balm still delivers after it wears off. Yves Saint Laurent is not far behind with this magic product. It is truly a gem, and I am grateful this set gave me the chance to discover it.

If the value of the items you want to keep exceeds the cost you are paying, it is worth it. Grab it soon, because it already lasted longer than it should have. It will surprise me if there are any left after the Sephora Spring Bonus 2019., Inc.

What are your thoughts on this 2019 Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set review? Let me know below. Sephora does not inform any Beauty Insider of all promotions. It does list a great deal of them on its Beauty Offers page, but I list some it does not on my Sephora Deals Page. Between the ones it lists and the ones I list, you can catch most of them. Sign upfor Sephora emails to get targeted offers. If you’re spending over $25 online, there is always a promo code that you can apply. Most major events run on a set schedule, which is why I track them. See all Sephora articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal When Shopping Sephora. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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