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FabFitFun For Him 2019 Edition- Men’s Gift Box Winter 2018 Review

See the new FabFitFun For Him III Edition -Winter 2019 Men’s Gift Box or keep reading to see the first edition below. 

When the add-ons opened up for the Winter 2018 Box, I noticed FabFitFun was offering a Men’s Gift Box for $49.99. It is the FabFitFun for Him 2019 Edition. That gave me the opportunity to get my husband a FabFitFun box of his own. I decided to show the contents to him before purchasing it instead of surprising him, because there were a couple of things I was unsure of. After looking, he assured me that he would probably try everything but the dopp kit. He already loves the dopp kit he owns. With 7 items inside, I figured it was still worth the purchase if he tried six. Besides, my 12-year-old (he was 11 when I ordered this but 12 when it arrived) does not have a dopp kit of his own yet. Everything inside this set would stay in the family making it a great purchase decision. While I am unsure if this was FabFitFun testing the waters to see if it could release a Men’s Box on a regular basis, its first release was a success with us. We would consider buying more, because my husband finally likes trying new things.

It was not that long ago when he barely tried new things, and a subscription box is not a good investment for people with that mindset. He ordered a Birchbox Man subscription, and kept it for over a year before he decided he wanted to stick with what he knew. I had a feeling the tides had changed once again when I found out he ordered himself a fragrance and shaving subscription (I have not covered either of this boxes on the blog, nor have I even seen most of what he received as we lived apart most of 2018). He did get to see the box contents in advance, like we get to see the Target Beauty Box before purchasing, so I am still unsure if a FabFitFun subscription would make a great for him. We will see if one gets released. Until then, let’s go over what he received in this box.

Everything comes on top of white crinkle cut paper wrapped in white tissue and sealed with a sticker. Unlike the regular boxes, there is no magazine.

A product card goes over all the items and options. It lists the cost for each item.

The back of the card has a note stating this is a limited-edition FabFitFun for Him box. All items are hand-picked by the Editors.

There are seven full-size items in this $49.99 box. That makes the cost for each item $7.14. They were all picked in advance, so there are no customizations and no box variations. Everyone who ordered this received the same box.

The full-size 3.4oz V76 by Vaughn 4-in-1 Cleansing Foam retails for $22. This is a 4-in-1 product that works as a shampoo, a body wash, a facial cleanser, and a shaving cream. I think multi-use products usually do one thing better than the others, so I try it all the ways it claims to work and finish it using it the way I like it most. My husband has not tried this yet, so I am unsure how he will like it. Where I would not buy a multi-use product (targeted products are usually more ideal), I would not rule out buying one if I discovered it in a kit and loved it. In a recent Ulta GWP, I got a cleansing foam from Rituals and gave it to him. It was a more manly scent or I would have kept it. Those Rituals cleansing foams are everything. He loved that, so I think he will probably use it that way.

The Izola Multi-Tool Money Clip retails for $25. He’s purchased things like this over the years, so I assume he will love this.

It has an impressive list of tools it replaces: Wrench, Butterfly wrench, Spoke wrench, Mini wrench, Hex wrench, Ruler, Bottle opener, Pry, Flat head screwdriver, Money clip, and Wire stripper. This feels incredibly sturdy, so it is well-made.

The Mr. Turk Carry-All retails for $65. This is a beautiful bag. It looks so clean and classic. I love how thick and sturdy it feels, and I think this will hold up for a very long time. A lot of dopp kits buckle when nothing is inside.

This is so well-made that it stays sturdy and expanded even when it is empty. Yes, that makes storing an empty bag harder, but I am thinking my son can keep his grooming items in this even when we aren’t traveling. A bag like this can help him store his things in his room instead of the bathroom, because it would only take seconds to gather and store after using them. Detailing on this canvas bag is in real leather, so I understand the expensive price tag. While I would never spend this much on a dopp kit, I am happy my son will have something this nice.

The full-size 2.5oz Spongelle Men’s 12+ Extreme Buffer in Bergamot Absolute retails for $14. My husband just got into body exfoliation recently. He likes rougher exfoliation, so I think he will love this. Granted, it is only really rough for the first few uses and it gets softer after that. I can already tell that scent, which has cayenne pepper extract will suit his tastes.

The Richer Poorer Pineapple Socks retail for $14. My husband loves socks. He collects them. From tame to wild, he loves them all. His favorite as ones like these where they can pull off either look. These are a classic gray sock with a print. From far away, they look somewhat plain. Up close you have a party.

The full-size 5.07oz MASONMAN SUPERHERO SHAVE CREAM retails for $25. I love when he samples new shave creams, because he gives me the ones he does not like. Men’s shave creams usually give me a closer shave on my legs. If I use my body wash after I shave, I can even wash away the man scent they tend to leave behind. Here’s hoping he dislikes this, so I can get a new shave cream. To this day, I have yet to dislike a shave cream I’ve inherited from him. Okay, I hope he likes it and keeps it. It’s a giving time of the year, so I will try not to think selfishly.

The CYLO Radium Bluetooth Earbuds retail for $69.99. These are out-of-stock online, so I used the price on the card to value them. They are the main reason I wanted this kit.

I got CYLO wireless earbuds for my older son in my Fall 2018 Box, and I got some for my younger son in my Fall 2018 Editor’s Box. Both boys have enjoyed their headphones. My husband has an iPhone X and has complained that he cannot listen to music while he is charging (the headphones share the charging port). Since he said that, I’ve wanted to get him some wireless headphones.

This box allowed me to do that for less than this pair costs on its own plus he gets five (would have been six if he kept the dopp kit) to try. Deals like this are the reason I love kits so much.

This box has a $234.99 value. As this was the only men’s box this year, it makes the average box $234.99. That is a lot lower than the average for the regular boxes, but women’s beauty products are more expensive. Some call it the pink tax. There are also only seven items when every women’s box this year had at least eight. That means there is room for improvement in future men’s boxes. My husband’s personal value is $169.99, because he did not keep the dopp kit. Since he did give it to our son in the same household, one could easily argue his personal value is higher. He has to pay for our son’s items anyway. I think this kit would have been stronger and met the 8 item burden the regular boxes carry if it had a moisturizer. Considering it came out just before winter, it was the one thing that could have made this well-rounded box even stronger. It has a great variety of items, especially if he uses the Vaughn item as a facial cleanser or shampoo.

See the other items I received in my Winter 2018 box. This was not the only thing I got him. It was just the only thing that warranted a dedicated article.

What are your thoughts on the FabFitFun For Him 2019 Edition (Men’s Gift Box Winter 2018)? Let me know below. Ready to subscribe? Use code FAB10 to get 20% off the next box. Visit my FFF Page for more information about this subscription and shop purchases for subscribers. All available offers get posted there as well as everything I know about the retailer and links to helpful sections of the site. See all FabFitFun articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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