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Allure Beauty Box March 2019 Subscription Box Review – Get Your First Box for $10 and a Welcome Gift

I am here to bring you my Allure Beauty Box March 2019 review, because I subscribed again. That’s right, March. Keep reading and I will show you the incredible journey this box went on before it finally reached me. My last Allure Beauty Box was from March 2018. Let’s quickly go over why I decided to re-subscribe. It was not that I saw the March box and thought I need to have that, although the La Mer gift for re-joining did not hurt. Well, it actually did hurt, because I assumed it would be the normal size. Turns out it was tiny. You will not find pictures below, because I gave it away before I even bothered photographing it. Yes, I gave it away, because it is not much for me. It is still big enough for someone who has not tried it yet to use it 2-3 times!

Allure Beauty Box $15 Box Challenge and Multi-Month Comparison Review

Losing my Julep Maven subscription brought me from six to five subs. Even though five is a more solid number, I felt like I wanted six again. My Julep Maven subscription was something very special, so it saddens me to see it go. The main reason I decided to subscribe again was actually the decision Birchbox made to change its pricing structure. That brought the box from competing with Play by Sephora to competing with the Allure Beauty Box, depending on your plan. New Birchbox members on a month-to-month plan will pay the same $15 Allure Beauty Box members pay.

I love Birchbox, so I mean no offense when I say it is not a $15 a month box, at least not as it was. Even though I am not always thrilled with the Allure Beauty Box and its service has always been extremely lacking all the way back to its Sample Society days, it is a superior box. They are impossible to compare when one is $10 and the other is $15. That was apples to oranges. With some members now paying the same $15 for each box, it is now apples to apples and only fair to compare them.

I added a couple of Birchbox subscriptions just before the pricing change, so I could experiment. My plan was to compare Birchbox with its new format to Allure Beauty Box to see if the changes it promised when it raised prices on some members will result in it being competitive with the best known $15 beauty box on the market, Allure. Since Birchbox has a lot of variations each month, I am going to compare my 3 Birchboxes to my monthly Allure box to see if any are as good.

I am going to do the comparison article after the individual May 2019 box reviews. That way, I have more than one month to compare them. Even though I will compare the March boxes since anyone who signed up after March 24th paid the higher price, I will note that Birchbox did not promise the changes until April 2019. At least that will also let us see the March boxes in the same article as the April and May boxes to see if there was any improvement there.

Allure Beauty box sends 5-6 beauty samples for $15 plus tax a month. Shipping is free. Most items are deluxe, but there are times when 1-3 products are full-sized. Items are chosen by Allure editors so products can range from drugstore to high-end. There is no rewards program with this subscription, but you can refer people if your referral link works. Here’s hoping mine does, because you get a rotating gift if someone signs up using your link. Boxes usually ship in the third week of the month, and the charge for the box gets processed the day the box ships. New subscribers get charged the day they subscribe.

New Allure Beauty Box Subscriber Offers

If you are a new subscriber and there are boxes left in the month you subscribe, you will get a box from that month. When the month is sold-out, you will still be charged upon subscribing, but you will not get charged a second time when your first box ships the following month. New subscribers get $5 off their first box. They also get a welcome gift, which is a Mally Shadow Stick for anyone who signs up in April.

My March 2019 Allure Beauty Box Journey

As promised, I want to show the journey this box went on to explain why it took almost a month from ordering it before it arrived. It reached my city on April 8th, but USPS thought my package deserved a vacation. My box went from my city to Utah, Colorado, and California before coming back home. I wonder if it enjoyed its adventures and really long voyage. Considering I’ve never taken a trip that long, I am a little jealous.

Allure Beauty Box March 2019 Overview

There is a mini magazine inside the box that goes over all the products inside.

It gives a review from someone who has enjoyed the product, the cost to purchase the full size, and where to purchase it.

It also gives a promo code on some products to purchase directly from the brand, and you can see which ones in the photos. Considering how late in the month these boxes ship, I think Mamonde had a misstep by having its code expire on March 31st. Even for people who are not new, their boxes could have gone on a grand adventure, like mine. For new people, we did not stand a chance. Thankfully, it is only 20% off, and Ulta carries the brand. I can use a 20% off prestige coupon to grab this.

My magazine shows the exact seven products I received, no more, no less.

There were 25 possible products, so I am happy to know I got everything I should have. An issue I had back when the magazines printed all the products and some people received more than others was how would you know if you are missing one. It is nice to see it resolved.

The contents come inside a plastic carrying case. This does prevent them from moving around too much, but it also puts strain on the case.

It is not well made, so mine ripped on both sides. This is going straight into my recycling bin.

There is variation between the boxes, but most boxes will look very similar to one another.

Allure Beauty Box March 2019 Review

The 0.3oz Acure Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Night Oil is worth $3.90. I have dry skin, so I love trying new oils. This is for people seeking deep hydration and balance. That seems perfect for me, if it works as promised.

The 0.84oz Mamonde Rose Water Toner is worth $2.30. My skin usually enjoys rose toners, so I have high expectations for this. This hydrating toner promises to soothe and nourish.

The full-size 0.2oz tarte tarteist quick dry matte lip paint OG retails for $20. I know I own other shades in this formula, but I do not think I’ve tested it yet. If I have, it could not have been terrible or great. Otherwise, I would have remembered it. Once I try it, I am sure I will remember if I have before or not.

This is a greige shade, but my natural lighting was only picking up the gray and beige tones. To the naked eye, there is mauve. I had to use a flash to capture this.

I still dislike using a flash, because it saturates and alters color. Thanks to the gloomy day and unique blend of colors in this shade, it actually looks closer to the shade in the flash than it does to the natural one. That does not happen often though.

I will edit in a picture and review once I try it.

The 2oz amika soulfood nourishing mask retails in this size for $12. I remember trying this before and thinking it was not as good as the one I love. Since then, I’ve learned more about my low porosity hair and what it takes to get moisture to absorb. As such, I am open to trying masks I’ve tried before with my new tips. This will give me a better feel for how the product works with my hair.

The 0.099oz The BrowGal The Instatint Tinted Brow Gel With Microfibers Brown Hair 02 is worth $15.56. I would have preferred Light Hair 03, but I understand why they sent this shade instead. Without knowing our hair colors, more people probably match to this one than the lighter or darker one. Similar products in brown shades have worked for me, so I will try this. It is a brand I’ve been curious about, so it is nice to try the product even if the color is off. Benefit Gimme Brow is my favorite product, and I can get away with darker shades of that one. This is a volumizing microfiber formula like that one, so it might work.

The full-size 0.1oz ModelCo Metallic Eyeshadow Trio Mykonos retails for $18. This is 100% without a doubt the same trio as the one from the March 2019 Birchbox Curated Box, Positano. It really is a shame, because I would have kept everything in this box if they were different. If you want this, get Positano from Birchbox, because you can use a promo code.

I thought the swatches from Positano (above) were beautiful, so I had high hopes for Mykonos. The stock photo looks like a completely different color scheme. Thinking ModelCo mislabeled mine, I searched the Internet and discovered a lot of us have Positano and Mykonos, which are a perfect match. How on earth did that happen? Since I’ve already swatched Positano, and I do not need two, I am putting Mykonos away for my next giveaway.

These applied nicely, which I expected based on the swatches. I wanted to try it at least once with just this palette, but I think it would look and perform better when paired with mattes. A palette with only shimmers makes it hard to create a cohesive look, because metallics do not look good in the crease and those shades are more likely to move. The colors lasted all day other than some light creasing in my eyelid fold. Next time I use this, I will grab another palette to have a matte transition and crease shade.

The full-size 0.35oz Wander Beauty Mile high Club Volume and Length Mascara retails for $26. This is a mascara I have not tried yet. It says it is volumizing and lengthening while grabbing every lash . That makes me think it may separate them the way I like. We shall see.

Was the March 2019 Allure Beauty Box Worth It?

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