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Sephora Birthday Gift 2018 Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Review, Well Kind of

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The last Sephora Birthday gift I am reviewing for 2018 is the one from Bumble and bumble. I redeemed the Bite Beauty gift from Sephora for my birthday this year, and I arranged a trade with a friend to get the Glamglow gift. Both of those gifts got reviewed separately (click the links to read them). That only left one of the three gifts Sephora offered for this year for me to review. An option to redeem 250-points in place of the gift popped up later in the year. My plan was to redeem the Bumble and bumble gift when my son got his Sephora birthday offer. Yes, I was planning on stealing my son’s Sephora gift, but it’s not like I would not have given him something in exchange for it. Well, his birthday just passed. When I logged in to place an order on his account for the Bumble and bumble gift, it was gone.

That leaves me with a lot of questions. The most obvious question is when did it run out of stock? Since my birthday is in the first quarter and his is in the last, it could have happened anywhere in between. Has it disappeared and reappeared at any point this year? Considering it was not even listed on the postcard my son received, I assumed it was not coming back in stock by the time he had to redeem it. I wondered if Sephora had less of these than the other options and assumed fewer people would want this. My most pressing question was how many people redeemed this over the other gifts? At $12 and $13 for the 2 ounce sample, these 1oz samples would have been worth $12.50 total. With the Glamglow valuing $38.41, and the Bite valuing $23.55, how many people could pass up the better deals for a $12.50 gift? It turns out a lot of people must have selected this gift. Some of us love makeup, some of us love skincare, and some of us love haircare. Most of us love it all, but we have reasons for selecting some things over others, always.

That only made me want it even more. All year I thought I would get to sample the Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I get tons of shampoo and conditioner samples, many of which I am not motivated to try. Finally, I got a chance to try one that actually interests me, and it fell right out from underneath me. Okay, that’s dramatic. Nevertheless, I still wanted to try this. My answer was to purchase the 2oz sizes to test the product. At least I am not stealing my son’s gift, and I still get to try the product. Plus, I still get to review all three Sephora gift options from 2018 (even if I had to pay for one of them). Granted, I am reviewing it after people can no longer redeem it. Sorry for that. If it makes you feel any better, I am sure a sample of this will pop up somewhere. Those willing to wait do not need to purchase the expensive samples to review this. In fact, I strongly advise you not to buy the samples. In general, I think that is a bad idea! It also makes it hard to give a fair review. When you purchase an outrageously priced sample, you will generally judge it more harshly than you would from a product you tested for free.

I’m really not even sure why I wanted to sample this as much as I did. When I sampled the Invisible Oil from this line, I could not even decide what I thought of it before the faulty tube dumped all the contents. Every sample since has the same faulty design, which has limited my desire to try it again. After that experience, I still managed to convince myself this shampoo and conditioner would be amazing. The description on the shampoo claims it uses six feather-light oils to instantly transform dry, coarse, frizzy hair to soft, smooth, silky, and detangled. Most importantly, it promises hydration. My hair is naturally dry and frizzy. It is baby fine and tangles easily. Those tangles result in a lot of breakage, which result in a lot of baby hairs. When you have a lot of dry, fine, baby hairs, they like to stick out in every direction. This shampoo seemed like the answer to my problem. Bonus points for lacking sulfates and parabens.

I love when a sulfate free shampoo lathers nicely. While I dislike having my dry hair completely stripped of oils it needs, I really like the feeling of squeaky clean hair (well, squeaky clean anything). That squeaky clean hair usually leaves my scalp very dry, which causes my head to produce a lot of oil. The oil grosses me out before it can work its way down the hair shaft, so I wash my hair again. My scalp gets even more dry and the oils never work down my hair shaft causing the end of my hair to get extremely dry. It’s a vicious cycle. When I rinsed this product out of my hair, I did not get the squeaky clean feeling. I could almost feel some oil left despite rinsing it for a long time. Usually, shampoos that do that leave my hair looking less clean, but they do not strip my hair of moisture or oil.

I fully expected that with this. It took my hair a lot longer than usual to fully dry. Once it did, it surprised me to find it looking very clean. There were no traces of oil. This does have invisible right in the product name, so I figured it was one I could feel without seeing. My hair looked really frizzy, but I have extremely frizzy hair. It was my first experience, so I did not want to write the product off too quickly. Any number of reasons could explain my hair looking even more frizzy than usual, which is an accomplishment for my incredibly frizzy hair. After my hair fully air-dried, I thought it would look less frizzy or would at least look less frizzy when I woke up the next morning.

To my surprise, my hair looked even more frizzy the next morning. With lots of baby hairs that frizz out, curl up, and point every direction, it looks like I am growing pubes on the top of my head when my hair gets this frizzy. That is highly unusual that far along, because my scalp oils start working in less than 12 hours and it had already been a little over 12 by that point. My hair still had no oil present. For someone who usually gets a really oily scalp and fast, I actually welcomed this. I tolerated my frizzy hair the rest of the day and reveled in the fact that my scalp was not oily. The next morning, I woke up to hair that was still not oily at all. It had been over 36 hours since I washed my hair. With the lack of oil came itching on my scalp.

I use a scalp spray, because my scalp can get really dry. It is something I never skip, because an itchy scalp is not pretty. Keep in mind that I usually produce oil on my scalp when it feels this tight and dry yet my hair still was not oily. This was very strange. To hydrate my scalp, I applied a lot of oil. The relief was helpful, but my hair looked really greasy. Surely, I would need to wash it the next morning. If I had plans, I would have washed it that night. By the morning, most of the oil I applied to my scalp had absorbed into my hair. It did not even look greasy anymore. My hair was so dry that it drank up every drop of oil I applied and the ends of my hair felt like straw. Sixty hours since I last washed my hair, and I almost never go past 48, my hair had almost no oil present. It felt very dry and just plain awful.

At that point, I wondered if I should try to go longer without washing my hair or if I should just wash it again. Seventy-two is usually my breaking point for washing, because I can get away with dry shampoo from 24-48 hours and an updo from 48-72 hours. After 72-hours, who knows what would happen to my hair if it does not get washed. It also has this weird ability to get frizzy (even while super oily) if I shower multiple times without washing it, because the moisture in the shower strips it through the shower cap. I was brave enough to try it a second time to see if shenanigans were afoot. Could my experience have been a fluke? Would the results vary if I tried it again. Nope! The same madness repeated all over again.

I am pretty certain this is one of the worst shampoos I’ve ever tried. It is hard to say how the conditioner fits into all this, so I am not even going to bother to review that. Well, I will say I like its consistency. The whipped texture does condition without weighing it down. There are more good reviews than bad on this, so I think it really works for some people. For me, it dries my hair and scalp to the point where it feels very uncomfortable and makes my hair feel like straw. Somehow, it magically stops my scalp from producing oil. That’s an interesting parlor trick and something I thought I wanted. Turns out you should be careful what you wish for. When a dry scalp refrains from producing oil, the hair gets brittle and the scalp gets tight, itchy, and starts to flake. Even better, the frizz that you loathe comes on in spades! You will look like a Nick Nolte mug shot in no time at all. The best part is I paid a small fortune to bring you this awful review. Silly me.

The picture above is what my hair usually looks like when it air dries. You can see that my hair is frizzy, but it does not look anywhere near as bad as it does with this shampoo (like in the other picture). I would love to tell you that I made my hair look that bad in the first photo on purpose, but I did the same thing and used all the same products on my wet hair in both photos. In the second photo, I just used a shampoo that is better suited to me. My husband inherited what is left from these samples I purchased. Had he not taken them off my hands, I probably would have finished them. That is how much I hate throwing away the things I’ve paid for, especially when they’re expensive. As long as someone uses them, my money was not wasted. He actually really likes the shampoo and even tried the conditioner (a product he normally does not even use). I saw him running his hands through his hair talking about how soft it was. Again, he used conditioner when he usually doesn’t, but I cannot deny his hair felt soft. There was no frizz in sight, but that man has strong hair that never breaks. Baby hairs do not really exist on his head.

If you have hair that is not prone to frizzing or very few baby hairs that can go in every direction, you might enjoy this. There are no one size fits all products, but it is amazing how much I hated this versus how much my husband loves it the day he washes his hair. For reference, I have a lot of fine hair. He has a normal amount of thick hair. My hair is dry, and his hair is normal. Funny enough, it makes his hair oily faster than other shampoo, so he said he does not want to purchase it. Go figure. The same product that magically stops my oil production sends his into overdrive. This is definitely the strangest shampoo ever.

The price per ounce is crazy on the samples. Even those who love these products and cannot live without them are better off buying bigger ones and placing product in reusable sample bottles while traveling. Again, I do not recommend anyone purchase them in the travel sizes, unless the person already loves the product and hates the hassle of transferring to smaller bottles for travel. Sometimes, we all pay extra for convenience. I’ve been there. For the shampoo, the price per ounce is $6 in the 2oz size, $3.65 in the 8.5oz size, and $2.25 in the 32oz size. There is a less dramatic jump in the price per ounce on the conditioner where it is $6.50 in the 2oz size, and $5.07 in the 6.7oz size., Inc.

What are your thoughts on the Sephora Bumble and bumble Birthday Gift? Let me know below. Sephora does not inform any Beauty Insider of all promotions. It does list a great deal of them on its Beauty Offers page, but I list some it does not on my Sephora Deals Page. Between the ones it lists and the ones I list, you can catch most of them. Subscribe to emails to get targeted offers. If you’re spending over $25 online, there is always a promo code that you can apply. Most major events run on a set schedule, which is why I track them. See all Sephora articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal When Shopping Sephora. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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