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Target Beauty Box January 2019 Review, Hello Flawless Beauty Finds

Every month, we see a Target Beauty Box get released. The Target Beauty Box January 2019 is Hello Flawless Beauty Finds, which I review below. There is a Target Beauty Box for skincare that released with this one. I only cover the ones I like enough to purchase, so I will not mention or review the skincare box. These are not subscription boxes, so Target shoppers can see the contents before deciding if they want to purchase them. Popular boxes may still sell out quickly, but most of these beauty boxes last longer than they used to. Target Beauty Boxes ship free, but you are subject to the $35 free shipping minimum if you purchase anything else with it. Unless a color gets specified in the description, color cosmetics will vary. Boxes retail for $5, $7, or $10. They include mostly samples, but there is usually at least one full-size item. Value is usually at least triple the cost.

This Month’s Theme

The Target Beauty Box, Hello Flawless Beauty Box retails for $7!

Everything comes inside the box with the Target Beauty logo.

Items are loosely placed inside with nothing but teal tissue paper surrounding them. This can lead to destroyed products. Everything in this box seems fine. Even though it seemed very fragrant, I could not find a leak.

The theme of this Target Beauty Box is Hello Flawless Beauty Finds! That is a pretty broad theme, so it is hard to say how well the products fit.

A product card comes in each box with a brief explanation on each item. There are 7 items inside the January 2019 Target Beauty Box, Hello Flawless Beauty Finds. That makes the cost of each item $1.

Beauty Coupon

All Beauty Boxes contain a coupon for $3 off any $15 Beauty purchase. This applies to cosmetics, skincare, and haircare. The coupon is valid for about a month from the order date. By the time the box arrives, you usually only have about 3 weeks to redeem it. This coupon works online and in-store. It expires 02/04/19.

January 2019 Target Beauty Box, Hello Flawless Beauty Finds Review

The full-size 2.95oz Love Beauty & Planet Argan Oil & Lavender Deodorant retails for $6.99. That means this product covers the cost of the box. I experimented with my first aluminum free deodorants last year, and it did not go well. Getting another opportunity to find one that works with my body chemistry without investing in the full price is nice. It was the main reason I purchased this box. This claims it uses moroccan argan oil to leave underarms moisturized while French lavender keeps you smelling fragrant all day. Finding an aluminum free deodorant that keeps me smelling good all day without any strange side effects is one of my beauty goals for 2019.

The 3.4oz Method Body Wash Pure Peace is worth $1.32. I’ve enjoyed the Method hand washes I’ve tried, so trying a body wash just seems like a natural progression. This one is infused with peony, rose water, and pink sea salt. It claims to purify, leave skin thoroughly moisturized, and smell fresh.

The 2-pack of Up&Up Premium Cotton Rounds is worth $0.06. I have so many thoughts on this. First, I really dislike when a sample does not pull its weight in box value. If I am paying $1 per sample, I do not want a sample that falls under that even when others carry its dead weight. Second, I think this might be the lowest value sample I’ve ever received anywhere. Granted, I do not calculate the value on foils, so those who do could probably challenge me on that. All that aside, I see two positives to receiving this. Having small sets like this is great for a short trip, so I can throw these in a travel drawer. My favorite thing about this is I have never tried the premium cotton rounds from Up&Up. While I buy premium cotton from higher-end stores, I’ve never even considered buying higher-end drugstore cotton. At some point, it would have clicked that I need to try the previous ones at the drugstore, but who knows how long it would have taken me to reach that conclusion on my own. It gives me the chance to see how it compares. This one claims it is dual-sided for a strong, soft, and lint-free pad.

The 0.02oz Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise All Day Liner is worth $4. I received one of these in the Fall 2018 Walmart Beauty Box that I have not tried yet. This has an ultra-thin brush tip, which should help my shaky hands. Hopefully, I can get smooth, thin lines that stay all day as promised. If I can, I will definitely keep this duplicate.

The 0.9oz Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil is worth $1.66. I love trying new oils, and this is one I have not tried yet. This has Cocoa butter, vitamin E, and natural oils. It promises to improve the appearance of scars and even out skin tone. These are claims I’ve heard before, but I look forward to trying it myself.

The 0.75oz Schmidt’s Naturals Travel Sized Toothpaste Activated Charcoal is worth $0.80. This technically does not pull its weight either, but it is a lot closer. I’ve been interested in charcoal toothpaste, but I’ve read as many bad things as good. It is fluoride free, which I dislike. As long as I alternate it with a fluoride toothpaste to combat my sensitivity, I can give this a try. Getting it in a box was the only way I would ever get to try it, so I am glad it arrived. Besides, Schmidt’s owes me a win after a very disappointing product. Hopefully, this is it.

The 1.05oz Garnier Micellar Water Waterproof is worth $1.23. I’ve heard great things about Garnier Micellar Water and recently purchased the pink one. How perfect is it that I get to try the blue one, too. Now, I can compare them to others I’ve already used and each other. It will take me a while to open this, because I have multiple micellar waters that were here first. This one claims to gently cleanse and effectively remove even waterproof makeup with no rinse and no harsh rubbing.

Is the Target Beauty Box for January 2019 Worth it?

As with all drugstore products, price variation is huge depending on where you shop. For this Beauty Box, I used Target prices on all items. This box has a $16.06 value. That is not the highest value box ever, but I am still happy with it. My personal value is at least $12.06, because I may not keep the duplicate eyeliner. Six of the seven items in this box are new to my collection, and they are all things I really want to try. A couple of them are things I probably would have purchased separately at some point if they did not pop up in this box (like the deodorant and the cotton rounds). Getting all these samples for the cost of the full-size product is great for anyone who considers purchasing the deodorant separately. Because I know all the items ahead of time, I will always feel it is worth it. Whenever I see one that is not worth it, I just refrain from purchasing it.

What are your thoughts on the Target Beauty Box for January 2019, Hello Flawless Beauty Finds? Let me know below. Remember to check all Target offers before placing an online order. You get free shipping when you only order a Beauty Box, but the regular $35 shipping minimum applies if you add anything to the order. Boxes release almost every month and although the exact release dates vary, the first Monday of each month is the most common release. Whenever there are five Mondays in a month, the fifth Monday may see some new Beauty Boxes. They are available while supplies last. While I write articles on the ones I purchase, I do not cover the ones that do not interest me. My interests may vary from yours. Sign up for Target emails, so you can get a notification as soon as the boxes release. See all Target articles. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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