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The Rouge Treatment for Two -A 2018 Sephora VIB Rouge Event December 14th-15th

The latest Rouge Event got announced today. Rouge members can attend an open-door event next weekend with a guest. This event is taking place at your local Sephora all day on Friday, December 14th and Saturday, December 15th. Members and their guest will receive mini makeovers in the beauty studio. No appointments are available during this event, so makeovers are on a first come, first served basis. From experience, I know you can skip the makeover if it does not interest you or if the wait is too long. There is no mention in the fine print of whether your non-Rouge guest will get the scarf if s/he also spends $75. I’ve been to events where the guest gets the gift and others where the guest does not. In recent years, the guest usually gets it though. While I wish the fine print would have made it clear, staff denied my sister the gift once when the fine print looked like she would get it. Here’s hoping anyone who attends with a Rouge member gets this gift.

The scarf is stunning. I love everything about it and really wish I had $75 left in my December beauty budget to attend the event. Since I do not, there is no point in attending. That makes this a notification and not review article. If there is a chance to get this gift down the road, I will come back and edit in a picture of it. Feel free to link an article from someone who does attend the event and shows the article below.

One thing I really like about these open-door events that span over more than one-day is it gives a greater number of members a chance to attend. As long as you can find the time, have the budget for the GWP minimum, want the scarf, and have a Sephora near you, I think this one is worth attending. Have fun!, Inc.

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