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CouponCabin “Members Only” Offer for Dealstoogoodtopassup Readers

A few years ago, a reader emailed me about CouponCabin. I used her referral link to sign up, but then I forgot about it. Earlier this week, I received an email directly from CouponCabin. Apparently, they reach out to blogs to see if writers want to offer deals to their readers. This is not a sponsored post. I’ve never even done a sponsored post, but I would let you know if I ever decided to. So far, I have not been interested in any offers I’ve received. There are no affiliate links in this post, because I have no affiliation with CouponCabin. As CouponCabin does not even offer referral links at the moment, you will not find any of those either. The only benefit I get from posting this is knowing that some of you will score an amazing deal. That is enough for me.

One important caveat I must mention is I have no experience with CouponCabin. Full disclosure is extremely important to me, so I understand if those of you who are also unfamiliar choose to sit out on this one. Do what you think is right. My December beauty budget is already gone, but I am sitting out of this offer anyway to give each reader an extra chance to grab it. That means I still won’t have personal experience once this event wraps. While I usually turn down offers from companies that I have never dealt with, I did some research. The company seems legit, albeit a lot of rules come with these offers that can trip one up. However, I did not want to pass on this opportunity for six lucky readers. Because I am not affiliated with the company in any way, shape, or form, I cannot promise with 100% certainty things will go without a hitch. I also cannot help anyone who encounters a problem with getting this offer to credit to his/her CouponCabin account. Should you have any problem at all, contact CouponCabin.

Know that if I had a bad feeling or thought this was shady, I would have declined. According to my research, some people have complained, but I think I address most of the problems they mention below. Hopefully, everyone who follows the rules should get their cash back. If you’ve had experience with CouponCabin, please comment below. Even if it was a negative experience, I like painting a full picture when I present something and almost feel weird that I cannot do that with this offer. Yes, I could have waited until I tried CouponCabin myself, but I did not want to pass now and risk them not wanting to offer this to my readers in the future. I can go into detail with the positive and negative experiences I’ve had from other pay-to-shop programs though. Unfortunately, that cannot help here.

The first six people who click and redeem the offer at this special link at 3pm PST today will get $50 cash back on a $50 Ulta Beauty online purchase. This is a “Members Only” Offer, so you cannot access the offer without that link. Feel free to share the link with friends or family to increase the odds that someone you know will get it. If you are passing this along to anyone unfamiliar with CouponCabin “Members Only” offers, please pass along the link to this article as well. They should read the important information below. I want everyone to have all the information I found before proceeding.

Reading these tips will increase the likelihood that this offer gets credited to your CouponCabin account. My contact at CouponCabin gave me some tips. Because I like providing as many details as possible with everything I do, I also reviewed its website and online review sites for other tips.

-CouponCabin is a Pay-to-Shop program that uses affiliate links. *Once you enter the direct link I provided to the CouponCabin site, you will have to click its affiliate link to redeem this Ulta Beauty offer. That makes CouponCabin your affiliate for this. Read more about Pay-to-Shop programs. The retailer pays them and they pay you part of what they make for qualified purchases. With “Members Only” Offers, they either pay you more by hoping they will make it back from you in the future on other purchases or partner with the retailer to have the retailer cover it all. I am unsure which is the case with this offer, probably the former. I am 100% sure that I am not paying anything nor am I getting paid anything.

-As with all affiliate offers, ad blockers and declining cookies could invalidate your click. If you visit any site after clicking on CouponCabin’s link, it could invalidate your click. Making a purchase that is not 100% online from order to shipping will invalidate your click. *That means phone orders, mobile apps, or ship-to-store options invalidate clicks.

-Make sure your Ulta Beauty cart is empty, because you will not get credit for the purchase if there is anything in your cart before the click. *This is a first to cart affiliate link. If Ulta does not pay CouponCabin for your purchase, CouponCabin cannot pay you.

-Create a CouponCabin account (if you do not already have one) and make sure you’re signed in at the time of redemption. *She suggests doing this in the morning, because it is possible the offer will go fast once it is live. Try signing into your account before the offer goes live, so you can refresh the link right at 3pm PST.

-Be one of the first six people to click on the offer. Once the offer gets claimed by six shoppers, a message will pop-up saying it is no longer available. If you do not get that pop-up message, you are one of the lucky six. *You can confirm this before making your purchase by checking your Saved Offers within your CouponCabin account.

-Your total is before tax, shipping, and additional fees, but after all coupons, discounts, credits, and gift cards. Make sure your total is $50 for this offer after taking all that into account. *Please note that gift cards are not included in the $50 minimum spend. That is different from most cash back offers, so it is very important. All the other details are the same with most cash back offers.

-Cash back rewards post once the retailer reports the transaction to CouponCabin. Most retailers take 4-6 days to report a purchase. Payouts take longer, because you typically have to wait past the standard return window before the retailer pays the affiliate. Ulta’s return window is 60 days. Thus, the affiliate may have to wait that long to pay you.

-Members Only offers do not combine with the store’s standard cash back rate. *This means you will only get $50 no matter how much you spend. The percentage Ulta is offering does not matter when redeeming this promotion. If it did, those who spend right at $50 would make money on their purchase, so this is a fair exclusion. No double dipping.

-You may claim one “Members Only” offer every 30 days and one per store/brand every 90 days. *Whether you ultimately redeem it or not, it is the only one you can claim until 30 days pass (or 90 days pass for another Ulta Beauty offer).

-One Members Only offer per IP address. *If your friend or sister is over at your house using your wifi and you both make a purchase with this offer, both of your accounts could get suspended. Make sure no one else logs into CouponCabin from your wifi when you’re redeeming this offer. The complaints make it seem like they can suspend accounts even if you purchased from separate IP addresses but log into the same IP address as another member at some point before the credit gets paid out. Just be careful with this one.

-You won’t earn cash back if you use a coupon that is not available on CouponCabin. *Those of you still holding those 20% off prestige coupons should keep holding them until after this order (if you are one of the lucky six). $50 back on a $50 purchase is better than 20% off (unless your total is over $250). Those unique coupons come from Ulta, not CouponCabin, so redeeming one with this offer will invalidate it. Of course, this is a moot point if the “Members Only” offer is in coupon form. Ulta only allows one coupon per online transaction.

-Cash back gets voided if any exchanges or returns get processed under this offer. *This is a good time to only order products you know you will love. Purchase the ones you are unsure of on a different offer. If something arrives damaged, Ulta will usually give you the option to exchange it in store or ship it to you under a new, free order. Take the latter option if you are one of the lucky six with a damaged item. The former will negate your cash back. It is likely the latter will not.

Good luck to everyone! If you are one of the lucky six to redeem this, please report back on how it goes. I’d love to read all good responses, but would like to read them even if they’re bad. While I cannot promise CouponCabin will reach out to me with any future offers, I can promise I will not post any more if this one does not go well.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (12 and 7) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 12-year-old to apply it.

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  1. So I tried it and I even took snapshots of the purchase and of the link showing I was one of the six. I only got 4 dollars cash back. So I sent an email letting them know with all of my details and they still wouldn’t honor it. I will be returning the item, as I didn’t need it but 50 dollars off made it a great deal. But I’ll never use them again. I’ll stick to Ebates

  2. They said they had given to many out. Even though I showed them the snap shot of me being one of the six. 😫

  3. That’s awful. I spent hours reading and researching all the rules, compliments, and complaints across many sites. They were supposed to cut the offer the moment the sixth person redeemed. Sorry you have to go through the hassle of a return, because of that. It makes me feel bad. I won’t post any more offers from them, because that seems like their error, not yours. They should have honored it.

  4. I can only say that I have used it for the past 2 years and have received my cash back each time.

  5. I still have not used it personally, but the only person who reported back on how it went when I worked with with them last time said it did not work. Thus, I would be reluctant to work with with them again. While they may be completely legit, I have an obligation to look out for my readers.

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