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Birchbox at Walgreens is here

Birchbox is coming to Walgreens! If you’re like me, you’ve been jealous of the people who can create their own Birchboxes via the Soho store or other pop-up locations that never seem to arrive to my neighborhood. Birchbox, if you are listening, please add this option to create our own Birchbox online! When I got this email, it was a complete surprise. Partnerships like this usually make industry news, and I never heard anything about this collaboration before today. A quick Google search shows the articles have gone up since 10/04/18, but I never saw them. While I love getting random things (where I get to pick out one sample in advance), I also love the idea of picking out all the things I will receive in my Birchbox.

We know this partnership will include the Build Your Own Birchbox.

It says it will have 40+ prestige and indie brands. That could mean as samples, but it could also mean as full-size products. I guess we will have to see what unfolds.

Now, it’s time for the not so great news of this release.

Once again, it is only in select stores. Six stores will launch this promotion within the month. Five stores will add this promotion sometime next year. Why am I so excited when all 11 stores are nowhere near me? I am optimistic that Walgreens is launching in select stores to test the program. If it goes well, I know it will expand. That means I can finally build my own Birchbox at some point in the future. It seems silly, but I want the option to do this. If Walgreens never launches this promotion in my city, Birchbox can always offer this online. Yes, I know I said that twice already, but I think it deserved repeating.

This is a great opportunity for those who been curious about Birchbox but are not interested in subscribing to get a Birchbox of their own. I’ve found so many great samples via my Birchbox subscription that I probably never would have sampled without it. The opportunity to grab exactly what you want without the risk of receiving something you don’t is great for people who dislike the uncertainty of subscription boxes. Even though I love subscription boxes, we all know they are a gamble. Sometimes it pays off. Other times, it does not.

If you are in one of the cities, I would love to see the display, see what you got, read all about the experience, etc. Please link your blog post or a blog post you’ve happened upon from someone else reviewing this below. What do you think about Birchbox coming to Walgreens? Let me know below. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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