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Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2019 Review, Trendsetter Subscription Box – Hydration Heroes

The Walmart Beauty Box releases once per season, and my Winter 2019 Walmart Beauty Box review is below. This is a subscription box that gives you the items for free as long as you pay $5 for the shipping. Your first $5 charges when you subscribe, and a box from the current season will ship to you within a few weeks. Future boxes will incur the $5 charge as the box ships. While this box gets released each season, the release date always varies. Walmart will email you before it releases to remind you to update your account information. Sometimes, it sends boxes right after you update. Other times, it will tell email you to update your account, then still wait weeks to ship your box.

How Many Box Variations Are There?

There are only two types of boxes, Trendsetter and Classic. Items placed inside the boxes are random, so your Trendsetter box could vary from mine. Classic boxes can vary from one another as well.

Can I Opt in to a Certain Type of Box?

You cannot choose which box Walmart assigns. While it is true that most younger subscribers get a Trendsetter box and older subscribers get a Classic Box, that is not always the case. Some will use a fake birthdate one way or the other to trigger the box they want. Walmart started me on a Classic Box, but it switched me to a Trendsetter Box in the Spring of 2016. I’ve always used my real birthday, so I am unsure why it switched me from one to the other.

Which Box is Better, Classic or Trendsetter?

I’ve seen times when the Classic boxes look better and other times when the Trendsetter boxes look better, but the Trendsetter boxes seem better overall.

Do the Samples Repeat?

The samples repeat, because there is no beauty profile. Boxes get sent at random. No one keeps track of what you received in the past, so there is no way to know you already received something. Because Walmart eventually runs out of samples and gets new ones in, you should not continue to get the same products over and over. Samples should repeat in no more than 3-4 boxes. Even when they do, the odds that you will get the same sample in three boxes in a row are small.

Why is the Value Inconsistent?

It is not uncommon for some members to receive low value boxes (worth $10 or less) and others to receive high value boxes (worth $20 or more). There are times when one member might get 4 items, and another member will get the same four items plus four more. This always makes me wonder why not just stick 6 in each box instead of leaving one member thrilled and the next disappointed. I call it the luck of the draw, and it tends to balance out on average unless you are always lucky or always unlucky. Some of my boxes are unlucky, and others are lucky. Most of them fall somewhere between the two. For $20 a year, I am willing to gamble.

Walmart Winter 2019 Beauty Box Trendsetter Overview

The box design does change at times. This one for Winter 2019 is a plain, pale, baby blue, cardboard.

Everything comes loose inside the box. This can lead to product damage, but everything in this box arrived intact.

Some boxes have coupons, but none of the ads in this box had coupons attached.

Walmart Winter 2019 Beauty Box Trendsetter Review

Walmart calls the 2019 Winter Beauty Box Hydration Heroes. It does not usually take on a theme. While I can see where it was going with this theme, I would have chosen more moisturizing products or selected a different theme.

There is a reusable bag with water droplets, the Walmart Hydration Heroes Beauty Bag, that has water droplets on one side and the Walmart logo on the other side. Walmart does not sell this bag or any like it, so it is hard to value. That means I have to venture a guess. It also means I could be off with my box value. I am being very generous by saying this bag might be worth $5. The outside is foiled and gets scuffed easily, and the lining inside is cheap and irregular. No one with a large collection of beauty bags would use this, but it is better than a Ziploc or something that is not reusable.

The 2oz Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer is worth $1.82. This is a product I originally tested with a CrowdTap campaign. Of all the wet skin moisturizers, I think this is the most hydrating. It is still not as hydrating as one you apply to dry skin, so I would never use this in the winter. My husband loves this stuff year-round, so he might steal it from me. People who hate taking extra time to get ready might want to try this, because you can dry off the excess with a towel if you do not want to rub it in. Doing that allows the body to absorb some, which is better than applying nothing at all.

The SooAE Unicorn Glow Hologram Mask retails for $2.50. I love trying any sheet mask, but a hologram mask sounds fun. We all want to look like a unicorn, but I would only consider purchasing it if it actually does something. This one claims to detox and purify the skin while it delivers plant extracts to nourish the skin. It says I should apply a serum before applying the mask, which is a direction I’ve never seen before. Most masks have serums built-in.

As I mention above, samples can repeat. The Soo Ae My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch, which retails for $2.50, was also in my Fall 2018 Walmart Beauty Box. I have nor used it yet, because I have a love/hate relationship with most lip gels. My lips get really dry, and I love the way these masks make them feel refreshed. Almost every time I use a lip mask, I get a whitehead somewhere around my lips within two days of pores. It happens almost every time regardless of brands. Lip masks just tend to clog my pores. Yet, I keep trying new ones when I get them with the hope that they will hydrate without clogging any pores. Hopefully, this one does not let me down.

The last three items in my box are foils. While I love receiving any new product to try and created a Foil Challenge to help me use these more often, I do not place value on them. Foils should never be sold (unless it is a single use product, like a sheet or lip mask. Anyone who places value on foils will come up with a very different box value than I do.

The 0.169oz foil of Garnier SkinActive Soothing 3-in-1 Moisturizer Rose Water came in my Summer 2018 Box, because again, the Walmart Beauty Box likes to repeat samples. This is a very generous size. It turns out the full-size is 6.75oz, so I can see why this foil is so large. I tried this product each of the three ways in my December 2018 Foil Challenge. My favorite method is as a night-time moisturizer.

The 0.07oz foil of Cetaphil Hydrating Eye Gel-Cream seems interesting. A lot of people like a gel for how light it is but a cream for how moisturizing it is. One that combines that two could work, but it could also flop. That is a decent sample for an eye cream. I have not really tried anything from this brand that I dislike, so my expectations for this are high.

Things like this Olay Daily Facials daily hydrating clean grapeseed extract Dry Cloth are great for travel. I can take single use dry wipes like this in my carry-on without sticking it inside a Ziploc. That is how I will probably test this. Because it is a dry cloth, it should stay in shape no matter how long it takes me to use it. Only when it gets wet will the product start breaking down.

Is the Winter 2019 Walmart Beauty Box Worth It?

The box value is $11.82. That brings the average box value for the year to $11.82, because this is the first one. My personal value is $6.82, because I will not keep the bag. It is possible my husband may steal the wet skin moisturizer and I could give away the lip mask (if I hate the first one) or give away this duplicate before I even try it. No one will get the unicorn mask from me, so my guaranteed value is $2.50. As that is less than I paid, that would suck. Here’s hoping I love the lip mask, so I can at least get my money back (no matter what happens with the wet skin moisturizer). This is one of the weaker ones, but the Summer 2018 Box was incredible. Had I seen this ahead of time like you can with the Target Beauty Box, I probably would have passed. Have you subscribed yet? The winter boxes are still available. USA, LLC

What do you think of the Winter 2019 Walmart Beauty Box? Let me know below. Remember to check all Walmart offers before shopping online. See all Walmart Subscription Box articles. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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4 thoughts on “Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2019 Review, Trendsetter Subscription Box – Hydration Heroes Leave a comment

  1. Very good review! I got the same box, and it was just ‘ok’ for the $5 paid. I dislike getting ‘foils’ as well. I have been getting these boxes ever since they started the program, and I think the ‘value’ has evened out over time, since they have thrown in full size makeup items here & there.


  2. The winter box was a big disappointment. I didn’t get most of the products (samples), the bag is cheap and the box was eh. Not at all happy with this one. Usually the box is colorful with a lid and could be used for multiple things. No useable box this time. No coupons either to entice you to try a product. I don’t feel the little samples give you a chance to see if the product really works. Hope the next one is better


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