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Ulta Birthday Gift Review Ulta Beauty Collection Perfect Pair Eyeshadow Set January 2019

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Free Ulta Beauty Birthday gifts are here! My 2019 Ulta birthday gift review on the Ulta Beauty Collection Perfect Pair Eyeshadow Set is ready, because I’ve tried it a few times. This was technically my son’s present, but he did not want eyeshadow. Ulta should really consider skincare options for non-makeup wearers. It is the third year of the past five where January birthday babies get presents from the Ulta Beauty Collection. I’ve reviewed the 2015 Quarter One Birthday Gift and the 2018 Quarter One Birthday Gift and was not overly impressed with either of those either. The 2015 present was just decluttered from collection. History repeats itself once again, because I find this gift left me wanting more. A new birthday gift is getting released every month in 2019. Here’s hoping you get one you like. See my February 2019 NYX Ulta birthday gift review and my March 2019 It Cosmetics Ulta birthday gift review.

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I have one timeline where I list all major: deals, coupons, GWP, Sales, promotions, and Events. Those who want to see an overall idea of what to expect this year should stop by. See where this Ulta Beauty birthday gift lines up with others on the calendar. You can also visit my Ulta retailer page to see active and upcoming offers of all types.

2x Birthday Bonus Points

All UltaMate Rewards members get 2x points during their birth months. This is basically one bonus point per dollar spent, because you already get 1 as an UltaMate Rewards member, 1.25 as a Platinum member, and 1.5 and a Diamond member.

January 2019 Ulta Beauty Birthday Gift

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Your January 2019 Ulta Beauty birthday gift has a total value of $13.95. You get an Ulta Beauty Collection Perfect Pair Eyeshadow Set. These are nearly full-size. Petite is 0.057oz ($7.23) and Beauty Junkie is 0.053oz ($6.72). It comes in $1.95 over the $12 birthday gift from the Ulta Beauty Collection in 2018.

Yes, I am immature. When I saw that Ulta calls this gift perfect pair (a term used for boobs), I positioned them on top of the box for this flattering photo.

Petite is a light pinkish beige matte shade, and Beauty Junkie is a medium mauve with pink micro glitter. For those looking for a pink and purple look, they could carry that out with this pair.

To the naked eye, these look the same size. One is slightly bigger than the other, which only made the perfect pair reference even more funny to me. Boobs are almost always different sizes even when they look very similar.

I was not overly impressed with the matte swatch, but I thought the glitter shade was okay. The matte shade was chalky and not super pigmented. It took two passes to get it to show up. That glitter shade looked that pretty with one pass, so I had great expectations.

Ulta Beauty Birthday Gift Review

Have you ever heard someone say swatches do not matter? I have mixed feelings on that, because there are plenty of times I can tell how a shadow will perform based on its swatch and other times where it is a little harder. Swatches are still nice, because they let me see the color and what the shadow is capable of, even if it takes a while to get it there on the eyes. The matte shade performed on the eyes the same way it did in the swatch but the glitter shade was very different. When I picked up the matte color powder flew everywhere. It was so dusty, and it took a long time to build up the color in my crease. Every time I had to grab more color, I had to tap off the excess forever, because there was so much fallout on this powdery shade. Fallout does not bother me if a shade can hold pigment. Because this one could not, I had to deal with so much product and dedicate so much time to lay down a base. This pattern repeated all three times I wore the shadow.

The glitter shade had a lot less fallout, which is so backwards. Most glitter shades have more fallout than matte shades, so it felt like these shades came from an alternate universe where things are backwards. Building up the color was not as hard with the glitter shade as it was with the matte shade (again, alternate universe). It took a little work on my first and second application. On my third application, it did not take as long. That leads me to believe it gets easier to use with each application as you get past the top layers. Where the glitter fails is actually staying on the lid. I tested it three ways, with regular primer only, with regular primer and glitter primer, and wet with glitter primer and regular primer. As expected (and is the case with most glitters), if apply a regular primer before all shadows, a glitter primer before glitter shades, and wet the glitter shade before applying it, I can get it to last longer on my eye.

The glitter shade does not stay on as well as glitters from other brands even with the full-proof method to help glitters stay on. That said, even with regular primer, there was still some glitter left by the end of the night. Despite my very hooded lids, the glitter did not move too much above my crease when I used a glitter primer. This leads me to believe the glitter shade in this set is okay. I have nothing positive to say about the matte shade. It was difficult to apply and faded throughout the day each of the three times I wore it. By the end of the night each time, there was barely any left. At least I did not have any creasing thanks to all the fading, but I want shadows that stay vibrant AND don’t crease.

The verdict is I will not use the matte shade again. Three strikes and it is out. I would consider using the glitter again but with more impressive glitters in my collection, giving it to someone with a smaller collection could result in it getting more use.

What are your thoughts on the Ulta Beauty Collection Perfect Pair Eyeshadow Set offered as the January 2019 Ulta Birthday Gift? Let me know below. Targeted Offers are exclusive to UltaMate Rewards Members, so I do recommend joining. Whenever there is an exclusive or unique Ulta Beauty offer, I will note that above. An advanced breakdown on Earning and Redeeming Points can help you maximize the UltaMate Rewards Program. Coupons are almost always available. I go over all types of Ulta coupons and track 20% off prestige coupons. Remember to check my Ulta Deals page before placing an online order for possible exclusives and advice. There are always general and brand specific offers I do not list, so check the GWP section of the Ulta site as well. Ulta encourages deal stacking. Most major eventsrun on a schedule, and I track each one. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal at Ulta. See all Ulta articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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