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Rose Petal Blush Review: Les Merveilleuses Laduree Paris Face Color Rose Laduree 02 with Pot Versus My DIY Dollar Tree Creation

I’ve wanted the Les Merveilleuses Laduree Paris Face Color Rose Laduree 02 since the first time I saw a picture of it. The rose petal blush was one of the most beautiful beauty products I’d ever seen. With the delicate looking flower petals and ornate container, I knew I would purchase it some day. My hold up was the cost. Spending over $100 on a single beauty product was something I had not done before 2017 (when I purchased this). Although, I had spent $95, $98, and $99 on products, so I was close enough. The second problem was availability. This is not sold in the US outside of Amazon, and the risk of receiving a fake on Amazon was too great.

This is a Japanese product, and the price fluctuates. When I purchased it, the Amazon price for the petals and pot was less than $140. I could get it from an authorized seller in Japan for over $10 less, so I decided to go that route. Amazon shipping includes tracking, but tracking from the authorized seller costs an extra $15. That would have priced it just above the Amazon product. My decision was to get the product from Ichibankao with standard shipping. In retrospect, this was a silly risk, because they do not guarantee the product without tracking. It it gets lost in the mail, it will not get replaced. Thankfully, it arrived, but it did take almost a month from the day I ordered it. Everyday for over a month, I wondered if it would show up. For peace of mind, I suggest paying for tracking.

The Les Merveilleuses Laduree Paris Face Color Rose Laduree 02 Eugenie set was 13,950 yen when I purchased it, but it is currently selling for 13,400 yen. Again, this is not like high-end brands in the US where products have little price fluctuation unless they are on sale. It is currently selling for $140.20 on Amazon, which I am not linking. Again, there is a risk of fake product when you order from Amazon.

My take on the pot is different from my take on the petals. When it comes to the pot, it reminds me of the popular line from Cher in Clueless. “She’s a full-on Monet. It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s okay, but up close, it’s a big old mess.” I always see this sitting on my desk from a distance (and in photos; both mine and others’), and I think it looks beautiful. It looks like frosted glass, with gold trim, and an ornate profile of a woman in a Victorian frame to give it a look of elegance. This is what attracted me to it in the first place. In reality, the container is plastic, not glass. There is no gold plating on this, because I am pretty sure it is gold-colored paint. Considering the pot alone costs up to $45, I just think it is a bit much for amounts to pretty heavy-duty plastic.

The petals on the other hand are stunning. They can cost up to $106, but they are worth it for those who can afford it. There is true craftsmanship in every petal. None of them are the same shape or side. All have incredible detail. Based on how the corners fray and rip, this is not fabric. It is clearly some derivative of paper. That means these delicate flowers must get handled with extreme care to ensure perfection for the consumer. After owning them for almost two years and using them many times, they still smell as wonderfully fragrant as they did the day they arrived. I am really not sure how they did that or how they tricked me into enjoying their rose scent, because I am not typically a fan of rose fragrances. This one is different. Somehow, it smells more like elegance than roses, but I could be tricking myself into justifying the cost.

Like most Japanese products, it gives a very subtle hint of color. This is a blush I reach for when I want a light pink glow or for my skin to look extremely natural. I call it my skin but better, because I think Eugenie (the shade’s name) mimics what my skin looks like naturally when it gets flushed. The only difference is I can control the application, and my natural flushing does not always poke through my foundation. It is easy to apply and lasts a relatively long time (for me), because blush products disappear on my cheeks.

It took a lot of layering to get that swatch, so some people would dislike this for lack of pigment. A shear blush I can build up or wear very naturally is exactly what I want sometimes.

I bought it mainly for decoration. My plan was to use it once just to say I did and never use it again. The problem is I love the way it looks on me almost as much as I love the way it looks in the container, so I am out of balance on whether I should use it or keep it as a decoration. On the bright side, I can purchase a refill. Purchasing the petals without the pot is cheaper if I cannot stop using it and decide one day to replace them. That gave me an idea. Instead of replacing the petals, maybe I could create my version of this for a lot cheaper. It would help me see if I could use that in place of this blush or display those petals if I use these up.

I clearly do not have the talents of the Laduree creators, but it pleased me to see the final results given what I spent to create it. For one, the container is real glass and it has ornate details on it. That alone gives them a similar appearance in elegance from close up. Granted from far away, the Laduree one still blows my creation out of the water. The petals cannot even come close. It is extremely clear that the hand crafted paper petals are way too stunning to easily duplicate. My guess is there is no cheap fix to get a similar look and if there is, it will definitely not come from someone like me who is not creative.

I really like this glass container. It reminds me of so many my Grandma had when I was a kid. She always had little candies in them. They were full when we’d get to her house, but they’d be empty by the time we left. Yet, I think she expected that, because they were always full again for our next arrival. As a kid, I always assumed these containers were expensive, because they were real glass and looked fancy. While it is possible some of her containers might have been, I learned from this experience it is also possible they weren’t.

I was not really sure if the blush would adhere nicely to the rose petals, so it thrills me to see it did. While some petals got coated better than others, most ended up covered pretty well. Since these are fabric petals, I will only need to coat them again to replenish them (should I choose to). They will not disintegrate or disappear into nothing as the paper ones above will.

It is relatively easy to pick the blush off the petals. Because the blush is a lot more pigmented than the other one, it is also easy to apply too much. Even after sheering this out, you can see I have a much deeper application. Granted this is a darker mauve than the pink above. This is a powdery blush, so it does go on a little patchy. With some continued blending, I can get it to look somewhat decent.

This looks more pink in the swatch than it does in the pan, which is funny given I purposely chose a color that was not pink.

When you see them together, you can tell that there is a lot more pink in the Laduree, which is on the left. It is also easier to see how much more sheer it is. The mauve shows more in the Colormates blush. You can also see how much more pigmented it is, but I should note it took two passes to get it there while it took 4 to get the Laduree where it is.

If you’ve thought of making your own, you can do it with 4 ingredients. Most of us already have one on hand and others might even have more, which makes it easier. I suggest grabbing these from the Dollar Tree to make this as cheap as possible. If you purchase online, there is a minimum, which is way too much for this project.

You need some details white fabric rose petals in 300 count bags. If you have enough talent to make your own paper roses, you have more creativity than I do and should exit out of this article immediately.

You need some Assured 50% Isopropyl Alcohol. Any alcohol will probably work and as I mention above, most people already have alcohol on hand. The only reason I purchased this is I wanted to make this as close to a Dollar store project as possible (not that you cannot get alcohol around a dollar from most stores). I also like that it is 50% alcohol. Since I did not need any sterilizing (which is better with higher percentages) nor did I need it to dry fast (which is also better with higher percentages), I thought this would work nicely. My theory was the blush would have more time to seep into the petals if it did not dry too fast. As I did not test a batch with a higher percentage of alcohol, this is merely a theory. Even if I did, it would not have enough statical significance to prove my theory anyway.

Pick the blush of your choice. I opted for Colormates Mauve Alous Blush & Brush Compacts. It is darker than the pink I have in the other formula. This was mainly because I feared it would lack pigmentation and assumed I needed a darker color for them to compare.

The Dollar Tree does have some nice glass containers, and you could make this a 100% Dollar Tree project if you like. I particularly like this one or this one. Since I did not find any glass jars I liked when I shopped at the Dollar Tree in person, I picked one up from Daiso Japan. If it was online, I would have linked it for you, but I cannot find it. That also means I do not know what it is called, but I call it my Daiso Glass Ornate Candy Dish. As I purchased it well over a year ago in preparation for this project, it is possible this specific container is no longer carried. Check your local Daiso if you’re interested. Most things at Daiso are $1.50. This one falls into that category, I believe.

For those keeping track, I spent $4.50 before tax on this project. You could spend more or less depending on where you shop and how many products you already own. When it comes to mixing everything together, I definitely suggest using things you already own. I also suggest disposable plates or bowls (I would have used a disposable bowl if I owned any but thought purchasing some for this project defeated the purpose of keeping the total low). My fear with using my bowls was staining, but you can use reusable bowls if you do not have the same fear. A spoon or spatula to break up the blush and mix it with the alcohol is also helpful. With the alcohol, I kept adding it until all powder was gone but my blush was not too fluid, like this.

Then, I added the rose petals to the mixture. Of course, I tested to see how many rose petals would fit into my container first. Spoiler alert, you will have a lot of leftover rose petals, but you will also have a lot of leftover alcohol. That just means more product for future projects, right!

I used my hands to mix the formula into the rose petals even rubbing stubborn petals onto the bottom and side of the plate to soak up the product. Once I finished, most of the 0.31oz blush got absorbed into the rose petals and what was left on the plate got tossed after I gave it two full days to dry on the plate. If you are using a real plate or are not concerned about staining the glass container, you can transfer it faster. My goal was just to make sure it was 100% dry.

I am an avid Dollar Tree shopper. So many items are worth way more than $1, and it is my mission to discover all of them. Follow me on my journey to tell you what is worth it and what’s not as I explore more from the retailer. Remember to check all Dollar Tree offers before placing an online order. There is a purchase minimum for online orders, so it is worth it when you have a large project (although I would still stop by a store first to see what you can find). See all Dollar Tree articles. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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