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Lancome Makeup Brush Reviews: Ranking 15 Brushes By Which are The Best (9 Favorites), The Worst (3 Awful Ones), and Just Average (3 Meh)

My Lancome Makeup Brush reviews are long overdue, but I am finally here to bring you my thoughts on which Lancome makeup brushes are the best, the worst, and just average. Of the 22 makeup brushes on the Lancome site, I own 15. Well, one of them got misplaced, but I am reviewing it anyway. When I got back into makeup in April 2013, I purchased many of these Lancome makeup brushes. That makes many of these six years old, and I am happy to report I’ve had no casualties (from my Lancome makeup brushes anyway). This proves that investing in well-made brushes will result in a long shelf-life. There are cheaper brushes that have also held up nicely, but I will cover those in another article down the road. Of course I picked up a few more of these over the years, so some of them are newer.

I decided to review the Lancome makeup brushes in order from my favorite to my least favorite for those who’ve been debating on trying some and want to know which ones I suggest.

My Review on the Best Lancome Makeup Brushes

I recommend any of these brushes. Pick the one(s) that best suit(s) what you are looking for.

The LANCOME BLENDING SHADOW BRUSH #17 TAPERED NATURAL-BRISTLED BRUSH FOR EYE SHADOW retails for $29.50. This isn’t just my favorite Lancome brush, it is my favorite makeup brush. It has been here since the beginning, so it is six years old. When my younger son was going through his steal Mom’s blending brushes phase, this was one he took. I had to go months without it until I found it at the bottom of a toy bin badly abused. After washing it, everything was back to normal. This is still as soft as it was on day one, and it has retained its shape. There are no stray hairs, and this brush never sheds.

Why do I love this brush so much? It is extremely versatile thanks to its long tapered shape. I can use this as a highlighter brush, because it as the perfect size for the light highlight I enjoy. A bigger brush covers too much area (for my taste) and a fan brush is usually too delicate. It is an amazing blending brush. This hugs my crease nicely. When I hold it near the bottom, it is great for laying down a transition color or very soft blending. If I hold it a little higher, I can do some strong blending and lay a dark crease color. There are just so many ways to use it.

The LANCOME DUAL-END LINER & SHADOW BRUSH #18 DUAL-ENDED SYNTHETIC & NATURAL-BRISTLED BRUSH FOR LINER & EYE SHADOW retails for $32.50. This is a rare dual-ended brush where I think both sides are equally impressive. I love the liner side, because it is firm but flexible. That means the bristles do not hyper-extend when my hands shake. It results in a smoother line. I like that I can use this in my brows as well. Whether I am using a powder shadow or gel liner, this lays the color down beautifully.

The other side is perfect for packing a cream, glitter, or shimmer shadow on the lid. I love the size, because it works horizontally or vertically. My entire lid gets covered in no time at all without packing too much or too little product given the perfect size of the brush. Product grips nicely onto this brush limiting fall-out. It only gets better when I wet it.

I got this LANCOME LINER BRUSH #18 SYNTHETIC BRISTLED BRUSH FOR LINER in a Holiday Blockbuster, so it is no the official one you pay for. After using them both many times, I can tell you they perform exactly the same. The shape, design, the way it feels, and the way it moves are the same, too. That means it is a Holiday Brush that is just as good as the regular version. While I would love to say that is always the case, I got some Lancome travel brushes in a GWP years ago that were pure garbage. They were not even worth keeping long enough to write this article.

The LANCOME CONCEALER BRUSH #8 SYNTHETIC BRUSH FOR CAMOUFLAGING IMPERFECTIONS retails for $27.50. This has almost the exact size and shape as the shadow side of the Number 18 brush, so it is a given that I love the shape. As this one is a tad thicker and has synthetic bristles, it works even better than the other one for laying a thick cream base of eyeshadow down. Where this one excels though is as concealer. You can use it flat to apply concealer under your eyes, at an angle to get the curves around your nose, or the tip to spot conceal. It is pretty versatile.

The LANCOME DUAL-END LINER & SMUDGER – BRUSH #24 retails for $20. This brush is a steal for $20, because it was $25 when I bought it. I still loved it for $25. It does have a weaker side, but that is only due to personal preference. My eyes are hooded, so I do not like a thick line of eyeliner. With the liner end, I have a hard time getting a thin line. It comes out thicker than I want it every time, but that could also speak to my skill. Nevertheless, the liner side is firm. Using it for spot concealing when you have a tiny blemish and do not want to apply too much product to an area is perfect.

I love the smudger side and find it works beautifully in many ways. For one, it is a perfect smudger brush. It softens eyeliner applied to the top or bottom lash line with ease. This is also great for applying shadow to the lash line. It is the perfect shape for the inner or outer corner of the lid. You can use this to break up a look, blend it, or apply something with precision.

The LANCOME CHEEK & CONTOUR BRUSH #25 DUAL-ENDED CHEEK & CONTOUR BRUSH retails for $40. I really love both sides of this brush, but I use the blush side more. When I apply from the tip, it makes a great highlight brush. Applying product to the side is wonderful for blush and bronzer. This is the perfect shape for the 3 and E bronzer application. It also works extremely well with most blushes. Less pigmented ones build nicely and it applies just the right amount of pigmented ones. Then, I can blend everything out with the other side.

The contour side is great with creams. When using the tip, it applies cream highlighters nicely. It is great for cream contour or bronzer using the flat side. As much as I want this side to work with powders, it applies too much product that way. I can still get it to work, but it takes a lot more blending. My biggest concern with this side is that the ferrule is loose. Hopefully, the brush does not break, but it has been loose for almost two years. Considering it is one of the original brushes, it did go 4 years before it loosened.

The LANCOME SOURCILS GEL DUAL END EYEBROW BRUSH #27 WATERPROOF EYEBROW GEL-CREAM retails for $27.50. If I loved gels for my brows, this would have ranked higher. It is the best brow brush I’ve ever used. When I use this, my gel brows usually look better. The tip is really sharp and sturdy, so it allows me to place hair-like strokes with it the way a precision pencil can. That speeds up application time. If I am in a hurry or want a bolder look, I can apply it with the base instead of the tip. A lot of dual ended brushes have a strong side and a weak side. This spoolie is actually soft, so it is really gentle. I think each sides holds its weight nicely, so I can overlook that I am not a huge fan of double-sided brushes.

The LANCOME PRECISION CHEEK BRUSH #7 VERSATILE NATURAL AND FLAT-BRISTLED BRUSH FOR BLUSH retails for $48.50. I think this is a wonderful blush when you have a blush topper or a blush that does to have a lot of pigment. This is so flat and dense that it picks up a lot of color and applies it quickly. It is also a really soft brush, which I enjoy. As long as you do not over-apply (which can happen easily with a pigmented blush), this brush blends out like a dream. It is the fastest but still tasteful way to apply color to the cheeks. Why is it not higher on the love list?

This is my most expensive Lancome brush and while I do not regret it, it limits how often I can use it. I never use this with a new blush, because I never know how pigmented a blush is until I apply it. Applying an overly pigmented blush with this is something one could not easily fix. It can’t go with any pigmented blushes either. It’s a shame I cannot use it more, because I would have ranked it higher if I could.

The LANCOME BLENDING TIP BRUSH #16 PRECISION POINT NATURAL-BRISTLED BRUSH FOR EYE SHADOW for $25.50. I wish this was a little bigger or a little smaller. If it was bigger, it would help me do more outer V work. It is soft, firm, and it has a great shape to really work that area. With the current size I end up having to pass the area twice and feel I get a little too much product in the areas of duplication. On the lower lash line, it is a little too big to give me a great blend close to the lash line. That results in color extending a little lower than I want it to. Though a slightly bigger or smaller one would help me more, I still reach for this all the time. Lancome makes excellent blending brushes, and this blends beautifully.

The LANCOME DUAL ENDED BRUSH from AUDA[CITY] IN PARIS 16-COULOUR EYESHADOW PALETTE comes for free inside the palette that retails for $68. This brush was clearly inspired by the Number 17 Blending Brush, and the shadow side on the Number 18. They are not perfect matches on either side as I am almost certain both sides of this one are synthetic and both sides of those are natural. On the number 17 side, it is a little more dense. That means it does not blend as well, but I do like it for transition shades or to blend with nothing on the brush when I’ve deposited too much color.

The other side has almost the exact size, shape, and bend. It is also a tad more firm, but it does not impact application much. I do not usually keep brushes I receive in palettes, because I find they’re not usually worth keeping. This is a nice brush though, so I will keep it.

I will upload a photo if I find the missing the brush or cave and repurchase it.

The LANCOME RETRACTABLE LIP BRUSH #9 EXPERT PRECISION SYNTHETIC BRUSH FOR LIPS for $26.50. I lost this brush over a year ago during a move and have not replaced it yet. That is the only reason I am placing it at the bottom of my love list. If I never lost it, I think it could have ranked higher. When you lose a brush and do not immediately feel compelled to replace it, there is generally a reason. With this, it is because I rarely use a lip brush. Part of the reason I rarely apply lip palettes is because it is too much work to get this and the palette out when I can swipe on a bullet lipstick and go.

Funny enough, I got a lip palette in the FabFitFun Box last spring. That was the first time I noticed this was missing. I remember using it not too long before that. From what I remember, it does a great job. It helps me apply lip color without too much error, which is great for someone with shaky hands and sub-par makeup skills. Even though I rarely use it, I know this works. If I cannot find my original, I will probably cave and repurchase it. It will not happen until I am ready to apply something from a lip palette though. No sense in buying it now when I do not need it any time soon. There are a lot of bullets, glosses, and liquid lipsticks I need to test before I circle back around to the lip palette.

My Review on the Average Lancome Makeup Brushes

These are not terrible and you probably would not mind them, but there are cheaper brushes I like better than these. I do not recommend purchasing them unless you get an incredible deal.

The LANCOME ALL-OVER SHADOW BRUSH #22 FULL, NATURAL-BRISTLED BRUSH FOR EYE SHADOW retails for $29. In fairness to this brush and the reason I am placing it at the top of the average category, it is not the full-price one. I got this in a Holiday Blockbuster. Because the liner brush from the Holiday Blockbuster closely emulates brush number 18, I assume this emulates the one it looks like. It is also important to note there is nothing wrong with this brush. Blockbuster or not, it is a soft brush that performs well. Scroll to the very last brush review to read what I think about the brown bristles that come on the one you pay for.

The reason it is average to me is the same reason I never bought it. I could tell by looking at it that I would not have much use for it. This is too large for the lid and too dense to apply all over the eye. If you want a simple look with a single eyeshadow, this brush might really appeal to you. When I take the time to do my makeup, I never apply only one shadow. You could pack other shadows on top of this. Because it is so dense, it would lay down a lot of color. Even when using a skin tone color, I like a light layer. Thus, I would lay it down with a blending brush over something this dense and large.

I keep this to lay down translucent powder on and under the lid, although it is not my favorite for either.

The LANCOME PRECISION SHADOW BRUSH #12 VERSATILE, NATURAL-BRISTLED BRUSH FOR EYE SHADOW retails for $26.50. I prefer the Number 18 for packing color on the lid, but this is very similar. It has the same shape, texture, and bend. If it were a little larger, I would reach for it more often. Because it is so small, it takes more effort to pack color on the lid with this. As such, I only reach for this when most of my lid brushes are dirty. There is nothing wrong with it, and it is very soft. You might even like it if you want to pack color on with more precision. For me, I prefer speed over precision. When it comes to makeup application, I am already slow enough.

The LANCOME POWDER BRUSH #1 FULL, NATURAL-BRISTLED BRUSH FOR ALL POWDERS retails for $48. This is another of the original brushes, so I’ve had it for 6 years. Almost from the beginning, the ferrule was loose. While the brush has not fallen apart yet, it sheds hairs almost every time I use it and always has. That is unacceptable from a $48 brush. I seriously cannot believe how many hairs are still in it given how many it has shed. It is still one of my thickest brushes. There are probably fairies in there replacing hairs as they fall out. Eventually, the ferrule will come off or it will lose too many hairs to serve a purpose.

Part of the reason I still use this so much is I am trying to see how much longer it can go without putting it out to pasture. The other reason is despite the shedding it is a nice brush. It applies product evenly and the bristles are soft.

The LANCOME DUAL ENDED BRUSH from PARDON MY FRENCH PALETTE came for free inside the palette that retailed for $58. It is no longer for sale, so I cannot link it. This is my smallest Lancome Brush, unless I ever find my lip brush. I am only pointing that out, because it came in a somewhat small palette. While the size does not really affect the performance, I typically reach for full-size brushes over smaller ones. They are not as comfortable to grip. That gave this one an immediate disadvantage.

The liner side is not as firm as the others. It works fine for powder shadows, but it gives a little too much in the brows or for gel liner. For the lid, this is closer to Number 18 than the one in Audacity Palette. Lancome makes great brushes for packing color onto the lid. It is so light and small even though the bristles themselves are lovely that I only reach for it when all bigger, similar brushes are dirty.

My Review on the Worst Lancome Makeup Brushes

There are only three that I hate. Two have only lasted with me this long because I’ve saved them for this article. Now, that it is up, my nieces will inherit them.

The LANCOME FOUNDATION BRUSH #2 SYNTHETIC BRISTLED BRUSH FOR LIQUID FOUNDATION retails for $35.50. I learned a lesson when I bought this brush six years ago. Paint brushes for foundation application will leave you with streaks unless you take two years to work it in or follow it with another tool. Who wants to use two tools for foundation when there are single tools that can do it nicely, like a beautyblender! Since then, I have purchased sets that included these (to get the savings on other brushes), but I have not purchased any individual brushes like this.

It’s funny, because this is a giant replica of brush 8 that I love. I can’t seem to part with this, because I do like the way the foundation looks on my skin when I take two hours to blend out all the streaks. My skin does not look as airbrushed as it does with a beautyblender, but it looks more smooth than it does with a buffing brush that exfoliates dead skin. This gives a more full-coverage appearance than the beautyblender and does not absorb as much foundation. Although, it does absorb more foundation than some other foundation brushes I’ve tried.

The LANCOME ANGLE SHADOW BRUSH #13 ANGLED, NATURAL-BRISTLED BRUSH FOR EYE SHADOW retails for $27.50. This is the perfect shape to pack color under the crease. It hugs and folds the area so wonderfully that it is possibly one of the best I own for that. When you touch the bristles with your fingers, they feel so soft. Every time I run this brush along my eye, it scratches my lid. I expect that from cheap brushes and still don’t even experience it from all of them. If this felt as soft on my eye as it does on my finger, it would have easily made the top of the list. After six years of occasionally using this when better brushes were dirty, I’ve had enough. My eyes deserve better and should not get scratched by any brush, much less one this expensive.

The LANCOME ROUND ANGLED SHADOW BRUSH #23 ROUND ANGLED, NATURAL-BRISTLED BRUSH FOR EYE SHADOW retails for $29. I had no business buying this brush. After dealing with number 13 for a while and hating it, I thought this one looks similar. Hopefully, it does what I hoped the other one would have. These are the only two Lancome brushes that scratch my eye every time I use them. Brush seven has the same brown brush hair, but it has never scratched me. If I had not purchased these over a year apart, I might have said they could have come from a bad batch.

Performing in such a similar way when they got purchased so far apart leads me to believe the hair on these brushes is inferior. I noticed the original 22 has brown hair. Maybe my Holiday Blockbuster brush is better off with black bristles. Without owning it, I cannot say if the hair is closer to the 13 and 23 or the 7. Since I do not like the brush shape and would rather refrain from purchasing any more brown bristled EYE brushes from Lancome, I will never find out. Let me know below if you know. Then again, who knows. Hopefully, it only scratches me because of my eye shape and my nieces can use them without pain. They know the brushes scratch me but say they want them anyway.

Final Thoughts on my Lancome Makeup Brush Reviews

Overall, Lancome Brushes are a good investment. Most of the ones I own are worthy of love. I could see myself buying some or all the seven I am missing, especially since the ones I am missing are all cream, black, or white. None of those colors have a terrible brush even if I am too lazy to take the time for the cream Foundation 2. In the six years I’ve owned makeup brushes, I’ve had some get ruined. Lancome brushes hold on through. They all still have their original shape, and, except Powder Brush 1, most of their bristles. The best time to purchase them is when there is a nice GWP. Part of the reason I have so many Lancome products is I got a lot free when I purchased others.

There is actually a nice GWP now. Get a 7-piece gift with a $60 purchase, a 10-piece gift with a $95 purchase, and a full-size product with a $120 purchase. It runs through April 19th.

If you arrive after 04/19/19 or want a cheaper buy in, you can use code APRIL for 4-piece gift with a $49 purchase through April 30th. You get a bonus sample with a $75 purchase.

A new offer for 20% off is available from April 18th through April 21st. Use code LANCOME20 for 20% off.

For those reading this after April, check the offer page for the latest offer or enter the name of the month (as the code for April was April) for the new gift.

Lancome Luxury Products (Loreal USA)

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  1. Thanks for posting! Lancome makes some great stuff. Do you enjoy their GWPs? It’s a brand you love, right?


  2. I really do, but I have hoarded so many products on samples that I’ve decided to hold off on new purchases for a while. If I cannot find brush nine and end up replacing it, I will find a GWP when I do.

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  3. I think so. If I lost or damaged it, I would repurchase. Mine gets used all the time. It is the number one brush I grab for when I use cream contour. For pigmented blushes, it is one of my favorites.


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