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What’s Coming to the Sephora Rewards Bazaar in 2019

See the 2020 Sephora Rewards Bazaar article.

New Point Perks release in the Rewards Bazaar every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-5pm PST. The most common release is right at 9am, so arriving at 9am on a drop date will yield the best chance of grabbing your desired perk. Sephora emails a list of upcoming perks for some of the bigger items arriving in the Rewards Bazaar within that month. It always sends at least one email a month, but they usually arrive near the 5th and the 20th on months where it sends two. This article will cover the perks Sephora chooses to spotlight in those emails. While I may at times find ones Sephora did not email and post them below, I do not do that often. That means this is not a complete listing of all offers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.36.31 PM

This article is only for point perks worth 750 or more. Beauty Insider members can redeem perks from 50 to 500 points online with any purchase. I cover Smaller Point Perks my 50 to 500 Point Perk article. Those can release anytime throughout the month, but most perks of that size release near the beginning. People redeeming perks worth 750 points and over can order the perk on its own. To check out as quickly as possible, I recommend that. The faster you check out the better the odds you can score the perk before someone else does. More popular perks can disappear in seconds, because there are never very many of them. Whenever I redeem a perk, I will link my review below. You can also review recent Rewards Bazaar articles to see what I’ve written on this.


Sephora spotlights a different brand or theme each month. That brand or theme typically has the most items in the Rewards Bazaar in its featured month.

2019 Sephora Event Calendar

I have one timeline where I list all major: Promotions, Sales, Deals, GWP, Promo Codes, and Events. Those who want to see an overall idea of what to expect this year should stop by. See where these large Sephora Rewards Bazaar Point Perks line up with others on the calendar. You can also visit my Sephora retailer page to see active and upcoming offers of all types.

Rewards Bazaar Offers

These offers will always release sometime during the month Sephora sent the email in. For the emails sent around the 5th, there are times when they released before the email arrived.

December 2019 -Part 3

I actually dedicated an article to this one if you care about my thoughts.

December 2019 -Part 2 (12/24/19)

If the NARS lipsticks are full-size, it is worth it. Otherwise, it joins all the others in being a waste of points.

December 2019 (12/05/19)

In The Spotlight: Too Faced

I think this is overpriced by about 10,000 points.

This price is expected for a luxury brand launch product.

This is really cute, but only the stocking is full-size. You have a mini palette with mini products. I think 1500 points would have been a better price.

If you are a big Too Faced fan, I could see how either of these would be worth it. I do believe 20,000 is too much for the tour unless you walk away with some serious swag.

November 2019 -Part 2 (11/21/19)

The value on these depends on how much you want the item. Only the candle is worth it to me.

I think this is overpriced.

I think the travel set us overpriced but feel the Kerastase has a fair price.

This has a good price.

November 2019 (11/05/19)

In The Spotlight: Briogeo

I would prefer if the tarte reward was 500 points, but the others seem fine if they include full-size products.

This is a cute set, but I wish it was 500 points.

Both of these look like a nice use of points.

I think these look worth it as well.

October 2019 -Part 2 (10/17/19)

I grabbed this (click for review) when it released last month, because my husband stole my other Sephora Umbrella.

Giving back to a good cause is nice.

This seems nice depending on the value of the gift.

The Benefit kit is gimmicky. Unless you are a makeup artist, no one needs all of those shades. That Chia Bret would also creep me out. No oftense to Bretman Rock as I am sure I would not want anyone’s face on this.

I think the Innisfree set is a great use of points.

I think these are both worth the points, especially if you are into reusable totes and NARS lipsticks.

Both of these are worth it if the experiences are as grand as they sound.

October 2019 (10/08/19)

In The Spotlight: bareMinerals

If you are a fan of his, this is worth it.

This seems like a good cause.

These both seem like an okay use of points.

September 2019 -Part 2 (09/19/19)

I grabbed this (click for review), because my husband stole my other Sephora Umbrella.

These are both an excellent use of points.

I like the values on both of these options as well.

I would need to research the FOREO offer to see if it is worth the points. Nikki Tutorials is great, but the bronzer should have cost 1000 points.

The purse is stunning and for a good cause. That makes it a win/win.

September 2019 (09/03/19)

In The Spotlight: Hourglass

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 1.27.17 PM

I think these are both over-priced, but it is a luxe brand.

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 1.27.29 PM

Again, it does not appear you get much for the points, but a huge Hourglass fan might enjoy this.

August 2019 -Part 2 (08/20/19)

In The Spotlight: Wow Rewards

I would not spend 750-points on an in-store facial, because it is nowhere near the real deal.

I think both of these are adorable and a good use of 750 points.

The Jouer Sunkissed All Over Kit is one of the best use of points I’ve seen in a while. That really should have cost more than 1000 an is a steal. Depending on the quality of the bag and the bottle, the Murad Wellness Vault (Blush) is easily worth 2500 points.

I personally prefer the bottle in blush, but this mint version is pretty as well.

August 2019 -Part 1 (08/06/19)

In The Spotlight: NARS

As long as the products you take home are nice, this is probably worth it.

I do wish the Nudestix set was a little cheaper, but the YSL event looks cool.

Both could be worth the points depending on the bag that comes with them.

This is likely worth the points, especially if the bronzer and candle are full size.

July 2019 -Part 2 (07/23/19)

These both look worth the points if you are interested in the products.

I like getting a full size product for 500 points. The nutritionist consultation depends on a number of factors. Does your medical insurance cover it (to save your 4500 points)? Is the consultation really one-on-one?

I think these are both a good use of the points.

I wish these were a little lower based on how much the candles retail for.

This is less than the usual 50,000 point offer, but it is only for 2 nights.

July 2019 -Part 1 (07/09/19)

In The Spotlight: Caudalie

Other than the makeover, these are all worth the points.

Skip the facial.

Donating is always worthy, but the value of the bundle for the points depends on the size of the items. If they are all samples, I would pass.

Both of these are worth it based on the items you take home from each.

This is a lot of points, but it looks like it would be very fun.

June 2019 -Part 2 (06/18/19)

It depends on what is included in with the facial to say if it is worth the points. If it is close to the free one Sephora offers, I’d pass. I think 750 points for a bag and three full size products is a steal. Plus, I love the brow products in that set. This same perk went for 1000 points earlier in the month, so that stinks for people who redeemed it for more than they had to. If you know the person who will come to your house and are a fan, it is worth it. Otherwise, it is another pass.

All of these are a great use of points.

June 2019 -Part 1 (06/04/19)

In The Spotlight: Benefit Cosmetics

If you do not have any free makeovers with your level of membership, spend $50 on product to get it for free and save your points. The Urban Decay set is a great value, but with only 5 available, it is an extreme long shot. I think the Dolce&Gabbana set is cute, but I wish it was 500 points less. Ulta just gave the paddles away as a GWP.

These are both a good use of the points if you are interested in the products.

Both are great for the points here as well if you want the items.

Again, both are a great use of the points if you are interested in the offer. That suitcase is amazing.

I would opt for the private event, which costs the same amount of points as this. Then again, I do not know who this is. A fan of his would get more enjoyment from this one.

May 2019 -Part 1 (05/06/19)

In The Spotlight: fresh

I like both of these 750-point options, but I wish they were 500 points. Since I have a Sephora Umbrella and brush holder, I will pass at this price. The BeautyBio price seems fine if you are interested in the products.

Everything in this category is priced well, except the fresh set. Unless it is high quality cotton I would have preferred to see it at 2500 points. I might pick up the Lancome one if I can grab it in time. Even the worst mascara from Lancome is nice, and I have not tried this one yet.

Again, I think both fresh items are overpriced. If the cotton on the tank is high quality, it might be worth this. Unless you get a load of free products, I cannot see spending that many perks when travel is not even included.

April 2019 -Part 2 (04/15/19)

VIB and Rouge members can redeem a full-size eye cream for 500-points. This is a great use of points for anyone interested in it. The Living Proof set as cute but might be slightly overpriced if that luggage tag is not really high quality. I really like the Benefit Roller set and think Roller Lash is a nice mascara. This cute set is an excellent use of points. Those pants in the Biossance set are cute, but the set is only worth 3,000 points if the products are full-sized.

April 2019 -Part 1 (04/02/19)

In The Spotlight: Earth Month

I would need more details on what this includes to determine worth. Sephora offers a lot of free facials, so I typically would not recommend spending points on them.

Donation is always a good and noble thing. Two trees planted for 500-points or a $20 donation and a deluxe sample of La Mer the Soft Cream for 750-points re both good causes with just rewards.

I think the canvas tote is adorable and sends a great message. The samples add to the value of the perk. Getting a jean jacket, samples and knowing a donation is going to a good cause is nice.

I like the idea of encouraging people to do something in exchange for their reward. It sends a message I can get behind. We can all do more.

March 2019 -Part 2 (03/19/19)

I would need more details on what this includes to determine worth. Sephora offers a lot of free facials, so I typically would not recommend spending points on them.

March 2019 -Part 1 (03/05/19)

In The Spotlight: Living Proof

While the Ole Henrisken and Farsali offers are on okay use of points, the bareMinerals gift is actually a good one. It includes $85 ClassPass credit along with a full-size foundation stick, water bottle, and fitness towel.

If the deodorant in the Kopari is full-size, this is a decent use of points. Otherwise, that bag better be nice to justify 3 deluxe samples for 750-points. I like a lot of Rebecca Taylor items, so the value of this gift really depends on how much shopping you can really do.

The Workout Essentials Kit is an excellent use of points. The 5-in-1 Styling cream and water bottle look full-size. While it is clear the shampoo and conditioner in the Haircare and Cardio set are liters, I cannot justify dropping 3500 points unless the specific line is one you already love. Even though Living Proof is an amazing brand, each line works differently for me (and others). I really love the No Frizz line the most.

The BFF Gym Day offers everything you get in the Haircare and Cardio (minus the comb and bag), but you also get a pass to experience VIP treatment at Equinox. For 2500 more, you get the same Equinox pass, but you also get a one-year supply of Living Proof products. For those who live near and want to visit an Equinox, these could be nice. The number of full-size products includes in the Next Level Gym Day would be great even without the gym pass.

The value of Lights! Camera! Train! is dependent on what it includes and how much you’d want to center a vacation around the gym. I am a skip the gym on vacation person, but my husband likes to go.

February 2019 -Part 2 (02/19/19)

Fans of this brand might enough a sleep shirt and samples for 750 points.

February 2019 -Part 1 (02/05/19)

In The Spotlight: MAKE UP FOR EVER

The value of the facial depends on what you actually get. In-store mini facials are rarely worth any real points. Getting three Sephora Pro palettes and two eyeshadow brushes should come in a little lower. If this set included the fourth palette recently released, the 4500 points would make more sense. I like the Pro Brush Set with cleaner, but wish it came in for 1000 points instead.

I think both of these are overpriced unless the master class is held by a renowned artist and all the products in the Perfection Set are full-sized.

A two-day class that includes no travel arrangements for 20,000 is way too much.

January 2019 Supplemental Discussion (01/24/19)

I sometimes add offers that are not emailed to me when I happen upon them. Thanks to Janet’s comment below, I saw this offer for Sephoria swag priced at 45,000 points. These are free products that were given to ticket holders at the event now with an outrageous points price tag. It is also one of the most overpriced things I’ve seen in a long time.

January 2019 -Part 2 (01/22/19)

Nothing here really interests me. If the jacket comes with the patches on the Customize Your Trucker Vibes or the Pump Up Your Trucker Vibes, that is a great deal for 1500 points.

January 2019 (01/02/19)

In The Spotlight: Wake Up to You Dream Skin

If this was a full-size belif Moisture Bomb (which is my current favorite), I would have been all over grabbing a full-size for 750 points.

I would love to consult with Jeffrey or David but would not blow 1000 points on anyone else.

1500 points for a cute sweat suit and a bag of samples seems like a steal.

Nothing here particularly interests me.

I am loving the theme this month, because sleep is all I want to do, especially lately. All of these look great to me.

Beauty Deals 2.0

What are your thoughts on the Rewards Bazaar? Let me know below. Sephora does not inform any Beauty Insider of all promotions. It does list a great deal of them on its Beauty Offers page, but I list some it does not on my Sephora Deals Page. Between the ones it lists and the ones I list, you can catch most of them. Subscribe to emails to get targeted offers. If you’re spending over $25 online, there is always a promo code that you can apply. Most major events run on a set schedule, which is why I track them. See all Sephora articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal When Shopping Sephora. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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9 thoughts on “What’s Coming to the Sephora Rewards Bazaar in 2019 Leave a comment

  1. I don’t think that 35000 point reward is worth it, its almost never worth it these days.

  2. That is a lot of points. I doubt I could ever save that many, but I would be very selective if I did. Right now, a sleep retreat seems amazing. In the future, I could want something more adventurous. You never know.

  3. Hey did you see the 45000 point rewards that are up today? The jacket and weekender Sephoria combo? What are your thoughts??are these even worth it?

  4. Oh, my. They are charging 45000 points for the swag they handed out for free by ticket level at Sephoria? Easy pass. Now, I see why this offer was not included in the emails. It surprises me that two of the five bundles are sold out a little over a day in. Clearly, there are some people who do not think they’re getting robbed. I disagree.

  5. Thank you! I totally agree! Who saves up for this? Maybe if you’re really into sephoria “art”? I looked up the price of those makeup bags included in the reward and they can retail up to $100 at best, I think the artwork really holds biggest price tag for that 45k reward, the cash value is probably $3500, so the painting must cost $3000. I’ve redeemed large rewards before so this is just my guess.

  6. I’m not sure what the painting is worth, but there is no way I would pay 45,000 for it and a couple of other things, even if I saved that many. My biggest redemption ever was 1000 points, so I am not much of a saver at Sephora either. This year, I might grab a $100 gift card for 2500 unless something I like more comes along.

  7. Ooh I’m curious what the “shop till you drop” reward with Rebeca Taylor is? I wonder if it includes travel somewhere?
    None of the equinox rewards excite me because I think equinox in general is over rated.

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