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Free 12-Piece Ulta Beauty Collection GWP Bag Review February 17th through March 16th, 2019

Today is the last day to grab the free 12-piece gift with a $19.50 purchase from the Ulta Beauty Collection. For those on the fence, I thought I would offer this last-minute review. Keep in mind several items from the Ulta Beauty Collection are getting discounts in the upcoming Spring 2019 21 Days of Beauty. This promotion ran from February 17th through March 16th. I went back and forth on whether I would even grab it, so I understand the hesitation. There are items I like from the Ulta Beauty Collection, but they almost always go on sale or have BOGO offers when there is not a beauty bag. That means I give up the chance to get a deal on items I want to try items I may not enjoy when I select the GWP bag. Sometimes I do. Other times I don’t. The deal shopper in me always needs to find balance between gifts with purchase and getting a discount instead. Although, getting a nice GWP is usually better than a discount if I find items I love in the GWP.

2019 Ulta Beauty Event Calendar

I have one timeline where I list all major: deals, coupons, GWP, Sales, promotions, and Events. Those who want to see an overall idea of what to expect this year should stop by. See where this free Ulta Beauty Collection GWP Bag lines up with others on the calendar. You can also visit my Ulta retailer page to see active and upcoming offers of all types.

Free 12-Piece Ulta Beauty Collection GWP Bag Review

Those who spend $19.50 or more on qualifying Ulta Beauty Collection items get to select from a pink or metallic bag. I selected the metallic.

Everything gets wrapped nicely inside.

There is a coupon code inside, 704036. It is for $5 off a $15 Ulta Beauty Collection Purchase. This is general, so anyone can use it. Valid 03/17/19 – 06/01/19.

The items inside both bags are the same.

  • Full Size Face Highlighting Stick in Pixie Dust (0.21 oz)
  • Full Size Ultamate Lashes Multi-Tasking Mascara in Jet Black (0.3 oz)
  • Full Size Lip Crayon in Festival (0.08 oz)
  • Travel Size Eyeshadow and Blush/Highlighter Palette (0.33 oz)
    • Eyeshadow in Sugar Coat
    • Eyeshadow in Mocha
    • Eyeshadow in Glaze
    • Eyeshadow in Sweets
    • Eyeshadow in Drizzle
    • Eyeshadow in Indulge
    • Blush in Cotton Candy
    • Highlighter in Frosted
  • Travel Size Patent Shine Liquid Lipstick in Verona (0.11 oz)
  • On-The-Go Makeup Remover Facial Towelettes (5 ct)
  • Matte Eye Primer Mini (0.17 oz)
  • Hydrating Face Primer Mini (0.34 oz)
  • Cheek Brush
  • Hair Ties (3 ct)
  • Makeup Sponge Mini (1 ct)
  • $5 Off $15 Coupon on a future ULTA Beauty Collection Cosmetic or Brush purchase
  • Cosmetic Bag (approx 4-1/2″ H x 5″ L x 2″ W)

The Ulta Beauty Collection brushes that come in the GWP sets are not the ones Ulta sells separately, but they are okay. I would never reach for one of these over brushes I’ve paid for, but I keep them on hand for when I go too long between brush washes. While the ones you purchase are on par with drugstore brushes, these are closer to discount brushes.

This is a cute travel palette. I try to go into each one with an open mind, but I have yet to try one I like.

It mentions the size is 0.11oz, but it does not give any information on ingredients. Even samples and GWP items should provide that, so I think Ulta needs to step up on that front.

The colors are pretty, and I can overlook the lack of mirror on a free palette.

I knew instantly when I swatched this that I was going to hate it. The shimmers were not pigmented at all. To get enough pigment to even get them to show up in the swatches, I had to scratch them into a loose powder. This tells me they might have appeared the way they look in the pan if they got pressed differently. With the mattes, I found them all very chalky and powdery. One exception was the blush. It was powdery but not chalky. In one pass, the color appeared in beautiful pigment. This is a lovely color, too. When I got to the highlighter, I found it was a chunky mess. While it got pressed better than the eyeshadows, it was inconsistent and powdery. How on earth a shimmer highlighter came out that powdery is beyond me. There is also a lot of glitter in it. Even if it was even instead of chunky, I do not like that.

Applying it to my eyes was just as difficult as it was to swatch. The mattes fell out a lot, so I had to build them even more than I did in the swatches. Knowing that the shimmer would not transfer any color, I applied a glitter glue and wet my brush to give them the best chance of looking pigmented and staying put all day. Every time I tried to blend the shades into each other, it would pick up what I laid down before. By the end, you could not even see the taupe. It got swallowed by the purple. Since the pink blended into nothing, it almost looked like bare skin.

That picture above was less than an hour after application. You can see the right eye (picture left) was already creasing. My left eye never creased all day, so I am guessing this might stay put if it does not move around before it sets. The blush was a little powdery and did fade quickly (as most blushes do on my face), but it did look nice while it was there. It was a little patchy going on, but I was easily able to blend it. I hated the highlighter, so I only applied it to the top of my cheeks. You could only see the chunky, uneven glitter from certain angles, and none of my pictures even captured it.

This GWP also comes with a cream highlighter. I could tell from the swatch that I would enjoy it. The shade looks great on my skin tone, and I knew this would give a more natural look as it did not have any glitter.

It is the thing I like most from this set (so far). My skin had a very natural glow everywhere I applied this. I even applied it over powder (since I accidentally set my face before I remembered it). This did not pick up anything underneath it.

There are two lip products in this set. The crayon is more cool toned. I typically lean toward cool toned lip products, so I figured I would prefer that color.

Not only did I prefer the color of the lip crayon, but I preferred the formula. This is my second favorite thing in the set. The shade is a beautiful rosy pink, but it is also really comfortable.

These lip crayons always feel like a cross between a lip balm and a bullet lipstick. That means you have to apply them more often, but I do not mind.

I do enjoy this coral-peach shade, and I think it is a great color for spring. That does not mean I will not wear it anytime I feel like it. This just made me think of spring (the season we are moving into) more than anything else in this set.

Even though I prefer the other color, I really like this one, too. What surprised me about this was the formula. I kept waiting for it to dry down, but it never did. This is a liquid lipstick, gloss hybrid, so it never dries down. It does seem to last longer than a gloss, but it does not last as long as a liquid lipstick. There is also about the same amount of stickiness and transfer as you get from a gloss. For people who apply gloss over lipstick, they can use this to get both steps in one application.

Is the Free 12-Piece Ulta Beauty Collection GWP Worth Picking Up?

It depends on why you want it. If you want to purchase over $19.50 in Ulta products that are not included in the 21 Days of Beauty, you should grab this. If the items you want to purchase count toward this GWP, ask yourself if you would rather spend less and only get what you want or do you want to spend more to test more things. I’d also suggest passing on this if the main thing you want is the palette. I cannot see anyone enjoying that. Because it was so difficult to work with, and my result was still a mess, I will not use it again. For those who want it for things I did not test yet, I cannot really help other than to say if you have to think that hard on it, you may want to pass. Since I’ve already found things I enjoy and have more still to try, I am glad I got it.

What are your thoughts on this free Ulta Beauty Collection GWP Bag? Let me know below. Targeted Offers are exclusive to UltaMate Rewards Members, so I do recommend joining. Whenever there is an exclusive or unique Ulta Beauty offer, I will note that above. An advanced breakdown on Earning and Redeeming Points can help you maximize the UltaMate Rewards Program. Coupons are almost always available. I go over all types of Ulta coupons and track 20% off prestige coupons. Remember to check my Ulta Deals page before placing an online order for possible exclusives and advice. There are always general and brand specific offers I do not list, so check the GWP section of the Ulta site as well. Ulta encourages deal stacking. Most major events run on a schedule, and I track each one. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal at Ulta. See all Ulta articles. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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  1. I was disappointed with the eyeshadows, especially since the shadows in the Fall GWP were awesome. I seem to remember that the shadows in the Spring 2018 GWP were weak also.

  2. I actually loved the colors in the fall one, but I still have not tried it. Funny enough, I did not get the same vibes from them, so I should have tried that sooner. It swatched a lot nicer than this one.

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