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Memorial Day Giveaway

See what this winner received and Enter the Next Giveaway!

I wanted to host a new giveaway, but I also wanted to branch out and offer this one to more than just blog followers. There are many ways to enter, and following the blog is still one of them. To do this, I am trying Gleam for the first time. If it goes well, I will keep using it. Please bear with me and make sure you check back after May 27th. Hopefully, Gleam will give me contact info for the winner, but I will post the winner’s name here if I do not receive it. This is a learning experience, so I can only hope it runs smoothly.

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Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set, A 2019 Spring Bonus Sale Recommendation

I want to offer my 2019 Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Shine Lip Set review, because the Sephora 2019 Spring Bonus Sale opens to VIB Rouge members today. This is something worthy of adding to your shopping list. It took me a while after its release to purchase it. Then, it took me a while to start testing the products. Now that I have tested all of them, I will have more entries for my lip balm article (which keeps getting pushed back as I acquire new products). Many of the Sephora Favorites sets have been misses lately, but this is a definite hit. If you are lucky enough to get one during the sale, grab it. Even if this somehow lasts through the sale and you are reading this, grab it.

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Ulta Beauty Spring 2019 Gorgeous Hair Event This May

Scroll down to see the Spring 2019 Gorgeous Hair Event or click this link to see my review on the Fall 2019 Ulta Beauty Gorgeous Hair Event. All the deals are up now!

The Ulta Beauty Spring 2019 Gorgeous Hair Event will run from Sunday, May 12th through Saturday, June 1st. We see a Mother’s Day start each year, so this year is right on schedule. This semi-annual event takes place every spring starting in May and every fall usually starting in October. It is a 21-day event where hair products from mostly high-end brands get discounted up to 50% off for one day only. This twice a year Gorgeous Hair Event has steals for all things hair (shampoo, conditioner, styling, tools, and much more). There are also specials that run throughout the event. These steals and Hot Buys get highlighted in the catalog and the special event page. While some jumbo haircare makes this event, deals in the Jumbo Love Event are typically better.

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Sephora 2019 Birthday Gift Review, Jo Malone (well, kind of) – A VIB and Rouge Exclusive Offer

My Sephora Jo Malone birthday gift review is ready. This is one of the two VIB and Rouge exclusives for the 2019 Sephora Birthday gifts, and the gift was not introduced until Quarter Two. It is online only, so you will need to place an order to redeem this. The Jo Malone gift replaced the Milk Makeup Gift from Quarter One. Since this gift was not even available during my birth month, I was unable to redeem it. I’m bringing you a review on the product today, because I already own it and want to go over my thoughts for those considering it. Everyone with a Beauty Insider account gets a birthday gift offer, so sign up if you have not already. There is no purchase required to pick up a gift in store, but you must make a purchase to redeem it online. Stop by my Birthday Beauty Deals page (if you have a birthday coming soon), because other retailers have offers as well. See my 2019 Sephora Birthday Gift review for Drunk ElephantKat Von D, and Milk Makeup.

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Sephora Favorites 2019 Sun Safety Kit Review

My Sephora Favorites Sun Safety Kit 2019 review is ready. I waited until the first day of the Sephora Spring Sale to purchase it. Sephora usually tempts me when it puts out a new Favorites Set. These sets retail for a lot less than the value of the items inside. As long as the items you plan on keeping exceed the value of the price you pay for the set, it is a good deal. This is one of my favorite ways to sample new items, and I like the sets even more when they have some full-sized items inside. While paying for samples is something I do often with subscription boxes, I limit how often I pay for samples in sets.

The mystery of subscription boxes and desire to get things I would never purchase prevails in that case. When a set only has samples and costs over $20, I am less likely to purchase it. Paying for samples is not always a bad thing, especially when sets have items you really want to try, and you have not been able to get them for free or as a GWP.

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Allure Beauty Box April 2019 Subscription Box Review – Get Your First Box for $10 and a Welcome Gift

I am here to bring you my Allure Beauty Box April 2019 review. Allure Beauty box sends 5-6 beauty samples for $15 plus tax a month. Shipping is free. Most items are deluxe, but there are times when 1-3 products are full-sized. Items are chosen by Allure editors so products can range from drugstore to high-end. There is no rewards program with this subscription, but you can refer people if your referral link works. Here’s hoping mine does, because you get a rotating gift if someone signs up using your link. Boxes usually ship in the third week of the month, and the charge for the box gets processed the day the box ships. New subscribers get charged the day they subscribe.

New Allure Beauty Box Subscriber Offers

If you are a new subscriber and there are boxes left in the month you subscribe, you will get a box from that month. When the month is sold-out, you will still be charged upon subscribing, but you will not get charged a second time when your first box ships the following month. New subscribers get $5 off their first box. They also get a welcome gift, which is a Mally Shadow Stick for anyone who signs up in April. The welcome gift for anyone who signs in May is a full-size Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer.

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Allure Beauty Box March 2019 Subscription Box Review – Get Your First Box for $10 and a Welcome Gift

I am here to bring you my Allure Beauty Box March 2019 review, because I subscribed again. That’s right, March. Keep reading and I will show you the incredible journey this box went on before it finally reached me. My last Allure Beauty Box was from March 2018. Let’s quickly go over why I decided to re-subscribe. It was not that I saw the March box and thought I need to have that, although the La Mer gift for re-joining did not hurt. Well, it actually did hurt, because I assumed it would be the normal size. Turns out it was tiny. You will not find pictures below, because I gave it away before I even bothered photographing it. Yes, I gave it away, because it is not much for me. It is still big enough for someone who has not tried it yet to use it 2-3 times!

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Ulta Beauty Stars Event Cruelty Free Favorite Brands 5x Points 2019

A new 2019 Ulta Beauty Stars Event for Favorite Cruelty Free Brands Picked Just For You starts today, Friday, April 19th and runs through Monday, April 22nd. This overlaps the Spring Haul Sale, which runs through the 20th. The event is only available to select rewards members. I received the offer on my Diamond account, but my sons did not receive the offer on their UltaMate accounts. Anyone who received the offer will receive 5x points on any of the 1740 beauty products included in the Beauty Stars Favorite Cruelty Free Brands Event. It is the third Beauty Star event of 2019, which was the number we received in total for 2018. That means we are on track to get more of these mini Beauty Stars events between major events.

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Sephora Play! April 2019 Review – Winning Beauty Subscription Box


It’s time for my Sephora Play April 2019 review. Play! by Sephora is a subscription box that offers five deluxe beauty samples and a bonus foil packet or perfume vial for $10 a month plus tax. Shipping is free. Only items sold at Sephora come inside the Play! box so most items are from well-known, high-end brands. While Sephora does carry a few low-end and luxury brands, they do not really appear in the subscription boxes. There is not a traditional rewards program with this box so you cannot get points for referring friends or writing reviews. It does award 10 Beauty Insider points to Beauty Insiders, 12.5 points to VIB members, and 15 points to VIB Rouge members. This Play! box also applies $10 toward your purchase minimum to maintain your Beauty Insider status. Visit my Sephora page for descriptions on points and status. The $10 charge processes immediately for new subscribers and from the 1st through the 4th for succeeding months. Boxes usually ship from the 11th through the 15th.

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Lancome Makeup Brush Reviews: Ranking 15 Brushes By Which are The Best (9 Favorites), The Worst (3 Awful Ones), and Just Average (3 Meh)

My Lancome Makeup Brush reviews are long overdue, but I am finally here to bring you my thoughts on which Lancome makeup brushes are the best, the worst, and just average. Of the 22 makeup brushes on the Lancome site, I own 15. Well, one of them got misplaced, but I am reviewing it anyway. When I got back into makeup in April 2013, I purchased many of these Lancome makeup brushes. That makes many of these six years old, and I am happy to report I’ve had no casualties (from my Lancome makeup brushes anyway). This proves that investing in well-made brushes will result in a long shelf-life. There are cheaper brushes that have also held up nicely, but I will cover those in another article down the road. Of course I picked up a few more of these over the years, so some of them are newer.

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Are Expensive Sheet Masks Really Worth It : Review on When to Splurge and When to Save

Are expensive sheet masks really worth it? How do we know when to splurge and when to save? When it comes to sheet masks, you will not usually notice any long-term benefits from a single application. I’m not referring to the people who can afford to purchase them all the time. This is for those like me who see expensive ones as a luxury that we rarely or never splurge on. I get that the ingredients in the expensive masks typically cost more, so the brands have to charge more to make a profit. Is the benefit from a single expensive mask worth the opportunity cost of investing those beauty dollars elsewhere? Serums can produce long-term effects, so I would typically recommend investing in them and sticking to cheaper masks (unless you can comfortably afford both). Though I only purchase expensive sheet masks when I can get a deal, I wonder if I should stop. In this sheet mask review, I want to go over some of the things I noticed.

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Ulta Beauty 2019 15% Off Prestige Coupon Schedule and Rules

Ulta Beauty sometimes offers 15% off prestige coupons or even 10% off prestige coupons to UltaMate members in place of the 20% off prestige coupons sent to Platinum and Diamond members. Every time Ulta sends a 15% off prestige coupon, I will update this article. This had not happened since July of 2016, so it surprised me when I saw the 15% off prestige coupon for UltaMate members today. While the loss of the benefit is disappointing, it looks like Ulta is pushing to differentiate more between the tiers for these coupons as it once had. The good news (if it follows the pattern of past years) is there was only one or two rounds of the five 20% off prestige coupons Ulta sent in the past where the lower tier got a smaller percentage off. That means the 20% off coupons should return on a future round.

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Birchbox April 2019 Review of Curated Box 2 and Two Boxes With Sample Choices Plus Subscription Box Offers

I have three April 2019 Birchbox reviews, and I am placing all three in this article. After I learned about the new Birchbox pricing structure, I decided to purchase two more subscriptions before the price went up. Since I wanted to see if the new boxes are really better than the old boxes, I wanted to have a few each month for comparison. It is easy to get one lucky box. If you get three out of three, it is far more likely actual improvement is taking place. In typical studies, you usually need a sample size of at least 30. As much as I love experiments and blogging, I was not ordering 30 boxes!

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Birchbox March 2019 Review Take Two and Subscription Box Offers

I’ve already covered my March 2019 Birchbox review and the March 2019 curated Birchbox I purchased separately. Yet, here I am to provide two more Birchbox March 2019 reviews. Why? When March 24th rolled around, I decided to purchase two more subscriptions on the last day I could get them for $10 each per month. Since I wanted to see if the new boxes are really better than the old boxes, I wanted to have a few each month for comparison. It is easy to get one lucky box. If you get three out of three, it is far more likely actual improvement is taking place. In typical studies, you usually need a sample size of at least 30. As much as I love experiments and blogging, I was not ordering 30 boxes!

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FabFitFun 2019 Starter Box Review – The New Box For April

See the latest box, FabFitFun Starter Box 16 Fall 2019.

I am here for the latest 2019 FabFitFun Starter Box Review. This is the second variation I’ve reviewed this year. The photos and products belong to one of the people I sent a Starter Box to. Two of these are products I love, and I think the other two look amazing. I do not have any starter boxes, but I will update this if that changes. Keep reading to see what you might get or to get some questions answered if you’ve received an invitation elsewhere. Whenever I get these invites, the person I send the box to gets it for free if s/he pays the $5 shipping charge. Anyone who does not cancel will automatically move to a seasonal subscription on the 21st day after the $5 gets charged. Either a Seasonal box (if there are any left) or an Editor’s box would start the official subscription.

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TopCashBack Spring Treats Cash Back Giveaway Game

The latest TopCashBack giveaway, Spring Treats, starts today, and it is the first time I knew about the game before it started. TopCashBack is finally getting better at advertising these games, but I still think sending an email the day it starts would help those not lucky enough to see a social media post. This 2019 version is just the latest in its series. It runs from April 8th, 2019 through April 26, 2019. I’ve never won more than $0.50 on any of these games, but I always enjoy playing. Instant winners can make anywhere from $0.25 to $100 by collecting the respective game pieces for that prize. One grand prize winner will get drawn from all entries received by vote. That winner will get $500.

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FabFitFun Spring 2019 Edit Sale Haul Review

My FabFitFun Spring 2019 Edit Sale Haul Review is ready. There is an event between the seasonal subscription boxes called the FabFitFun Edit Sale. This is a subscriber only event where FabFitFun members can shop for items discounted 25%-70% off. For those who love add-ons, this is akin to purchasing add-ons without a subscription box. It also means subscribers who are not interested in any items or need a break for financial reasons can just sit this out. For mainland US subscribers who choose to shop, they get free shipping with a $25 purchase. Like add-ons, you add the items you want to your cart throughout the sale and only pay for the ones that are still in your cart once the event wraps. The event runs from April 2nd through April 9th, 2019 and everyone gets charged for their items on April 10th.

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Birchbox Limited Edition Floral Favorites Box Review

When Birchbox released its new Floral Favorites Limited Edition Box, I knew I was going to get and review it. The challenge is always waiting for the right promo code to come along while hoping the box does not sell out before it does. Some boxes sit in the shop for months and others sale out quickly. It seems the ones I want the most are the ones that sell out the fastest, so I clearly have great taste. Limited Edition Boxes are my favorite items to purchase from Birchbox. These are a mixture of full and sample sized items that usually fit a specific box theme. All boxes have a value far greater than the cost so they are a great deal when the items you want to keep exceed the value of what you’re paying.

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A Foil a Day in April 2019 – Challenge to Use and Review the Beauty Packets Deal Shoppers Collect

What do you do with all those foil packets you collect? Trying a foil is a great way to see if your skin reacts to the product, you cannot tolerate the smell, the consistency is annoying, or if there is anything about the product that bothers you. Sampling a foil and thinking you need to have that product in your life is rare, but it does happen. This is most likely to happen with products where you can see instant results. My plan is to try a foil of something new or something I have not used in a long time every day during a challenge month. To give my skin a break from constant new products, I will only complete foil challenges in even months. Feel free to take part in this challenge with me. If you are a fellow deal shopper, I bet you have a lot of foils stockpiled in your collection.

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FabFitFun Spring 2019 Editor’s Box Review and a Subscription Box Offer

My FabFitFun Spring Editor’s 2019 Box review is ready. Spoiler alert, I love it so much that I purchased two. FabFitFun released its 2019 Spring Editor’s Box in the Edit Sale (which starts tomorrow). This usually pops up in the shop after the Edit Sale wraps, so I appreciated the opportunity to buy it with the options I wanted without waiting for the Edit Sale to wrap first. I ordered mine today. The Spring 2019 FabFitFun Box is still available for purchase, so new members will likely start with that box. Existing members can purchase the Spring 2019 FabFitFun Editor’s Box, as I did, for $49.99 (each). These boxes arrived on the 11th, which was only 10 days after I ordered them.

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tarte Icy Betch eye & cheek palette Review – The Blue Colors I Crave

My tarte Icy Betch eye & cheek palette review is ready. My feeling was tarte would release its Icy Betch palette on April Fool’s Day this year after the blunder last year when it made an April Fool’s joke teasing the stunning blue hues. Consumers, like myself, were extremely interested in the fake palette, so the joke was on tarte. Releasing it a year later than consumers wanted it may not pan out as well as tarte could have hoped. It will face competition from Jeffree Star’s Blue Blood that it could have avoided with a sooner release. Part of me feels the decision to launch the palette before April Fool’s Day (which would have been the perfect release date given last year’s debacle) was to grab some people on the fence with Mr. Star’s $52 palette. At $24, this is a lot more affordable making it an easier purchase decision for someone craving a blue palette.

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