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FabFitFun Winter 2018 Subscription Box Review With a Lot of Add-ons

It’s time to review my Winter 2018 FabFitFun box! FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription that puts out one box per season. Boxes have over $200 in value. The items are always full-sized and include products from: beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness lines. Subscribers can either pay $179.99 for an annual subscription ($20 off when buying 4 boxes up front) or $49.99 for a Seasonal subscription. Shipping is free, but sales tax gets charged (in certain states). There is usually a code to receive $10 off your first seasonal box. Those codes are fffa2p6 and FAB10Members can select add-ons at deeply discounted prices to include with their boxes. All subscribers get to customize some choice options, but Annual Subscribers (select members) get extra choices.

There are 9 (14 if you figure you get two essential oils and 5 sets of eye masks) full-size and large sample items in this box. This is a great box for winter with lots of products to keep us hydrated or at least fake it. A blanket can keep us warm as can some of the other products in the different box variations.

The one I received on my main account has a $321 value. Instead of adding a second box in add-ons, I opened a new seasonal account for Winter 2018. My reason behind this is I wanted a second bottle of dry shampoo. That retails for $44 by itself, so getting it and 8 other items for less than the cost to purchase it by itself was a no-brainer.

Both of my winter boxes had the same design. It is a pink and green box with three ladies sitting in front a fireplace.

Every box teams with a philanthropic cause. This box supports The Kindness Factory. There is some debate on what this charity actually is. It seems like the owner relied on the kindness of others to support her private life while she grew this organization. I am not sure how I feel about that, but I love the idea of random acts of kindness. Hopefully, the goal has truly shifted to focus on that, because a million acts of kindness sounds great. That leaves them with a little over 800,000 to go.

Everything comes on top of white crinkle cut paper wrapped in white tissue, sealed with a sticker.

Each box comes with a magazine.

It goes over all the available products available for this box.

This includes brief descriptions along with the cost to purchase each item.

FabFitFun hit 1 million subscribers, so it dedicated a page to thank the subscribers. I account for two of those.

There were features on some of its subscribers as well.

Most products have more in-depth descriptions, tips on how to use them, and advice. Some products get more magazine space than others, and it is usually the products that need more tips.

I particularly like this one on essential oils. There is a lot for me to learn, and I am just beginning my journey.

My head is small, so I usually have trouble wearing these one size fits all products. I will try some of these tips if I have any trouble.

It also had a full-page dedicated to discounts for those of us who want to spend even more money.

These boxes usually have a code from Hello Fresh for a discount. I have never used mine, so I like to post it for anyone who may want to try it.

I got two boxes, so I have two codes.

There is also a discount code for the V8 drink. If you’ve tried it and love feel free to use it. It tastes like flavored water. Unless it is fresh lemon to reduce the chemical taste of tap water, I prefer my water plain.


There are three shipping groups. All annual subscriber boxes bill and ship in group one. Seasonal subscriber boxes ship in group two unless they are new and start before the group one bill date, have add-ons, are international, have a military address, or are overseas. Those exceptions ship in group 1.5. Group 1 and 1.5 have some overlap, so it really is one large group. In the simplest terms, only seasonal subscribers in the contiguous US without a military address or add-ons ship in group two. Group 1 and 1.5 got billed on November 10th with all boxes shipped by December 10th (hopefully as that is today). My boxes both went out in group one on 12/02/18 (annual) and 11/28/18 (seasonal). They got delivered on 12/07/18 (annual) and 12/01/18 (seasonal). Everyone in group two got billed on November 25th with all boxes getting shipped by December 25th.

All subscribers got to customize three choice options.

Annual subscribers got to customize six items, and seasonal subscribers got to customize three. First time subscribers who join after customization closes get a randomly selected box from the current season or an editor’s box if the seasonal box is sold-out.

The window for the winter box was from November 3rd at 9am PST to November 8th at 11:59pm. Members get one choice from each customization row included with the cost of the box. For those who want more than choice per row, they can add extra choices in a given customization row for $10 each as long as supplies last. Those who arrive at the beginning of the customization window can usually add every extra choice if they want to. Popular items will run out of inventory leaving those who arrive later with less extra options.

The first choice was between the BEARPAW Combo Set: Headband and Pop-Top Glove Duo ($45), and the 8.45oz Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask ($49). I selected the hair mask for my main box, and the headband and gloves set for my second box.

My hair is dry, so I love hair masks. This is one I have not tried before, but I am happy to try a mask that retails for $5.80 an ounce. Whether I love it or not, I promise I will not purchase it without some type of discount. There are two I already love with a price per ounce under that.

I’ve purchased these glove to mitten products for my boys, but I’ve never owned a pair of my own. My buttons are really different colors, which is unusual. These are really cool, and I think I will get great use from these on our trips to the mountains to play in the snow. The headband should also keep my ears nice and toasty. Whenever we play in the snow, I leave feeling like my ears and nose are frostbitten. This should at least address one problem. I think both items are cute as well as comfortable. Here’s hoping I can pull it off with my small head.

The second choice was between the H Halston Jewelry Portfolio ($48), the 6oz Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo ($44), and the Lele Sadoughi Silver Circle Necklace ($49). I selected the dry shampoo for both boxes.

As I mentioned above, I purchased a second box to get a second bottle of the Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo. This is the best dry shampoo I’ve tried so far. It removes grease from my hair, gives it more volume, makes it smell incredible, and leaves it soft. Some people like texture, but I prefer soft strands. The price is more than I like to spend, so I will keep trying to find something more affordable. When an opportunity to purchase this at a discount this incredible pops up, I am usually going to jump on it. I do not really wear jewelry, so I did not see the point in paying the extra $10 for either of the other items in this category. That said, I think the organizer is pretty cool. The necklace is not too shabby either.

The third choice was between the Richer Poorer Reina Over the Knee Textured Sock ($24), the Sherrie Matthews Acupunture Jade Stone Roller ($45), and the PÜR™ Cosmetics Be Your Selfie Palette ($36). I selected the palette for my main box, and the socks for my second box.

I have a hard time resisting palettes, but I have never loved the Pur eyeshadow formula. It is usually pretty grainy to the point where it feels a little scratchy.

To my surprise, this is soft and smooth. Every shade except the one on the bottom right is finely milled.

These beautiful swatches make me want to work with this set of warm, neutral shades. I am looking forward to playing with this now that I know the formula is better than I expected. Once I wear this, I will edit in a picture, and a review.

I purchased a jade roller in the Summer Box add-ons, so I did not see the point to grab another one. It does not really do much, but I like taking a minute to relax and roll it on my face when I am feeling stressed.

As you will see with my add-ons, I love socks. My feet get so cold in the winter that I keep them buried in socks most of the time. The only over the knee socks I own are stockings or soccer socks. This is my first pair I can use with boots. I am looking forward to it. These would look great with almost every pair I own.

Annual (select) subscribers got three extra options

Annual members can choose one of these in each row for no extra cost and add as many extras as they want for $10 each. Seasonal members do not get a choice (or an extra choice) with these customizations. They will receive one at random from each row.

The fourth choice was a Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw ($49) in Gray/Ivory or Natural/Ivory. I selected the gray for my main box and received the natural in my second box.

When the spoilers came out, Mark & Graham has these listed for $39. By the time the official word came out, they were $49. I wondered what the reason for the $10 price hike was and it is most likely FabFitFun had already prepared the magazines with the more expensive price tag. I selected the gray one, because I liked that it looked lighter in the photos, but I hoped I would get the other color in my second box. My line of thinking was getting two would be okay as well, because I have two couches and they would match.

Now that they’ve arrived, I am glad they are different colors. This is not an overly warm throw, so I am not even sure I will place them on the couch. The color blocking is beautiful and much more noticeable on the natural blanket. I still prefer the gray blanket overall, but I like that this one has more contrast between the two colors. It is nice to have different colors, because they won’t get mixed up this way (even if they provide less uniformity to whichever place I leave them).

These have a very strong chemical scent, so I will wash them before I use them. Yes, I am washing them despite the directions to hand wash. If anything bad happens, I will report back. Otherwise, they turned out fine. This is not a sturdy throw, so I do not expect these to last more than a few years. They will start to unravel before then. I am calling that now. I definitely think the original price of $39 or even $29 suits these a lot better than $49. No one should pay $49 for this. It feels like a yarn scarf. One could wear them that way if they did not mind how huge it would look.

The fifth choice was between the 0.15oz Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Meringue ($26), the Chic & Tonic I’ll Coast to That! 4-piece Coaster Set ($18), the Brooke Burke Body Sliders ($18), and a mystery choice option ($25 minimum). I selected the Bite Beauty lipstick for my main box and received it in my second box as well. As I do not need a duplicate, I will place the extra in my next giveaway.

I am already a fan of the Bite Beauty formula. It is so moisturizing. They do sweat when I order them in hot weather, but winter is usually a great time to receive shipment. My lipstick was still a little smudged when it arrived, but that happens at times with these food grade lipsticks. You can click here to see how Bite Lipsticks are so moisturizing that they have a hard time perfectly solidifying. That translates to super comfortable lipstick though.

I did not already own Meringue, so this shade is new to my collection. On me, it is pulling a little more orange than nude. Hopefully, it looks better on than swatched. As soon as I wear this, I will edit in a picture and a review. This swatch came from my new item. The one I am placing in the giveaway has not been touched.

The Chic & Tonic coasters were already gone by the time I logged in around 10am on the 3rd. Customization opened at 9am, so they lasted less than an hour. It turns out there were quality control issues, so a lot were not accepted. I probably would have selected the lipstick over the coasters even if this was available by the time I arrived, because dry lips and Bite formulas are a match made in heaven. These are cute though, so anyone who was lucky enough to grab them should enjoy them.

The Brooke Burke sliders look interesting. I have wood floors, so they would not have really worked for me.

The mystery item was only added when issues with the coasters raised. That is why you see it listed online but not in the catalog. Those who selected this received serums, scarves, night cream masks, Spongelles, mascara, Exfolikate and more. Other than the Exfolikate, which I have plenty of and another on its way shortly (thanks to this Black Friday Offer), I still prefer the lipstick. This selection worked out for me.

The sixth choice was between the 5oz Anthropologie X Mer-Sea & Co Sea Whip Body Cream in Coconut Sugar ($24), and the 0.33oz x2 WAY OF WILL Elevate Essential Oil Set: Sweet Orange Oil & Eucalyptus Oil ($31). I selected the essential oils for my main box, and I also received them in my second box.

I have only been experimenting with essential oils for about a year, so I have not collected that many. This set has the carrier oil already mixed in, so I am able to apply them directly to the skin, use them in baths, or put a few drops in a burning candle. My son and I have both already tried the orange oil for headaches. He did not notice a difference at all, but I noticed a slight reduction in mine. It did not remove it, but it took the edge off. Both scents smell amazing, so I am keeping all of them.

I really hoped I would get the body cream in my second box, because the description seems amazing. With how many body creams I already own, I could not see paying even $10 to guarantee it though. Hopefully, I get it another way.

All subscribers receive the remaining items

The 0.049 Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye™ Brightener in Stella ($24) is a cream highlighter in champagne shimmer. I’ve wanted to purchase something from this company, because I love that it donated an item to someone in need for every item purchased. This company was recently sued for not maintaining that mission statement. That caused a motto change to say it will donate with every item purchased. While that is ambiguous, giving something is better than giving nothing, so I will still purchase directly from this brand at some point. Let me know what I need to try.

It seems most people wear this as an inner corner highlight. I think it makes a great shade for that. When I sheered out the swatch, it looked very natural. Those wanting a really natural cream highlight anywhere on the face may enjoy this.

Once I wear this, I will edit in a picture and a review. As I do not need a duplicate, I will place the extra in my next giveaway. This swatch came from my new item. The one I am placing in the giveaway has not been touched.

The 3.4oz AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask ($33) is something I’ve wanted to try. Getting it in this box is amazing. If I love it, I will keep the one I got in the second box. My skin is so dry and AHAVA products really seem to deliver moisture, so I think this will work out great. I will definitely try it both ways, as moisturizing mask, and as a sleeping mask. With sleeping masks, I use so little product that a tube this size would last years. There is a chance I will give the second one away even if I love it if it takes me too long to work through the first one.

The Blaq Hydrogel Eye Masks ($29) are items I purchased as an add-on for $9 in the Summer box. There are 5 sets in a package. With two Winter boxes, I just received 10 to add to the 5 I purchased before. I still have not tried them. On top of the fact that I buy things in advance, I only use eye masks when I have bags or really dark circles with somewhere really important to go. If at least two of those three are not present, I will not use an eye mask. Since I’ve only given away one set from the ones I purchased, I now have 14! That’s awesome if I love these and less awesome if I do not. If I do gift some of these, I will break them up and give them out one-by-one. On the off-chance I decide to give a lucky fool an entire box, I kept one sealed.

This is a picture of all the color items from this box together. The lipstick is on the left, the highlighter is just next to it, and all the eyeshadow shades finish the picture out from left to right. Everything gives a neutral, warm look. There are no over the top shades, but it would have been nice to see some cooler shades for winter.

The bonus items for this box were the V8+HYDRATE™ – Strawberry Cucumber, and the Barilla Creamy Ricotta & Basil Pesto. These were available while supplies lasted with a $15 add-ons purchase. I thought the drink was bland and would not purchase it. Pasta sauce is always welcome here, so I will try that soon.

My Second Box

I used a $10 discount code (above and below) to get this box for $39.99. That was a $10 savings over purchasing it in add-ons. Between the savings and getting the option to choose the first three items, this was a no-brainer. My second box has a $305 value. The only difference from my first box to the second is the headband and glove set versus the hair mask and the socks versus the palette.

I already covered all the items above, so I will just briefly say that I have no regrets paying $40 for all these extra items. Those who end up buying three or more extra choice options in different customization categories should consider purchasing second box instead. You will get the items anyway, plus extras of the items in all boxes. This dry shampoo is everything, and I would have paid $44 for that alone without a discount, not that I would ever order it without a discount.

The bonus item for this box was the V8+HYDRATE™ – Orange Grapefruit. I am not a fan of grapefruit, so my husband inherited this one. He has not tried it yet. There was no pasta sauce left on the 4th when add-ons opened to seasonal members, so I did not get a pasta sauce. It opened temporarily when I was searching for other items, but it disappeared again before I could add it.


My favorite part of this subscription is the ability to purchase add-ons. These products get discounted 30-70% off. The add-on window opened to select members on November 1st at 9am and seasonal members on November 4th at 9am. Members are only charged for items that are still in their carts at 11:59pm on November 8th. This means items are not officially sold-out until then. As members remove things from their cart throughout the sale, you can add them to yours. I suggest adding items you missed to your favorites, so you can periodically check them until the sale is over.

I spread my add-ons over the two boxes, because I grabbed things as they came back in stock. You have to move fast when out-of-stock items come back, so I grabbed them from whatever account I was in.


Bundles are great to purchase when you want all or most of the items in the curation, because you save over buying all items individually. Even when there is a weak item (based on personal preference in the bundle), you should consider the bundle if it costs about the same as the items you want. When it is only $1-$5 more, you can always gift the superfluous item. The best scenario is when the bundle with the item you do not want costs less than purchasing the items you do want separately. It is rare, but that does happen.

The Mystery Bundle $29

The mystery bundle was $29 and usually has a value over $100. It includes 3-5 items. I have a separate article to track all Mystery Bundles I order, so I will never go into great detail in the haul I purchased the bundle with. If you want more details on this bundle or any other mystery bundle I order, view that article. My items were a tarte double-ended camouflage brush ($36), a Maji Sports Foot Massager ($24.95), a 0.33 The Lifestyle Co. goddess 100% Rose Natural Perfume Oil ($40), and a 3-piece set of Sterling Forever Velvet Chokers ($141). The black one is $54, the rose-pink is $42, and the light grey is $45.

That brings the value for this $29 mystery bundle to $241.95. The value impresses me considering I wondered if it was even worth $100 when I first saw it.

The Sugarplum Fairy Bundle was $29.

This bundle includes: a 2.54oz Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask ($39), a 0.14oz CoverFX Shimmer Veil in Amethyst ($28), a 32oz AHAVA DeadSea Salt in Lavender ($22), and Pointe Studio Aloe-Infused Cozy Sock in burgundy ($19).

FabFitFun sold the Generation Clay mask separately for $12. The retail price is $39. This is likely old packaging, because the new packaging is in a jar with a smaller 2.1oz size. It claims it is Pantone’s color of the year, Ultra Violet. That is part of the reason I wanted it. Collecting things in this beautiful shade, even if I rinse them away is cool. Clay masks are great for cleaning out pores as long as I avoid the dry parts of my face (unless this is one of the rare clay masks that is not too drying).

FabFitFun sold the shimmer veil separately for $9. The retail price is $28. I still have not tried the shimmer veils despite acquiring this as my third. My theory is they are lovely. If that theory is wrong, at least I spent less on all three than I would have spent on one by getting them through FabFitFun. Until I try them, I will not purchase any more. You have my word.

I really love amethyst and purple in general, so this swatch thrills me. Once I wear this, I will edit in a picture and a review.

FabFitFun sold the AHAVA salts separately for $9. The retail price is $22. I love bath salts and would purchase these more often if the price was more affordable. From FabFitFun, it is. It recommends 8oz per bath, but I think 4oz is enough. This is my first experience with the lavender, so I cannot review this yet. That means I can get 8 baths from this.

FabFitFun sold the socks separately for $7. The retail price is $19. I received a pair of these in the winter box last year. They are the best socks ever. I love how warm and cozy they make my feet feel. These are long, so they do not slide off my feet when I am sleeping the way smaller ones do. Having these in as many colors possible for as cheap as possible is my goal. This makes my second pair, but I got a third pair below.

That brings the value for this $29 bundle to $108. Had I purchased everything separately at the FabFitFun price, I would have paid $37. This bundle saved me $8.

The Muds & Suds Bundle was $19.

This bundle includes: a 7oz grace & stella dead sea mud mask, ($18.95), an AQUIS Lisse Luxe Hair Towel in Cloud Berry ($30), and grace & stella Bath Bombs ($16).

FabFitFun sold the mud mask separately for $9. The retail price is $18.95, so the $16.95 FabFitFun lists is likely the old pricing. I really like mud masks, because they seem to work without drying out my skin the way clay masks do. This is a really generous size with a glass jar I will definitely repurpose.

FabFitFun sold the hair towels separately for $11. The retail price is $30. I already own one of these. Despite having it for many years, it is in decent shape. Though I prefer the turban, but I already own two (one by AQUIS) and wanted another towel for the day my other towel finally dies. Until then, I now have an army four strong of towels to dry my hair. It is very rare that all three were ever dirty, but it has happened. I typically use each one 2-3 times before I wash it again. Since the others are all white, I sometimes wait a while for a white load. This can get washed with the colors, so it will likely see use more often.

FabFitFun sold the bath bombs separately for $11. The retail price is $16. I received these in my Spring 2018 Editor’s Box, so they are duplicates. Since I have not taken too many baths this year, I have yet to try them. I wanted the mud mask and towel. It was $1 cheaper to get this bundle, so these were free! Besides, even if I do not love them, they are bath bombs. That is an item that is really hard to hate.

That brings the value for this $19 bundle to $64.95. Had I purchased everything separately at the FabFitFun price, I would have paid $31. This bundle saved me $12.

FabFitFun For Him 2019 Edition

I purchased the Men’s Gift box for $49.99 for my husband. This is the price and size of an actual FabFitFun box, so I reviewed it separately. See that article for more details, but I will mention that it has $234.99 in products. The seven items inside are CYLO Radium Bluetooth Earbuds, Izola Multi-Tool Money Clip, MASONMAN SUPERHERO SHAVE CREAM, Mr. Turk Carry-All, Richer Poorer Pineapple Socks, Spongelle Men’s 12+ Extreme Buffer in Bergamot Absolute, and V76 by Vaughn 4-in-1 Cleansing Foam.

Single Products

The Summer & Rose Hayden Scarf in cream retails for $38. FabFitFun sells this for $14. It is 100% acrylic, so it is probably not as warm as I’d like.

I love the way it looks, and I needed a plain, cream scarf. This will do.

The Murad Hydro-Glow Aqua Peel retails for $48. FabFitFun sells this for $14.

This is something I’ve wanted to try, but $12 a mask always prevented me from going for it. At $3.50 a mask, it is extremely affordable.

A peel that adds hydration is exactly what my winter skin needs, and I have high expectations for this.

The Patchology Soothe FlashMasque Facial Sheet Mask 4-pack retails for $30. FabFitFun sells this for $9.

I’ve enjoyed all the Patchology products I’ve tried so far, and I love trying new sheet masks.

The Pointe Studio Aloe-Infused Cozy Sock in green retails for $19. FabFitFun sells them for $7. As I mention on the pink pair above, I already know I love these socks. This gives me my third pair, but I hope to collect more of these.

The 1oz Shea Brand Raw Organic Rose Shea Butter retails for $11. FabFitFun sells this for $5. I actually ordered the jasmine, but FabFitFun sent me the rose instead. Since the person I purchased this for does not like rose, I will try it on my feet this winter. My struggles to find something rich enough to moisturize my feet are persisting.

The Living Royal Christmas Llama Socks retail for $8. FabFitFun sells them for $5.

I love these festive drama, llama socks. They are thin. At $8 a pair, I hope they can hold up despite the material.

The 1.7oz Nightingale Remedies CBD Relief Cream retails for $69.95. FabFitFun sells this for $19, and I purchased two for $38.

My husband recently discovered the magic of CBD oil. He put some on my foot where I was experiencing pain just before add-ons opened up, and it worked beautifully. When I told him about this, he expressed interest. The one he has is different. Instead of sharing one, I decided to get one for each of us.

Yes, we live together, but I can never find where he keeps his things. Mine go in the same place every time. His go everywhere.

The JJ Young Trio 3D Mud Sheet Masks retail for $30. FabFitFun sells this for $7.

There are four reasons I purchased this. I love sheet masks. Trying cleansing sheet masks is a new trend I am loving. They were cheap. My wedding photographer was J. Young. That made me laugh. Hopefully this set is nice. If not, they were a little over $1 a mask.

The 1.7oz GLAMGLOW Volcasmic™ Matte Glow Moisturizer retails for $49. FabFitFun sells this for $14.

This is one I loved so much I placed it in my core collection. Someone mentioned it breaks people out and I wondered if that was the case for me, so I did not name it a FabuFind when I finished it. I have so many moisturizers to try, so I felt no remorse moving on. My son felt differently. When I informed him I was not planning on repurchasing this, he told me how much he loved it.

I was going to wait for Sephora to host its 20% off sale and surprise him with it. Then, I saw it here for $14. How awesome is that! Now, he has a moisturizer he already knows he loves, and I get a second chance (when my skin is clear) to see if this is really what was breaking me out. Considering how amazing this feels and smells, I really hope this is not the culprit.

The 2oz Dr. Schwab Peppermint Foot Cream retails for $18. FabFitFun sells this for $5. At $9 an ounce, I assume this stuff is amazing. In my quest to find a foot cream I love at a decent price, this would not meet the bill. Nevertheless, I would purchase it if it is amazing. We’ll see how it goes.

The 5.07oz Hey Honey Walk The Walk Propolis Foot and Heel Cream retails for $25. FabFitFun sells this for $7.

This is one I’ve already tried. I know I like it. It is not rich enough for winter, so I will wait for the spring to open this (unless the other ones I purchased provide even less moisture). What I like about this one is it is not overly thick and it sinks into the skin quickly. It lets me throw shoes on and get out the house in a hurry after a shower.

The Karuna Face Sheet Mask Trio: Exfoliating, Clarifying, and Age Defying retails for $24. FabFitFun sells this for $5.

I’ve enjoyed the Karuna masks I’ve tried so far and could not pass the chance to try $8 masks for less than $2 each.

The 0.41oz Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix retails for $14. FabFitFun sells this for $5.

I am trying to publish a comprehensive lip balm review before the winter is over, but I cannot stop buying new lip balms to try. While I would love to say this is the last one, I have so many I’ve already purchased that I have not tested yet.

It is taking a lot longer than I expected, but the article is coming.

This box has a $1729.79 value ($321 subscription 1 + $305 subscription 2 + $1107.79 add-ons). I paid $39.99 (before tax) for the second subscription on 11/03/18, $261.99 (before tax) for add-ons on 11/10/18, and $179.99 before that for 4 boxes making the total spent for these items $346.98 plus tax. My overall discount was almost 80% off. That brings the average box value for the year to $333 (I only use the value of the main box each season to calculate this). My personal value on the main box is also $321, because I will keep everything in it. On the second box, my personal value is $255, because I will not keep the duplicate lipstick or highlighter. Assuming I end up giving away the face mask or any of the eye masks, my value could dip a little more. Everything else will definitely stay with me.

This box is definitely worth more than the $45 (got a discount for paying for 4 boxes up front) plus tax I paid. I would still rank the Summer 2018 box as my favorite, but this is a great box. If I did not think this was a great box, I would not have purchased two of them, so that is a given. The only box I did not think was great enough to grab two of this year was the one from Spring 2018, but I still felt like it was worth the $49.99 I paid. This has quickly become my favorite subscription box. When you combine great box items with a stack of out-of-this world add-ons, it makes the overall deal incredible and way too good to pass up.

Read my reviews on the Spring 2019 Subscription Box, and Spring 2019 Editor’s Box, which are both still available.

What did you think of the Winter 2018 FabFitFun box? Let me know below. Ready to subscribe? Visit my FFF Page for more information about this subscription and shop purchases for subscribers. All available offers get posted there as well as everything I know about the retailer and links to helpful sections of the site. See all FabFitFun articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (12 and 7) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 12-year-old to apply it.

Deal or No Deal? What Do You Think?

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