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Cancel Culture and Why I Am Onboard to Try Almost Anything

Back when we only heard negative things about a few brands, I told myself I would never purchase from those brands. Then, Cancel Culture became a huge thing. The only thing more fun than watching a brand rise was watching it fall. I briefly touched on this in Fake and Dishonest Reviews, Undeclared Sponsorships, and Bias – How Do You Know Who to Trust? Scandals can come from companies you’d never expect them from. That is why I am not truly surprised with much I hear anymore. It is also why I am trying not to boycott brands off the actions of one individual, even if the individual is the brand owner and benefits the most from my purchase. It’s starting to seem like we’ll have nothing left to buy if we “cancel” a brand every time it sparks controversy.

I’ve been slowly re-evaluating brands I thought I would not purchase from. The two that immediately came to mind were Lime Crime and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. While I have not yet pulled the trigger on any Jeffree Star products, I decided to purchase some Lime Crime products after the announcement that Doe Deere (Xenia Vorotova) sold the company. While she still sits on the board, thereby making money from my purchases, I decided I wanted to try some things that had interested me for a while. It was a decision I struggled with, but I ultimately decided many people work for each brand. If something interests me, I want to try it. This means I am rejecting Cancel Culture, but am I sacrificing my morals?

Each person has to answer this question for herself. If you feel you cannot support a brand, I am not here to tell you otherwise. Do whatever you think is right (in any situation). I generally think letting people think for themselves always triumphs over telling them what to do anyway. Sometimes, we do not know everything we thought we knew. After watching the series Shane Dawson did on Jeffree, my perspective shifted a bit. It helped me realize that I was being more judgmental on certain things than I should have been. He apologized and promised to do better. People make mistakes, and I want to see the good in humanity. Forgiving people when they offer genuine apologies is not always easy. To do my part, I want to try. There might even be some Jeffree Star products in my future.

This brings me to Kat Von D. I am not jumping on the bandwagon of people making response videos for views, which is why I did not list her name in my title. My thoughts are not specifically about her. She is just the most recent example of Cancel Culture, so I had to mention her. I’ve been a fan of hers since LA Ink. Yes, that means I did not watch Miami Ink, so I have no clue who harassed her there. People who watched the show probably know. When she came out with her makeup line, I purchased a lot of things. Some were great. Others weren’t. Since I was a fan of hers long before I heard the accusations that she was a nazi sympathizer and an anti-vaxxer, I had to put a lot more thought into whether I wanted to boycott her.

After all, I already owned a lot of her things. The videos of people burning Nike products or burning CDs when they get upset with an artist make me cringe. Why would they ruin perfectly good things? If you do not want something, give it to someone who can use it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That brings me right back to where I started though. People need to do what they think is right. Those who would rather burn something to send a message or get enjoyment from knowing no one else can use that item can do that if they want. Who am I to judge? I could do a soft boycott by keeping or giving away what I have but not purchasing anything new. Where is the fun in that though? Deal shoppers love a sale, and I am a deal shopper first. My loyalty is to the deal.

This is one of the main reasons I picked up the free Kat Von D birthday gift at Sephora (on my son’s account). I already got the Drunk Elephant one thanks to a friend, and the Milk Makeup one thanks to my birthday. His account does not have VIB or Rouge status, so the options were: let a free gift pass, get a duplicate of the Drunk Elephant, or get the Kat Von D. Clearly, I decided to grab the Kat Von D. While I realize some people are boycotting her, I am not. It actually surprised me that Sephora picked a brand with so much controversy as a birthday gift option. We are not behind the scenes, so we may never know why. It’s possible that Sephora selected it before the controversy and it was too late to back out. Since the same parent company owns both brands, it might be using the gift to attract new customers. When a massive amount of the current customers stop buying the product, the brand has to find new ones or entice the old ones back in. Otherwise, it will go under.

Whenever brands have controversy, their items usually hit the sale section. While I genuinely feel bad for the brand and the people who work there, especially if they get laid off because of it, my wallet gets happy. I can scoop up the items that interested me, but I hesitated at full-price. Yes, I read that back, and I realize how awful it may sound. However, I always want to share my thoughts on deals, even when they are not the most pleasant. Does this mean I accept Kat’s excuse about either topic? I’m not sure on one and already knew how I felt on the other before watching. She was so vague that I left the video not knowing if anything got cleared up. Hopefully, she is vaccinating now, although I respect her right to keep that private since she will upset people on one side of the issue no matter what she says. Silence is probably her best move on that topic.

On the other topic, no one has ever proven to me that she was a nazi sympathizer. A forged photo, an ex who dated a nazi, and a husband who has an ill-advised reverse swastika tattoo only show me that the men around her made these decisions. That does not mean she was privy to or approved of them. Yes, I realize the reverse swastika is a Buddhist symbol, but I never would have gotten such a tattoo knowing so many people would still think it was not okay. Then again, he might feel he has nothing to explain, because he did not have improper intentions. Who knows?

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